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  1. Where do you buy your ammo cans?

    Someone already listed Command Post on Beltway 8 by 59. They have four of five around. Something to note about Command Post -I dig around for the 'Specials.' They put a red tag on cans that have a bit of rust on them -You can pick up the small cans on special for $3 a can. Then all you do is sandpaper the rust out and spraypaint to get a better condition. Normally the small cans are $6.99 I think.
  2. Geocaching Merit Badge

    I hope it is final! I signed off on 22 blue cards a couple weeks ago! They are also teaching this at many summer camps this summer. I will ask my contacts at Council when they think it will be in the advancement system.
  3. Geocaching Merit Badge

    Found this additional information at: "Scouts can finish the requirements, but can't get credit for the badge until BSA officially releases the pamphlet and badge, and adds it to the advancement system. Once they do, Scouts can and will get credit for the work they've already done, but the date earned will probably not be when they finished it, but when they can record the advancement in the system."
  4. Geocaching Merit Badge

    Skyrookie, Requirement 8 has several options -the Scouts choose one from four available. I believe you are referring to requirment 8 C -where Scout has to maintain the cache and track it. See below. 8 C -Set up and hide a public geocache, following the guidelines in the Geocaching merit badge pamphlet. Before doing so, share with your counselor a six-month maintenance plan for the geocache where you are personally responsible for the first three months. After setting up the geocache, with your parent’s permission, follow the logs online for 30 days and share them with your counselor. When I did my MB class we completed 8 D -We hosted a CITO event. While we did not put the CITO on we went over how to do it, the purpose and carried it out. We are in Sugar Land so we went to Cullinan Park by the Sugar Land Airport -unfortunately the City of Houston is technically over this park and the trash situation is pretty bad. We did trash pick up as we did another cache find in the park.
  5. Geocaching Merit Badge

    I just finished up my first Counseling session for the new Geocaching merit badge. Since the MB Pamphlet is not out yet, I have compiled information into a PDF file and also referenced the workbook on If anyone is interested in this material, shoot me an email and I will glady share. I had 24 Scouts from two Troops this morning. For the first time doing this it went well -some minor tweaks to improve the flow moving better. Of course the Scouts just want to use the GPS and go caching but the merit badge has a fair amount of background requirements.
  6. SHAC JAM - Boy Scout Geocaching

    Thanks Sunshot99! Folks, Sunshot99, Glimmermore and I (Cachendreams) are flushing out all the details on the geocaching (or should I say geoscouting) activities at SHAC JAM. For those interested the SHAC JAM link is: For the Boy Scouts 100th Anniversary they have a "Get in the Game" website: As for the specific program at the event we are using Glimmermore's successfull program at a District camporee to start. This involves a quick orientation to GPS and Geocaching and then a hunt for a couple caches. To alllow Scouters and Volunteers time to see SHAC JAM overall we plan to have 'shifts' of volunteers working the GeoScouting booth. We are also approaching Garmin (first choice since out Scout Council has Garmin ETrex) as a sponsor (anyone got connections with Garmin?). Also talking to some Army Surplus stores to see if they will donate ammo cans and other containers (anyone have contacts there?) Thanks and more to come Cachendreams
  7. Boy Scout Series

    I will send an email to RandCon about this. I tried to start one a couple years back but was never able to get it off the ground. See my thread from earlier years: GeoScouting and Cache to Eagle
  8. District Rollcall

    Cachendreams here. We are in the North Star District (split Tomahawk up). Myself and my two sons are in Scouts -Cubs and Boy. I am an Eagle Scout and active with Packs, Troops and at the District level.
  9. GeoScouting and Cache to Eagle

    Boy Scouts of America has a training program designed to bring GPS into the traditional area of map and compass skills. I am starting up a local initiative in the Sugar Land area to train adult volunteers in the local troops. An offshoot project I am working on is called 'Cache to Eagle' (see this site for details: If any HCGS cachers, or any cachers, have older GPSr units laying around un-used I am more than happy to accept them as a donation to a worthwhile cause -Boy Scouts of America. We will attempt to identify Troops that may not have the means to afford GPS units to get them set up. This is a great way to bring the fun of Geocaching into the training of Scouting. Just shoot me an email if you are interested. I will monitor this posting.