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  1. Gasoline Price and caching

    We agreed earlier this month that as gas prices went up, the number of days we went geocaching would go down. It's a crummy decision, but it's really hard to justify driving around so much, even with a caching goal in sight. Maybe we'll have to cache smarter instead of caching more so we can maximize our finds and minimize our drive.
  2. CITO Event at Baytown Nature Center

    Yep. Now we're committed for sure. It's all in writing and everything. Looking forward to it. Thanks for setting it all up Houston Control.
  3. CITO Event at Baytown Nature Center

    Doing a little double or triple duty on this post. 1) Saying we're all in. What a fun day this will be. We went out the nature center a few weeks back and picked up a few. We wanted an excuse to go back, so back we go. 2) I think we need more than three posts on this forum. 3) Trying to put our new logos in the signature line.
  4. WTH--geocaching.com

    All hail Houston Control - thanks so much for the tip. CacheMate looks like a winner!
  5. WTH--geocaching.com

    This is off topic, but still WTH. Did anyone else use the Mobipocket feature when creating queries. We used it all the time to download the cach descriptions, hints and logs. Now that feature is no longer available. I'm hoping someone might know of an alternative? Thanks
  6. FIRST to FIND

    Say, Houston Control, would you believe me if I said the check was in the mail?
  7. Astros Game Anyone?

    We voted for the 16th, but the 30th would work for us too. Saturdays are best for us because Mr. Tantillos.com works on Friday nights. We like the cheap seats, and there would be two of us.