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  1. The Element Series

    We were there on bikes last weekend. Yep, it'll be a long time.
  2. Had a great time at the Flash Mob. It re-ignites my passion for finding little boxes in the woods.

  3. Giant Bike Trail coming?

    Last November, Houston voters approved a $100M bond package that with $100M in private match will be transformative to our park trail system. When complete in about 7 years, it will make Houston's system the best in the nation, by far! Thanks to Mayor Parker's vision. Now, let's make Houston are a mecca for geocaching! I would love to help.
  4. Latest iPhone 'update'

    we tried turning on the location setting and am still getting bad results. The iPhone knows where we are, but when we look at the map for a nearby cache, it puts the cache in Africa. Always. Africa. Any ideas?
  5. looking for caches that include a 5 mile hike

    Thanks for the suggestions. The kid's 12 or 13 and pretty hearty - I'm not worrying about wearing him out. Me, on the other hand....
  6. looking for caches that include a 5 mile hike

    My friend's son needs a 5 mile hike to complete one of his scout badges and we want to incorporate caching in the trek. So, we've picked October 17 as our day, but I'm not sure what series we should try. We've both completed the Four Loop and One Loop Caches. I've done Noble Road and the Brazos Bend Endurance Series. Any other suggestions?
  7. A plea for help from Maggie users

    I have a Magellan Explorist. I download through GSAK. I'll be happy to talk to him.
  8. trying to activate a TB that is active

    I gave some friends an unused TB last year as they were starting their geocaching careers. They activated the bug and dipped it in a cache. Then they stopped caching. They recently moved and gave the bug back to me. I'd like to rename it and get it started again, but says I don't own it. :'( I can get in touch with them, but what am I supposed to ask them to do? How do they deactivate, so I can reactivate? Is there a better way? We're heading to Chicago on Sat and I would like to send it there. thanks.
  9. A little excitement while caching today

    the one thing Indiana Jones and I have in common is that "I hate snakes."
  10. GC1R051: Crazy 'Bout Cachin' event (May 23)

    Is this still planned? says Crazy Containers in the Woods (GCRH7V) is disabled.
  11. Shoot first... don't bother asking questions later...

    Klm28, the teenage Wallflower and I did the night cache in Baytown (by the way, Thanks Houston Control for the fun cache ) on Saturday night and I really wished that I had brought some protection - a little stronger than Off - if only for the snakes I know were watching us walk past.
  12. Okay Bug People, How Does This Happen?

    this thread just makes me want to cry! :'( Why can't any of my bugs get this much mileage on them? They all seem to disappear from caches that haven't been muggled. One day they're there, and the next, no body remebers seeing them. I'm a very unlucky bug owner and I'm tired of it
  13. SETX Gang Spring Fling

    You should already have experience with caching the rain. Just bring a raincoat and keep going. I know I do The catch is my GPS now doesn't work after last weekend. A couple of very important keys no longer work. What a bummer! That makes me so sad! :'( :'( You can borrow mine when you need. Just pm me.
  14. Anyone wanting to cache this weekend?

    I wouldn't trade a minute of today's caching the Noble Road series. We had a ball!
  15. Anyone wanting to cache this weekend?

    I'm in for Sunday for Noble Road and Four Cache Lake, I'll meet you at the parking at 8am.