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  1. I can't figure out how to encrypt part of a log anymore. Has GC thrown that feature away? If so, and you want to encrypt part of your log you can use my utility which you can find here
  2. Have you recently checked to see if that works? That's the feature I was asking if GC threw away.
  3. test
  4. To whom it may concern: Kenny solved my direction pointer swinging around. Turning the compass off fixed it. I guess I should have taken the hint from HC's point about it swinging widely when the compass was uncalibrated, but I mistakenly thought when the compass screen was hidden the compass was turned off, but it isn't.
  5. Does GC's name search not work right anymore? I've searched for three names in the past couple of weeks and it just sits there -- doesn't say couldn't find that name, nothing. I searched just now for Georeynozos and got the same result.
  6. How much climbing is accepted before a cache has a Terrain rating greater than 1.5? Read hint.
  7. Remarkable, I must have stumbled onto four cachers in the last couple of weeks who have changed their names. Did georeyna and her significant other separate or did he just quit caching.
  8. I'm not sure where you got a terrain rating of 5. It isn't so much seeing what I want to see, I'm no longer able to climb a fire hydrant, so I look more carefully at caches above 2 terrain
  9. I guess I'm the only person who posts questions here. I'm not exactly sure what elevation change means, but if it were me, I would count climbing on top of a fireplug an abrupt elevation change.
  10. I've complained about this problem before but I spent the afternoon yesterday and part of the morning today calling Garmin trying to figure out why the pointer on my 62s jumps around. On average, as I'm walking to a cache it jumps back and fourth by about 45 degrees. I've now made six calls to Garmin and tried one chat about this. Of of these 7 people only one has ever geocached and I don't think the others have ever used a handheld GPSr to go to a location. Each tech makes changes and asks me to do a test. Which requires I hang up, go outside in 95 heat and a broiling sun and do testing, then call back. I've been through this kind of maddening cycle before, so with each tech I ask, "Now, after I do your test will we know the answer and there will be no more tests?" They each assure me it will. When I call back I get a different tech with different good ideas for things to try that require I hang up and round-and-round it goes. Other than the one cacher, they try to imagine what I'm describing and then dream up reasons it could be happening. In the chat I thought I would never get the guy to look at the video I'm posting below. But, even then he had new ideas and wanted to run me up the flagpole some-more. I finally gave up with him a canceled the chat. I've tried twice unsuccessfully to speak to a manager. "None are in the area now." and "My manager's on the phone but I'll leave him a note and he'll call you back. Not so far.
  11. I stumbled across it. I can't remember where now.
  12. I'm the last person to care about jerimy's arbitrary and capricious rules, but I thought traveling caches were outlawed a long time ago. This one seems to be alive So, what's the deal?
  13. But, it's still active. It just moved to Houston recently.
  14. All three of my caches in Challenger Park have been muggled twice and one of them three times in the last few months. Best I can tell, no other caches in the park have been bothered. In the screen capture below you can see that all caches are active except mine. One of mine that is disabled isn't grayed out?? But, I looked at the others and saw none have gone missing in the last several months. So, I decided to look at the "Audit Log" to see who had been to the cache pages since the last find 'til it went missing. I don't see anyone who went and didn't find or log a find or DNF. But, I see they have been found by people not in the Audit Log. According to GC's definition the Audit Log is supposed to show everyone "who viewed your cache" So, how could people be finding it yet never visiting the cache page?
  15. I see. Given the number of people who cache using a cell phone, it makes the function pretty useless.
  16. Thanks for the replies. I forget I don't get emails telling me that people have responded.
  17. I've seen at least a couple of these on the back of pickups. Saw one today. It's a little difficult to tell from the picture but the flag is entirely black and white except for the one white stripe that's colored red -- the blue is black and all the reds are black. I assume this is supposed to be a message. Does anyone know what that message is?
  18. How far can you move a cache before you have to archive it and make a new one?
  19. Thanks for the info. I believe I can find a place that's within 528 feet. One of the problems is two other caches already overlap into my zone. And I'm guessing if I move into the overlap it may raise flags. My cache was there long before the overlapping ones but those technicalities never influenced Prime Reviewer.
  20. My Snake Tree cache, the 8th oldest in the Houston area is up for adoption. See latest log.
  21. Current Projects Smash Childhood Cancer OpenZika Help Stop TB FightAIDS@Home Outsmart Ebola Together Mapping Cancer Markers
  22. I’m inviting you to join the Houston GeoCaching Society team on the World Community Grid. The World Community Grid is a platform for distributed computing. If you aren’t familiar with distributed computing, it’s a system that makes use of the idle time of home computers everywhere. Some projects require more computing power than the most powerful computers can provide. Such projects are made possible by using a collection of computers world wide. World Community Grid supports projects attempting to solve problems in biology, medicine and the environment. To be accepted for the World Community Grid, a project must make any discoveries and data public domain – that is, available to all researchers. Follow This Link to register. It will make you a member of both the World Community Grid and the Houston GeoCaching Society team. After joining you will need to need to download and install the World Community Grid software Here. This is the software that enables the distributed processing. If by chance you already participate in the World Community Grid, use This Link. Then click on the join now button when the page appears. Here are their currently ongoing projects: • Computing for Clean Water • The Clean Energy Project • Discovering Dengue Drugs • A Cure for Muscular Dystrophy • Helping Fight Childhood Cancer • Human Proteome Folding • Fighting AIDS There are several dormant or completed projects. Originally I joined to support Influenza Antiviral Drug Search But, after joining I discovered Phase I of this study was complete and Phase II hasn’t started yet. You can see a list of all the research projects by going to the main page Here. Hover over the Research tab and click on any of them to learn more. The active projects are the links above. Each person chooses which projects they want to support. To add or change the projects you are supporting/running hover over the My Grid tab and click on My Projects. The team is in a friendly competition with other teams for the amount of computing time contributed. Make a New Years resolution to help others and the world, then check it off your list today as one resolution kept.
  23. I'm here to encourage others to join. This is really a chance to participate in something worthwhile that costs you almost nothing. Here's the current roster.
  24. This is getting spooky. I'm beginning to hear an echo when I come here. When I go to Geocaching, Travelers, Puzzles and maybe others I haven't checked I have the latest topic, maybe going back months. Is this site gradually (or not so gradually) going dark? Where'd everybody go? So anyway, I would like to figure out which Travelers have actually been in one of my caches. It has a lot listed in the history but many/most/almost all have been people dipping bugs, not putting them in the cache. I haven't been able to sort the wheat from the chaff. Anybody know an easy way to tell which travelers were ever actually in a cache?
  25. To me the first chart is the most meaningful. It shows the change clearly. The chart distinguishing between caches labeled small vs micro has more issues. The small cache designation wasn't adopted until somewhere in 2005 or later. Before that most people called them micros. My earlier data with smalls must have been people who relabeled older caches small once that designation became available. For example, people relabeled caches placed and labeled small in 2003 may have later changed them to small. My data uses when the cache was placed and I can't know if the size was changed later. My observation is there's been size creep over time. Some new cachers are labeling caches small that in prior years would have been labeled micros. I've imagined this may partly be because newer cachers have seen so many of the tiny containers (nanos, Bison tubes, etc.), which didn't use to exist, a large pill bottle seems like it must be a small. My intent was to show the decline of regular (they were called regular for a reason) caches and the second chart muddies that. I omitted 2001 & 2002 because my data's bad back then and geocaching had growing pains with some odd things going on. For what it's worth in 2001 (the first year of caching) 96% were regular caches and 4% micros in my iffy data. Percent of Caches