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  1. Good bye and Fare Well!

    To all of our Houston friends – Thank you for all the memories, the fun, the camaraderie and friendships we’ve made along the way since we first started back in 2005! Given a choice to leave or not, we certainly would not have, but unfortunately Real Life and careers don’t always afford the luxury of realistic choices. The last 18 months have been rough as we've prepared to leave, commuted back and forth to Chicago, and sold our house. Alas, come July 25th we roll out of Houston... For us it’s off to the North, to Chicagoland, where we’ll have to learn what it’s like to cache in the snow! We’ll actually be living in Northwest Indiana so look out for some of our hides there! Mostly, we’d like to thank the community for finding our caches and for sharing in the fun. We’d also like to add that we’ll miss hosting the Park and Gabs but we know they’re in good hands! It’s with sadness we say good bye and fare well to the greatest geocaching community there is – the Houston Geocaching Society! We hope to see y’all on the trails again some day!
  2. Park & Gab-51st Edition

    Sadly, we cannot attend.....
  3. 3 million miles

    Volvo used to give you a new car for every million miles you have.... We have 173K on ours....don't think we'll make a million....especially now that it's been designated as the snow bumper the roads in Chicago really seem like they eat suspensions....
  4. New arrivals and air pigs

    Scratch IAH-AKL...not happenin' ...IAH might not see one of these now that Mayor Parker allowed WN to fly international out of Hobby....
  5. New arrivals and air pigs

    Hey Lefty! Check it out...they altered the livery a bit for the new 787!
  6. New Cache Listing Form

    We've been editing attributes without posting a note for years since most of the nm logs are misguided. Still, some get missed. We didn't know about the new form since we haven't published anything in so long and sadly, won't until we move.
  7. Looking for GC #

    Yes, thanks! Didn't know this was out there and we qualify for it!
  8. Yet Another Time Killer!

  9. Park & Gab: 49th - Veintiuno de Mayo

    Park & Gab: 49th - Veintiuno de Mayo --hosted by Pappy'sPosse At Soto's on Grant Road....their Summer Steak is simply awesome!!! Park & Gab: 49th - Veintiuno de Mayo
  10. Park and Gab 48 - 4 years of gabbing and geocaching!

    They're quite large...and red....someone might even post a pic...
  11. Geocaching with an IPAD

    The regular Geocaching app does it, too. You download your PQ to it and can access it in the field. Works like a charm.
  12. Internet Explorer 9 Security

    No, We've had IE9 for some time now, and while kooky, it is stable....but we use Chrome when we really need to see something important...
  13. Wow. Curiosity finally won over and clicked on this thread. Um, yeah. This is your brain on math!!

    Co-FTFs count. Some of the best FTFs are co's, tri's, multi-FTFs! The more the better!!!!

    Our first FTF was our fourth find on our third was a co-FTF with RER....imagine that, RER being a FTF'er....