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  1. “in memory of” bench for LjTxHiker

    Love the idea and the placement of a cache.
  2. New Night Cache

    I'll do it for Christmas! Redyak1
  3. Regarding Katy Mall Series Cache

    I have very mixed feelings on this one. While Katy Mills is way out of my way for shopping. I won't be buying my $50,000 dinner ring there. I'll be taking my business elsewhere. But, on the other hand, I really do agree with the view taken by Muddy Buddies. There are infinite possibilities for hides that don't involve mall security folks, or raise possible terrorist suspisions. I haven't had a run in with the authorities yet and I am not looking forward to it so I generally avoid situations like Katy Mills. Redyak1
  4. The Perfect Hide

    The perfect hide for me takes me 1. someplace historical, unusual, neat natural feature. 2. out of sight from watching eyes even if urban 3. creative container (but not impossible like a cleaverly disguised pine cone in thousands of pine cones) 4. something that makes me say "Cool!" in the surroundings (yep, dating myself) 5. no genuine risks to life, limb or possible legal incarceration. 6. not hidden in a lamp post skirt in front of a FBI office Other than that any cache would do just fine. Redyak1
  5. For Benchmarkers

    hmmmmm----very true.... I take it all back
  6. help with a geocoin

    Thanks for the help HoustonControl. I'm still a bit new to all this stuff. I really appreciate your helping my out by sending the profile locations. Duh, I didn't think to look for profiles. I have sent emails of thanks off. Thanks again, Redyak1
  7. help with a geocoin

    Hi just located a geocoin that is apparently from an Iraq vet. It was in a plastic coin slip with the note "Hi, you have found my personal geocoin, enjoy." The note also says "this was placed as swag. So keep it, trade it or move it". On one side is an american flag overlayed by the medical symbol. Around that edge are the words "Dezertmedic D_O_C Extremescuba 2006-2007". On the reverse is a map of Iraq showing Baghdad, Alabad, and Diwaniyah and the number 197. The words on the edge of this side are "Original Iraq Geocache Medics". This was found at Kidd Cemetary BCHW6H. This is a very interesting coin to me and has great significance as I have had two of the family kids serve in iraq. Would love to thank the originator for his or her service to the country. Redyak1
  8. Newbee

    This is one of the most helpful groups of people you will ever meet. Ask as you go along. First, don't be discouraged. I took quite a while to find my first one and get over the idea that I was going to be arrested as some kind of a weirdo when searching. My sneaky skills have gotten much better. As you go along you will develop your instinct for what may be a cache location. In the beginning I couldn't have found an refrigerator in the middle of a Kroger's parking lot. Now, I can find the woods, the parking lot, and usually the tree without too much trouble. All kidding aside, you will soon be able to look at a location and use your cache instinct powers to guide you to the cache. Just have a great time and enjoy the journey. Redyak1
  9. Black Friday

    I took one look at Deerbrook, went home, grabbed the labrihuahua and went caching. That was the day I got 50.
  10. Where do you live ?

    Redyak1 lives in atascocita south of an explosives warehouse, west of Williams Gully, north of a drive named for a boy who might have gone by willy, and east of a major cache full of food.
  11. Good Morning

    A few weeks ago my dog - a cross between a chihuahua and a labrador retriever (labrihuahua) - hopped up on my bed. she looks like a 1/4 size lab with the head of a chihuahua. She crawled under the covers and stuck her wet nose in my belly button and licked. She also said something like "snarffle snarffle". Talk about jumping from a reclining position to standing on the floor with all the covers still attached - that was it. I am not the most athletic guy in the world and I made the jump in one move.
  12. For Benchmarkers

    One of the things I love about this sport is the possibility for learning about the country. I got interested in benchmarks when I looked at the survey to my grandparents property from the last quarter of the 1800s. I found comments like from a large oak tree thence to a metal rod and so on. I now realize how important these objects are to our culture, economy and property. They make possible one of the hallmarks of our style of governance - the ownership of private property. Redyak1
  13. Photo puzzle

    Gotta say 4. Four seems to have the right kind of country lane with areas that appear to have some technology at both ends. Love the idea!!!! Redyak1
  14. Snakes Alive!

    Yeah, as it gets colder they find it more difficult to get about. But with Texas weather except for the every coldest times I wouldn't depend on the weather keeping them away. And, the funny thing is that even though I actively look for them I rarely see them. In fact, the last snake I can recall seeing was about 10 years ago and it was a Copperhead. I have never seen a rattlesnake in the wild - just knocked on wood. Redyak1
  15. Camera or not ?

    As I think about it, I have seen a number of unique places doing this sport. I also have trouble recalling just exactly what an area looked like from time to time. I'm gonna start keeping at least a digital photo log. Redyak1