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  1. So, is there a local geocaching page I should know about? I'm really sorry to see this website go. It was a place I could get answers to my many questions.
  2. Right, and he gave up his domain too.
  3. You can do that. The history of each bug is on the bugs page. But when you have a hundred bugs and each bug has many actions you have to tediously go to each bug and then hunt through page after page of logs to find the real drops it's more than I'm willing to do. In the old days I wrote programs that would do this automatically but GC changed their website to prevent that. As an example, one of my little found caches has 31 bugs recorded. I took the first one on the list as a random sample. That bug has 165 total actions in its history. If this is typical I would have to go through up to 5000 logs, keeping records along the way, to determine if which bugs were actually placed in the cache.
  4. This is getting spooky. I'm beginning to hear an echo when I come here. When I go to Geocaching, Travelers, Puzzles and maybe others I haven't checked I have the latest topic, maybe going back months. Is this site gradually (or not so gradually) going dark? Where'd everybody go? So anyway, I would like to figure out which Travelers have actually been in one of my caches. It has a lot listed in the history but many/most/almost all have been people dipping bugs, not putting them in the cache. I haven't been able to sort the wheat from the chaff. Anybody know an easy way to tell which travelers were ever actually in a cache?
  5. Am I the only one who didn't know the evince coordinate checker is defunct? I'm having to redo all my puzzle and multi fill in the blank pages.
  6. This a large cache.
  7. My test for a micro is the volume (not shape) of a tennis ball or less. If it's greater than a tennis ball and less than a quart container it's a small. I used to say a two quart container but with size creep and all . . . A large should be a gallon or more. Incidentally, there are so few large containers they were not considered in my study.
  8. To me the first chart is the most meaningful. It shows the change clearly. The chart distinguishing between caches labeled small vs micro has more issues. The small cache designation wasn't adopted until somewhere in 2005 or later. Before that most people called them micros. My earlier data with smalls must have been people who relabeled older caches small once that designation became available. For example, people relabeled caches placed and labeled small in 2003 may have later changed them to small. My data uses when the cache was placed and I can't know if the size was changed later. My observation is there's been size creep over time. Some new cachers are labeling caches small that in prior years would have been labeled micros. I've imagined this may partly be because newer cachers have seen so many of the tiny containers (nanos, Bison tubes, etc.), which didn't use to exist, a large pill bottle seems like it must be a small. My intent was to show the decline of regular (they were called regular for a reason) caches and the second chart muddies that. I omitted 2001 & 2002 because my data's bad back then and geocaching had growing pains with some odd things going on. For what it's worth in 2001 (the first year of caching) 96% were regular caches and 4% micros in my iffy data. Percent of Caches
  9. That's the problem with not getting notices from HGCS, I didn't know about your post 'til just now. Thanks for the kind words Kenny and the rest of you, please SIGN UP!
  10. Almost four years ago this bug disappeared from a cache that is still active. It's had a couple of lives. Late last year I decided to resurrect it. When I do that I like to put the replacement in the cache where was last if the cache is still active. In this case it was, so I made a new copy. The owner of the cache agreed to drop it in, so I packed it up and mailed it to him. The day he said he dropped it in I plucked the old one out of the either and put it in the cache. The very next day a guy took it and stopped caching that very day. I emailed him about a month ago requesting he put it in a cache near him so it could continue. He didn't reply. I'm considering making yet another copy and trying again. If someday this guy puts the one he has in a cache there will be two copies floating around. Anybody know what happens then?
  11. Wow, $450. Does that thing prepare, bake and slice bread then wash dishes? The last Nuvi I bought cost $80. I use Red Roo's POI loader macro for my Nuvi 2495, but I find it's flaky. It always works for coordinates, but sometimes you get descriptions, usually not. Rarely do I get logs and never more than a couple. That's why I'd like to find a Nuvi that accepts .gpx files directly and shows all the data in them, like the GPSmap 62 does. The connector in my current Nuvi model has become intermittent, so sometimes it turns on and charges when I start the car and sometimes not. Sometimes it connects to my desktop computer, sometimes not. So, I'll need to buy a new one soon. In case you're wondering if there's a connection between the Nuvi's behavior and Red Roo's macro. The macro has behaved that way since I bought the Nuvi 4-5 years ago and the intermittent connector just began about 5 months ago.
  12. I can't remember off hand how far out his goes, but here's a current list for 2001 & 2002 placements. If anybody wants more years I can do it. Houston's First (GC203) by Zephyr (2/2) The Dam Ladybug (GC8C0) by NAROYAPA (1.5/1.5) Challenger 7 Park (GC88E) by Mike Flannigan (3/2.5) Brazos Bend Birthday (GC10E8) by Britt&Bess adopted from ljtxhiker on 2_10_09 (2/2.5) 'Arbored in the Trees (GC1D6F) by westtexgeo, Log Dawgs adopted by Bubberdad (2/1.5) Texas Music Jukebox Cache (GC2255) by Paul Ag (2/1.5) BB's Little Cedar Bayou cache! (GC2638) by UsMorrows now BaytownBert (1.5/1.5) Snake Tree (GC2BDB) by Thot (1/2) Solstice Spot (GC2D05) by MarfaRocks & KOR (1/1) Abandoned WWII Blimp Base (GC2E13) by MarfaRocks & KOR (1/1) Near the Yellow Dirt Road (GC3238) by Paula&Nizar (2/2) Hoot 'n Holler (GC3A2A) by geowyz and zach (2/2) Off the Jogging Trail (GC3D1D) by ATMA (2/2) Conroe Diamonds (GC3D1A) by Team Troglodyte (1.5/2) T.C Remembers (GC3F61) by Mardocff (1/1) The Protector of Life (GC3F63) by Mardocff (1/1) Burnett Homesite (GC46AD) by Rudy & Jerrydene (1/1) TC Geography 1300 Series #1 (GC55A0) by Tomball College (WLCH) Spring 2002 Students (1.5/1.5) Four Wheel Power (GC5D16) by Team Troglodyte (1.5/3) Diablo's Cage (GC687B) by The Pigmundts (3/3) Military History Series - San Jacinto Battlefield (GC73A0) by Breaktrack (1/1) The dancers (GC73BD) by C, D & E (1/1) Where owls fly (GC73BC) by C,D & E (1/1) 1st National Oak Park (GC82D6) by teddielynn (1/1) Houston Zoological Gardens (GC84FF) by Teddielynn (1/1) Keeping The Kids In Mind (GC8576) by Teddielynn (1/1) Houston Holocaust Museum (GC8501) by Teddielynn (1/1) Not Everything is Big in Texas!! (GC8676) by benoutlaw (1/1) Rails of the Southern Pacific (GC8673) by benoutlaw (1/1) All Aboard! (GC8671) by benoutlaw (1/1) Wedell's Corner (GC88F1) by Ed & Greg (1/1) One Man's Castle (GC8C39) by The Simplers (1/1) Dementia Concretia (GC9A93) by Team Troglodyte (1/1) The Media Cache (GCA96E) by NoFear & ARVPanda (3/2) High and Dry (GCB7AF) by Thot (Adopted) (1.5/1.5)
  13. I have about 15 souvenirs but I never did anything deliberately to get them. I just discovered they were there one day. This page says it lists available souvenirs but it doesn't. It lists geographic places that are apparently always available but no special ones. There's a list of obsolete/no longer available ones at the bottom of the page but no available souvenirs. So how does one learn of available souvenirs. (Yes, I know I've used the word souvenirs ad nauseum but but I wanted to be sure it was clear what I was asking.) P.S. Please remember I don't get notices of replies from this website so I have to remember to deliberately check.
  14. I have to buy a new Nuvi (pun not intended). I've never been satisfied with the one I have for geocaching. Are there any recent models that are geocaching friendly? By geocaching friendly I mean: .gpx exports from GSAK can be added to it much like to the 62 The unit then shows the descriptions, logs and hints in addition to guiding you to the cache location.