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  1. Lesson #2 for new cachers

    Lesson #2 for new cachers To log FTF’s from the field or not to log FTF’s from the field? -that is the question. If you are a new cacher, you may think that it is a requirement to log a FTF from the field. You may think that you are being helpful to your fellow cacher by logging from the field. Knowing about some history of geocaching might be helpful. Before people started using their phones to find and log caches, people used their GPS. Some people would go immediately home to log their FTF, some people would do some other caches in the area and then go home and log it, and then some people would purposely not log the FTF. Since cachers didn’t know that a cache was found, more people would go out to look for them. There were many times that 15 people would show up or trickle in to GZ. The cachers would hang out a bit, share the FTF and a story or two. If a series came out, a whole group would be going from cache to cache. Sometimes you’d meet a group that just finished the other half you were just about to do. There was anticipation when you unrolled the log- would you be the FTF or did you miss the FTF by just 10 minutes? (Read some FTF logs from 2010 and before.) The fun, to many, was in the mystery of it all. Sure there were lots of, “Oh, man. He beat us to it again.” But there were plenty of caches found hours later after publishing that brought a smiley FTF too. The anticipation of walking a mile in the woods, just not knowing, was fun for a lot of cachers. It was all we could do because we only had a GPS and maybe a Blackberry with no internet. Now, as soon as you read the log from the field that the cache has been found, there is no reason to go after it. It is over. Done. Go back to sleep. You may say that you wouldn’t have wasted your time going after a FTF had you known that it had been found, as I have had this explained to me several times recently. It is unfortunate that they have not had the chance to experience the wonderment of anticipation, mystery, and comradery that FTF’s used to bring. So, I am not telling you what to do. Do whatever you like- there are no rules. If you are one that likes to log from the field, go right ahead. If you are one that likes to wait until they get back to their computer, go right ahead. I can only hope that people won’t criticize a cacher because they don’t play the game like you do.
  2. Lesson #1 for new cachers

    The letters, "FTF" stand for First to Find. If you see these letters and a name next to it, that person got there before you. It doesn't matter if they log it first on www.geocaching.com or on an app. If their name is next to those letters, you are not first, even if you cross out their name and put yours there. Conversely, if the log was blank, and you don't see a name there, and it is a new cache, then you are the First to Find. So then you can write your name next to the letters, "FTF". See, it really is easy.
  3. We're Outta Here Too

    ....and, fellow cachers, if you get a chance to do a fantastic cache by Team Troglodyte, it is "A Sight For Sore Eyes" GC47K21. One of my all-time favorites. Best wishes on your new adventures in Hill Country.
  4. When I am on my profile on geocaching.com, there used to be a tab for Texas with a direct link of all of the latest caches in date order. I believe it was located above "view nearby benchmarks." I tried the ever popular logging out and logging back in, and even waited a day, but still no Texas tab. Has it been moved, or has aliens taken over my computer?
  5. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    "Give me a Z." "Z" "Give me an O." "O" "Give me an O." "O" "Give me a T." "T" "Give me an H." "H" "Give me an O." "O" "Give me an R." "R" "Give me an N." "N" "Give me an R." "R" "Give me an O." "O" "Give me an L." "L" "Give me an L." "L" "Give me an O." "O" "What's that spell?" "Um..." "What's that spell?" "Sorry, I forgot." Congratulations on 17000!!!
  6. Garmin 3-axis Compass Hints and Tips

    If I had a nickel for every time I developed embedded systems machine vision technology for some military and transportation focused applications that depended fairly heavily on "location awareness" among other things......
  7. Newbies double, triple logging caches

    I've seen cachers log duplicates too.
  8. Newbies double, triple logging caches

    I've seen cachers log duplicates too.
  9. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    Congratulations, HC.
  10. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    Congratulations Rich & Lola and cook cachers on your milestones. Yay!
  11. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    Congratulations to Bubbermom and Bubberdad for hitting 5k at the Bomb's Away Event!
  12. 2 mile rule for puzzles in Europe?

    The geochecker congratulated me, and I know that I solved it correctly. It does make it more difficult when trying to solve puzzles close to where we will be going, only to find that it is further away than I expected. This is probably the the most terrible problem a person could ever have.
  13. 2 mile rule for puzzles in Europe?

    In anticipation of a trip, I solved a puzzle in Europe. Geochecker said that I had the correct coordinates, but they were 4 miles from the original. The cache published in 2012. Does Europe have the same 2 mile or km rule?
  14. The obligatory Congratulations thread

    Congratulations nov64 on your 10k!!!!!!
  15. Post IN THE QUEUE teasers here

    I love corny jokes and carroty jokes and mushroomy jokes....and...