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  1. Almost four years ago this bug disappeared from a cache that is still active. It's had a couple of lives. Late last year I decided to resurrect it. When I do that I like to put the replacement in the cache where was last if the cache is still active. In this case it was, so I made a new copy. The owner of the cache agreed to drop it in, so I packed it up and mailed it to him. The day he said he dropped it in I plucked the old one out of the either and put it in the cache. The very next day a guy took it and stopped caching that very day. I emailed him about a month ago requesting he put it in a cache near him so it could continue. He didn't reply. I'm considering making yet another copy and trying again. If someday this guy puts the one he has in a cache there will be two copies floating around. Anybody know what happens then?
  2. Wow, $450. Does that thing prepare, bake and slice bread then wash dishes? The last Nuvi I bought cost $80. I use Red Roo's POI loader macro for my Nuvi 2495, but I find it's flaky. It always works for coordinates, but sometimes you get descriptions, usually not. Rarely do I get logs and never more than a couple. That's why I'd like to find a Nuvi that accepts .gpx files directly and shows all the data in them, like the GPSmap 62 does. The connector in my current Nuvi model has become intermittent, so sometimes it turns on and charges when I start the car and sometimes not. Sometimes it connects to my desktop computer, sometimes not. So, I'll need to buy a new one soon. In case you're wondering if there's a connection between the Nuvi's behavior and Red Roo's macro. The macro has behaved that way since I bought the Nuvi 4-5 years ago and the intermittent connector just began about 5 months ago.
  3. I can't remember off hand how far out his goes, but here's a current list for 2001 & 2002 placements. If anybody wants more years I can do it. Houston's First (GC203) by Zephyr (2/2) The Dam Ladybug (GC8C0) by NAROYAPA (1.5/1.5) Challenger 7 Park (GC88E) by Mike Flannigan (3/2.5) Brazos Bend Birthday (GC10E8) by Britt&Bess adopted from ljtxhiker on 2_10_09 (2/2.5) 'Arbored in the Trees (GC1D6F) by westtexgeo, Log Dawgs adopted by Bubberdad (2/1.5) Texas Music Jukebox Cache (GC2255) by Paul Ag (2/1.5) BB's Little Cedar Bayou cache! (GC2638) by UsMorrows now BaytownBert (1.5/1.5) Snake Tree (GC2BDB) by Thot (1/2) Solstice Spot (GC2D05) by MarfaRocks & KOR (1/1) Abandoned WWII Blimp Base (GC2E13) by MarfaRocks & KOR (1/1) Near the Yellow Dirt Road (GC3238) by Paula&Nizar (2/2) Hoot 'n Holler (GC3A2A) by geowyz and zach (2/2) Off the Jogging Trail (GC3D1D) by ATMA (2/2) Conroe Diamonds (GC3D1A) by Team Troglodyte (1.5/2) T.C Remembers (GC3F61) by Mardocff (1/1) The Protector of Life (GC3F63) by Mardocff (1/1) Burnett Homesite (GC46AD) by Rudy & Jerrydene (1/1) TC Geography 1300 Series #1 (GC55A0) by Tomball College (WLCH) Spring 2002 Students (1.5/1.5) Four Wheel Power (GC5D16) by Team Troglodyte (1.5/3) Diablo's Cage (GC687B) by The Pigmundts (3/3) Military History Series - San Jacinto Battlefield (GC73A0) by Breaktrack (1/1) The dancers (GC73BD) by C, D & E (1/1) Where owls fly (GC73BC) by C,D & E (1/1) 1st National Oak Park (GC82D6) by teddielynn (1/1) Houston Zoological Gardens (GC84FF) by Teddielynn (1/1) Keeping The Kids In Mind (GC8576) by Teddielynn (1/1) Houston Holocaust Museum (GC8501) by Teddielynn (1/1) Not Everything is Big in Texas!! (GC8676) by benoutlaw (1/1) Rails of the Southern Pacific (GC8673) by benoutlaw (1/1) All Aboard! (GC8671) by benoutlaw (1/1) Wedell's Corner (GC88F1) by Ed & Greg (1/1) One Man's Castle (GC8C39) by The Simplers (1/1) Dementia Concretia (GC9A93) by Team Troglodyte (1/1) The Media Cache (GCA96E) by NoFear & ARVPanda (3/2) High and Dry (GCB7AF) by Thot (Adopted) (1.5/1.5)
  4. I have about 15 souvenirs but I never did anything deliberately to get them. I just discovered they were there one day. This page says it lists available souvenirs but it doesn't. It lists geographic places that are apparently always available but no special ones. There's a list of obsolete/no longer available ones at the bottom of the page but no available souvenirs. So how does one learn of available souvenirs. (Yes, I know I've used the word souvenirs ad nauseum but but I wanted to be sure it was clear what I was asking.) P.S. Please remember I don't get notices of replies from this website so I have to remember to deliberately check.
  5. I have to buy a new Nuvi (pun not intended). I've never been satisfied with the one I have for geocaching. Are there any recent models that are geocaching friendly? By geocaching friendly I mean: .gpx exports from GSAK can be added to it much like to the 62 The unit then shows the descriptions, logs and hints in addition to guiding you to the cache location.
  6. I'm not sure I understand that. The jumping around I'm referring to it the cache direction pointer on the map screen. Unless something's very different on the 62 than the 60 this has nothing to do with the compass.
  7. I tried to calibrate the compass 3 times and got 3 failures. Each time it succeeded in yaw, and roll then failed in pitch. The first time I tried it, it completed in yaw before I moved it, which made me suspicious of the process.
  8. Thanks again
  9. Sorry, I didn't get back sooner, but I don't get reply notices from this site. You didn't address whether the 64 stops the wide jumping around. Also, does the hollow arrowhead on the map screen point north independent of the compass and it's calibration state? I've always assumed it did.
  10. I'll start by saying, I don't have a smartphone, so all the synergisticness is not meaningful to me, and the terrible screen on the 62s is not improved. I can't read the damn thing a lot of the time unless it's in direct sunlight. Of all the additional features the 64s has my 62s doesn't almost none are meaningful to me. The 62s holds all the caches I ever want plus their logs, so the major jump in storage ability isn't useful to me. I suppose the more accurate coordinates could be useful, but most of the time the hiders error is the greater error so having a more accurate fix on their inaccurate coordinates isn't much help. But, one thing I read you say somewhere KeyResults is that the location doesn't jump around. The one aspect of Garmin units I absolutely hate is their jumping around. As I walk towards a cache the map pointer can swing widely. I often see it jump between 45 degrees to the left of my heading to 45 degrees to the right. This drives me nuts. Before the 60CSx, my GPSr was a Magellan. After it homed in on a cache it continued to point in roughly the same direction, none of this jumping 90 degrees from left to right both of my Garmins do. The downside was, when you got near GZ you had to stop and let it settle down, and if you weren't careful you'd be past it and have to backtrack. But, that's much better than zigzagging all over the place or trying to mentally guess the average direction it's pointing. So, all that drivel said, is it true the 64 doesn't swing widely like the 62? Given what I've said about my needs, are there any other reasons I should upgrade from my 62s to a 64?
  11. Does this mean the hollow arrowhead on the 62s map screen I've always assumed points north, really doesn't? If it does, that's about all the standing still compass I need.
  12. Apparently this area of the site isn't well visited anymore.
  13. Oh yes, and what is the Bluetooth Antenna and why does anyone care?
  14. Well, that sale's gone but Amazon sells the 64 regularly for $200 & the 64s for $217 Several people seem to love the compass in the 64s. I hated the compass in my 60CSx. Why do people like the compass in this unit and most importantly, what do they use it for I never use the compass in the 62s. I'm thinking of getting a 64 or 64s, but I don't understand why people want the barometer or the compass.