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  1. project gc stats

    Cool tool. I found two duplicate logs and one duplicate on an archived cache I owned.
  2. My Last Cache

    In hindsight probably so very good advice. It's just geocaching.
  3. My Last Cache

    Maybe you can see what his vacation schedule looks like?
  4. My Last Cache

    I feel and understand exactly what you are experiencing. I remember all the trouble he has with the FTF trophy. Atfirst he wanted me to add a disclaiming which I did and he approved the cache. Many months later I try to place the cache and he asks me to remove the disclaimer at which point I mention that those are the EXACT words you suggested that I add to approve the cache. I for one think he makes up his own set of rules and applies them whenever he chooses. Thus I haven't placed a cache in years. And you are quite correct about using aerial maps to find caches and often I check those and only use the GPSr as a backup.
  5. Polymagnets

    There was a store in Palo Alto called Peninsula Scientific. They sold all sorts of chemicals. I remember a friend of mine making some thermite. I think it was just Potassium Permanganate an glycerin with a magnesium starter.
  6. Snake ID

    I think you guys nailed it. I think I also saw a cottonmouth that same day on the same piece of land. I need snake boots.
  7. Snake ID

    A couple of snakes yesterday. Sorry but this is as close as I wanted to get to them.
  8. Longest since last find

    Homestead 4: Wayback MachineGC2PXKV- was last found on 2/11/13 by elmdor7797.
  9. Longest since last find

    Found this one today Rising Sun (FTFC #77)GC2CP27- was last found on 1/27/13 by HoustonControl.
  10. Suggestions?

    So what are names of the11 movies?
  11. Makeshift Engineering
  12. Who's Prime Reviewer

    PR always wanted me to tell him how to solve my puzzle caches. I think he wants to know if special resources are needed. And of course he needs the final coordinates.
  13. Who's Prime Reviewer

    He wrote one of those coordinate checkers for puzzle caches.
  14. Repellents

    Has anyone tested a Thermocell?
  15. Who's Prime Reviewer

    A cacher in Dallas.