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  1. Necropolis of Britannia Manor III

    I love puns. That was a good one! :2funny: "Those who would pun, would pick a pocket" Don't know where that quote comes from...
  2. Safety First. Please be careful out there.

    Thanks for sharing. It's always a good idea to cache with a partner. I know of at least one heat stroke in Beaumont. Worse... he'd forgotten his cell phone. Although he started the day caching alone, he had met up with another cacher who was able to get the ball rolling and get help. Be careful out there.
  3.'s new Challenge thingy

    Umm no... we still don't have smart phones... in fact we've only had high speed internet for about 2 weeks. Until then we still used dial up. (yes dial up modems still exist) Hows that for a step up??? So consider that next time people complain about me sand bagging a first to find for 6 or 7 hours.
  4. Help with a puzzle

    I understand the predicament... as I see no image there... that definitely leaves me scratching my head.
  5. Just wanted to share: Sorry for such short notice but I haven't had much time to visit forums lately. Today is our districts annual walk honoring one of our students that died last year from Juvenile Diabetes. Today would have been his 16th birthday. Diabetes can affect anyone young, old, skinny, obese and anyone in between. At 2:30 today please take the time to have a moment of silence/prayer for the millions who've been affected by this disease and pray for a cure. Maybe take a short walk in tribute to someone you know living with diabetes.
  6. Lithium Batteries on Planes

    Sorry this topic seemed to pop up again and I figured easiest thing was to bring it back up with a reply.
  7. Batteries in Pockets Arcing

    Several years ago BullsEye and I were caching over in the Woodlands area and ended up on a greenbelt doing a series. I had stuck 2 AA's in my pocket. I thought nothing about it until my upper leg started burning. Not warming but burning hot. Thinking maybe something was stabbing me and it just felt like a burn. I put my hand on my pocket and the pain on my leg intensified like a lit match being pressed against my leg. I immediatly started trying to pull my jeans away from my leg and reached into my pocket. I was able to grab what I think was my keys but once I got them out of my pocket had to drop they to the ground they were so hot. It didn't take long before I fished the batteries out too and had to put them on the ground next to my dropped keys for them to cool off as well. As for "arcing"; I don't know anything about that. I do know that It didn't blister but I sported a red burn "rash" and was pretty tender for a while after that. Needless to say, I don't keep batteries in my pockets anymore unless they are in a baggie. In fact it seems like I may have posted about this a long time ago when it happened...
  8. DB Cooper Mystery Finally Solved?

    Anyone know if the DB Cooper owner still caches? If I had the time, It would be nice to go fix it back up to its former glory.
  9. Statewide Texas State Parks Geocache Challenge!

    We finished our 2nd and 3rd regions this past week. We grabbed central and hill country. We had a great time. The area was absolutely beautiful and we got to see ( even camped in) some parks we otherwise would have never gone to. We are thinking North or Northeast region next. Maybe over thanksgiving break!
  10. An attempt at going green

    So we moved into the house about a year ago. It had sat vacant at least a year before we bought it. I like the CFL's and bought them for my rent house. Hey they saved me some on electric and didn't heat up the tiny house as much as regular bulbs. It made sense for me to buy the energy efficient CFL's when we moved over here and bulbs started blowing like crazy due to age and disuse. I started with the ceiling fan light in the living room. 4 bulbs... no issues. Then the light in the bathroom 3 bulbs... no issues. Then one of two bulbs (separate sockets) in the Kitchen. I changed the blown bulb to a CFL that evening and thought nothing of it. When we got ready for bed I turned off the livingroom light and noticed a pulsing light coming from the now dark kitchen area. The light was not just glowing as cfl's sometimes do for a few minutes after turning them off but it was actually pulsing bright dim bright dim. It kinda freaked me out. I tried turning it off and on and still it pulsed when the light switch was off. So I grabbed the only light bulb that wasn't being used much... the spare bed room. I switched the bulbs now putting a regular bulb in the much used kitchen and the cfl in the bedroom. Sure enough the kitchen light was fixed. Unfortunately there was now a pulsing light coming from the spare bedroom. After many experiments and based on what little knowledge I have on CFL's I came to an odd conclusion that any socket in my house that has only a single bulb can not run a CFL bulb. Well it can but I'm not willing to let the strobes keep me up all night. So for now I have regular bulbs in the single sockets and CFL's in the multi sockets. I'd heard stories about CFL bulbs needing so little power that they had been known to light up inside the package just because of the static electricity charge on the plastic wrap. Very rare but had been known to happen. I have a theory as to why my house has haunted cfl's: My house was built back in the 70's you know when all the rage was pea green appliances, shag carpet and orange light up light switches that act as little night lights. Well we trashed all the carpet, the appliances had already been taken and the light switches well I left them; it is kinda neat seeing where the switch is in the dark. I suspect they are the source of the issue. The switch is in off mode but just enough power gets through to keep the little orange light in the switch aglow. I think that it also lets just enough power through to freak out the cfl's but not the old fashion standard bulb. The multi sockets I guess disperse that remaining power which isn't enough to bother the cfls. One of these day's I'll get around the updating the light switches but until then I'll keep getting regular bulbs and cfl's
  11. Found a new geocaching game/site

    Pretty interesting idea. Wish I had a smart phone!
  12. Statewide Texas State Parks Geocache Challenge!

    Apparently it brought chiggers. And lots of them... We are off for a few more challenge caches today but I'm dreading putting on my boots... my ankles are itching like crazy!
  13. Statewide Texas State Parks Geocache Challenge!

    We also started today. We did 3 in our area which were great (Huntsville, Livingston and Washington on the Brazos)and then did two over in the central area (Lake Somerville Birch and Nails Units). Nails was a peice of cake... Birch however... was one heck of a long walk (1 mile + round trip) in full sun most of the way. Very little shade... as most of the trail is in only head high brush and brambles. We left Birch feeling exhausted and just down right grubby as the humidity and sun did their thing. Despite being no where near finished with either region, I still came home tonight feeling pretty successful. (Successful to have made it out of Birch without a heat stroke!!!) We'll see what tomorrow brings
  14. Plus One in the Hospital

    We too just found out this morning. I know words are of little comfort in times like this. Our heart and prayers go out to the Parker family.
  15. GC2FDX2 - Texas Challenge 2011

    BLOODY MARY (NIGHT CACHE) Star Light Star Bright ~ Night Cache Starry Starry Night -- Night Cache Step into my Parlour ~ Night Cache is about 35 mins away