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  1. Cache's In Mohawk Park

    Would anyone happen to know how many caches or in this park by Alvin? thanks for any info. texas1
  2. There or quit a few of his cache's that seem to need some TLC. and i think some of them have dissapered from the planet.i have tried to contact him a few times without any luck.Just kind of wondering if maybe he's gone,sick, or just quit geocaching.thanks for any info. texas1
  3. Got it done thanks texas1
  4. What did you get for Christmas?

    I got a brand new 60csx thanks to my wife seeing Maes's gps(thanks guys)and my granddaughter got new 60c. texas1
  5. Memorial Park Group Caching

    Hi all,Some of us Newbie's wants to come to the Memorial Park Hunt,Is this OK? If OK,do we need to bring anything? texas1