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  1. “I promise to try and write better logs. Amen.”
  2. I can't wait until he builds Necropolis IV on Tranquility Base.
  3. I think he is numero uno in favorite cache points for the state of Texas.
  4. No wonder why everyone likes HC. He gave me credit for a find that I never found!
  5. I like the requirement that the submitter must have completed the challenge. Thus no find a cache on Mars. Also there will be a challenge cache checker. No challenges based on titles of caches.
  6. There is 3 hr parking right at the Tour doors at the Skate park. ParkerPlus was there. The park person asked if he could make the 0.25 mile walk. I told them you would be surprised. There is a railing around the whole think. I think it is actually longer than 0.25 miles but there are at least 4 rest stops along the way. He has no trouble at all.
  7. Thanks Neal. I am going next Thursday. There is a Friday opening but getting back home during rush hour would be an issue.
  8. I am on a fishing forum and it is locally run and seems to get bigger every year. The forum has everything under the sun and not just fishing. It also has paid sponsors. It is very active and useful. There are special sections for politics and sports. There are classifieds and also section that cannot be replied to.
  9. It is near the skate park. I'll have to see if you can get a GPS signal under there.
  11. Cool tool. I found two duplicate logs and one duplicate on an archived cache I owned.
  12. In hindsight probably so very good advice. It's just geocaching.
  13. Maybe you can see what his vacation schedule looks like?
  14. I feel and understand exactly what you are experiencing. I remember all the trouble he has with the FTF trophy. At first he wanted me to add a disclaiming which I did and he approved the cache. Many months later I try to place the cache and he asks me to remove the disclaimer at which point I mention that those are the EXACT words you suggested that I add to approve the cache. I for one think he makes up his own set of rules and applies them whenever he chooses. Thus I haven't placed a cache in years. And you are quite correct about using aerial maps to find caches and often I check those and only use the GPSr as a backup.