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  1. Lab caches in Bastrop?

      Thanks.  I have visited that link but didn't see where it explained that it becomes the app when they go live.  I was trying to figure out where we find the app.  So I guess that means I need to have an internet connection when it goes live so that I can download coordinates into my GPSr.  That tells me I need to stay put late that day and sit around with the Internet waiting for 9:00. 
  2. Lab caches in Bastrop?

      Well, I'm bringing the chocolate lab. 
  3. Lab caches in Bastrop?

    I am really confused about these.  There are no details of how this work.  Where do we find the web app that can be accessed by a phone an where do we find the lab caches when they are published?  Do we download them to the phone or GPSr or just access them through this mysterious web app?  I'm trying to be prepared so I can be where I need to be to download and get set when they are published if I need Internet access to download them for my GPSr.  Not much information that I can find on them.
  4. International Earth Cache Day - October 14th

    According to the FB page, no sourvenir is planned for this year: EarthCaching No souvenir in 2012. But that's a neat idea for 2013. And there are plenty of EarthCaches in France!http://hgcs.org/uploads/emoticons/default_wink.png' alt=';)'> For info on how to do an EarthCache, go here: www.earthcache.org
  5. Who's going to the UnNamed Event on September 15th?

    I'm planning to drive down for the day with my geodog. He'll be wearing his shiny new geocoin.
  6. GSAK Training Events - Again! - Sept 8, 2012

    If you develop any handouts for the class I'd love a copy. There are a couple of things you went over that I have already forgotten how to do. That's just my poor memory. It all seemed so clear at the time.
  7. GSAK Training Session(s) this Saturday

    Glad I made it to the first two classes which were not crowded. The classes were very well done, I got a lot of of each of them.
  8. WE WON!

    I thought SETX was awesome! Great job by everyone, especially in the cold and the rain. I also got a kick out of the East Texas team getting second. So basically, all of EASTERN Texas dominated the game!
  9. Texas Challenge 2012

    Suddenly I can't log in and my email is not recognized. I haven't had any trouble before so I'll assume the site is not functioning and try later.
  10. GPS Adventures Arkansas - Discovery Place

    I find it interesting that the state it is in is confused.  The cache page lists it in Arkansas in two places but the address and the map show it in Texas. 
  11. GC2FDX2 - Texas Challenge 2011

    I had no idea there was a log book either.  I checked in Friday.  Saturday I walked by the table many times but never checked in at it because I had already checked in on Friday. 
  12. GC2FDX2 - Texas Challenge 2011

    Interesting.  Attended logs don't represent a true number of people that attend so if you need 500 attended logs, then MEGA events have well over 500 participants.
  13. SETX Gang Spring Fling 2011

    Sounds like fun.  I have a special event at work that day and this is a couple of hours away.  I may see if I can swing by for a while though.
  14. GC2FDX2 - Texas Challenge 2011

    The weather will be great but so far the county remains under a burn ban. 
  15. Can it go MEGA

    According to the txga forum, the TX Challenge is 100 registrants away from MEGA status.