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  1. Texas Challenge 2011

    Hopefully Lake Somerville has gotten more cacher friendly.  A year ago we were there and considered placing caches.  The ranger we spoke to was a cacher, but was not very open to the idea of placing caches in the park.  He said we would have to fill out the regular state park forms and then fill out some forms regarding environmental impact that would be approved by their archeological group.  That group would approve or reject based on impact to the local plants and upcoming studies that they might do in the area.
  2. Love (and geocaching) is in the Air Event / TC2010

    LOL   Reminds me of a recent caching trip to the Conroe area.  Random started to turn the truck around in a dark parking lot when our 8 year old says "Watch out for the human over there dad."  She couldn't just say person or man....  I promise I wouldn't be bringing any humans to share on the potluck table. 
  3. Love (and geocaching) is in the Air Event / TC2010

    Not sure what we will bring, but we will try to make it something that is considered a side or salad....hmmm maybe hummus?
  4. Love (and geocaching) is in the Air Event

    Hey, isn't this the 4th annual. 2007 -- 1st --- I found out about this 1 week too late to attend. 2008  -- 2nd --- attended this one and had tons of fun 2009 -- 3rd --- unfortunately had something else to do and wished I could have sent a traveler as my traveler from the previous year didn't do well....just re-appear in fact. 2010 -- Hope to attend! 
  5. Intro to Geocaching, Part 2

    Sounds similar to when we tried to have an intro to caching event.  Then I made the changes to the page, but it never got approved even with multiple messages inquires to why it wasn't getting approved.  It was as if the page was never looked at again after the rejection.  Good luck with it.
  6. Intro to Geocaching II

    Based on the number of logs I have received in the last 2 weeks on Damn Yankee, Bear Creek Park is pretty good right now....but as with everything in Houston, just wait.  It will change. 
  7. Park & Gab: Seventh Edition

    Wish we could have made it.  We had a sick kiddo.  I bet it was a fun get together. 
  8. Lake Texana Event

    We would definately be interested in an event there. We met Ranger Cindy last summer.  In fact, we had a long talk with her about caching and took her to Amplified.  At the time she was a little miffed about the cache because she didn't know it was there, but after finding it she was cool.  She orginally told us there couldn't be anything hidden there because she is alway there and had never seen anything.  lol  She then took us through her nature center even though it was closed. 
  9. Could we have someone "technological" host an event.

    The new pq has the same name as the old one, so the new one overwrites each time I save it, but somehow it was finding things that had already be deleted and removed from the trash can.  I have a suspicion that there is a back up file somewhere that I haven't located yet.  The things it pulls in that are deleted are pq's I only ran once for a trip we were taking and now don't need.
  10. Could we have someone "technological" host an event.

    I found that once I followed the instructions at the following link, GSAK became much easier to use. The part about downloading from gmail doesn't work for me though.  It somehow manages to pull in old pq's that have been deleted from gmail.  I am sure that is a user error and not an error with the macro though. This was in a post from Feb 2007 by Mr Bird and Bear. (
  11. Flash Mob Event / HGCS May B-day event - GC1BBQQ

    Are you thinking of Harris County Smokehouse?  Spring Creek BBQ is just a few miles south of the event location on HWY 6 and has awesome bbq as well.
  12. Leap Year of Caching/Milestones Event

    Looks like we are going to be celebrating 750 instead of 800.  Just been to much darn life getting in the way of our caching.....between scouts and school.....hmmm wonder which I can give up right now.....
  13. HGCS 2008 Birthday Celebrations: March

    We plan on being there.  Probably will be the first time the new geodog gets to try caching.  Looking forward to an event...even an unofficial one. 
  14. White Elephant Exchange 2007

    Try going to  I think you will get it from there. Thanks for the event Snoogans!
  15. National Public Lands Day HSP Clean Up

    We really enjoyed the event and meeting some cachers we hadn't had the pleasure of meeting before.  Hope RedEye took care of his injury and didn't have it taken care of for him in his sleep (sure looked painful).