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  1. Geocaching book series? :)

    It is a murder mystery from the write up. Cool that the auther hangs out here.
  2. Geocaching book series? :)

    So I was perusing Amazon for books of interest for myself and the kids. This came up in the list of books. Not one any of us will read, but maybe a puzzle solver wants to read it. First to Find (Caching Out Series #1) (Yes, I know it isn't a how to or anything.)
  3. More Free Geocoins

    I wonder if they did a second round of these things. I know I did not put in my request as early as any of you did. Pretty sure I just put my request in sometime in January. They arrive yesterday.
  4. Help me name my TB

    We have one of those traveling around. It is called Random's Cache Drive. It is stuck in Iowa right now.
  5. QR Code and Coords

    Ok I think I may have found a very useable solution after playing with qr codes for my classroom today. Choose google maps location as the data type. Then enter the coords and generate the qr code. When the qr code is opened on my android, I first have to tell it to open in the browser, but then it gives me a second list that I can choose geohunter or geobeagle from. When I opened geohunter, it looked like it might really work. Testing from my home vs the field though. The other option is to choose plain text and put the cache info in the text. The info stays in the history of the scanner. The coords will have to be hand entered into whatever app one wishes to use, but the scan info stays in the history of whichever scanner one is using. (I was using Scan Life.) With this option, other things like a hint or general info about the cache could be entered as well.
  6. QR Code and Coords

    Actually, no, we weren't missing part of the cable for SHAC Jam. Just RandomConfusion forgot to take part of the cable with him and then when it arrived it didn't work with the drivers he had....didn't know that driver part would be an issue until then as we usually use my laptop which is good to go with it. c:geo can read qr codes, but it has to have already existing cache info in the code. No use for what we were doing. Reading on the forums for that software piece, there is some debate as to what good that feature really is. It just seems to lack some functionality. While on the subject of software, what is the best app to recommend to an iPhone user that is under $5.00? I dislike recommending the official $10.00 app if the family will only use it a couple of times.
  7. QR Code and Coords

    Eagle, yes, I have GSAK and have done that before when I had the cable to pull things from my Garmin. This time it didn't matter as we only had 3 kids want to try it before the storms rolled in. Anyone wanting to know, the qr droid didn't work out. I did test it with my phone and Random's phone. It creates qr codes nicely, but creates them more for an address like you might look up on google maps than a coordinate for the point I marked.
  8. QR Code and Coords

    I may go ahead and create the qr codes for anyone that wants to try the above two apps though.
  9. QR Code and Coords

    Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately, this was dropped on me last night and the event is this evening. We also have a cable, but can't find it, so I guess we are getting there earlier than expected to hand program. I still think that cable is in the other half's scouting stuff, but he said he didn't see it. Last known use was Scout Jam.
  10. QR Code and Coords

    Does anyone know of a way to use qr codes to get coordinates into any app? I have an event to go to in which I have been asked to set up some temporary caches for the Scouts to try out their geocaching skills. I was thinking that with the number of people carrying smart phones that making qr codes for the caches would be a fast way to share the coords, but I can't find an easy way to get those to any app that would work. (This would also save me from hand programming a bunch of yellow etrexs because I have misplaced my cable.) QR Droid on android and Zapper Scanner on iphone look like they might work, but I am not sure if they have the control that most of the geocaching apps have. Not sure what Zapper Scanner uses, but QR droid uses Google maps. Any thoughts?
  11. Vacuum cleaners

    I love the Kirby G5 or G6 (can't remember which) that we have. If it doesn't have to be brand new, you can purchase refurbs on Kirbys in a much more reasonable price range either through a Kirby dealer or ebay.
  12. Batteries in Pockets Arcing

    My mom had double a's and some coins in her pocket. She reported the pocket was getting very warm and when she reached in, she got a zap. Nothing serious thankfully, but enough to make her consider what goes in the pocket if she is carrying batteries.
  13. Android vs Apple

    You have had a lot of great thoughts thrown at you to help you make an informed decision. Hopefully you make the one that is best for you. I have an android on Verizon, but checked out the AT&T line before deciding to stick with VZW. All the phones seemed to be worthy phones to be honest. I think the Inspire was the one I was leaning towards and ended up with its close relative over at VZW. One thing I would add to the consideration is the battery. Unless the new 4s is different, you are stuck with the battery that is installed on the iPhone where as the battery on the droids can be changed if needed. So those long caching days (or work days) you could carry a spare battery for the droid, but with the iPhone you need to be around a charger. I have seen it as a problem a few times for a couple of iPhone friends.
  14. Good caches to check out for kids?

    My kids always enjoy Telge park and Burroughs Park. Both have several caches. And of course when they are tired of caching, they always con me into letting them play at the playground.
  15. How Good Does a Smart Phone Do?

    I was going to say something similar to this, but if this is regarding beginners and caching, how much geo-sense do they have? I do cache with my phone now for park and grabs, but haven't tried it much in covered areas...although I think I would seriously be more concerned about my battery than the gps signal if I was caching in the woods with it. I can change the battery in my gps, but not my phone (or at least not easily since hubby lost one of the spares....) Haven't hid anything in a long time either way, so I don't have any comparison at this point on hiding ability with a phone.