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  1. Final coordinates for geowyz's 23-SUR

    I emailed fendmar.
  2. Final coordinates for geowyz's 23-SUR

    I reexamined your coords since your numbers looked familiar and those might be correct.
  3. Final coordinates for geowyz's 23-SUR

    Nope. She suggested fendmar. I also emailed Wendel.  
  4. Final coordinates for geowyz's 23-SUR

    OK, I will try that. 
  5. Final coordinates for geowyz's 23-SUR

    I think it was a bit further West
  6. There is a person from Canada who has been trying to complete this cache. Unfortunately WP3 most likely is missing. Does anyone have the final coordinates?
  7. Oldest caches in Houston area

    Here's some info on the Mega House.   I think it is still for sale.  
  8. Longest since last find

    I logged another  DNF on this one. I probably waited to long after it was replaced.   Chasing a Night Time Ninja GC2TJF4 - was last found on 9/8/12 by TAZ427 and TeamPoliceBike36 with one DNF since.
  9. GBP TEXAS - soda tubes on tallows

    For me the whole purpose of the Texas series is to see the word Texas spelled out on your found cache page. I suspect some of the frustration would be going out there to find the caches missing but that is the nature of the flooding of the reservoir. I was under the impression that a group had already gone out on the Texas series but maybe they didn't put out any need maintenance logs.
  10. GBP Parking

    I think it is locked but the park hours are until 10 pm. I would guess they may open a little before 7 am. 
  11. Connecting a PC to an old TV

    Except for the hole in the middle.
  12.   The article specificallty mentions GPSrs
  13. Connecting a PC to an old TV
  14. Running Up the Numbers

    Just do the Texas Series in George Bush Park.
  15. What happened to geocaching events?

    For me the highlight was finding a Dreamcacher cache or getting a FTF to get my name listed on the geowyz board of honor. High Five is still one of my favorite caches as was Circumcenter. Both cachers happened to be geophysicists.