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  1. Apparently kayackers flock here from many miles away to do this. It's in Fall River Mills, California I couldn't get a count on fatalities. I got this from Weather Underground where I post mostly flower pictures
  2. What souvenir for finding a Multi?
  3. I discovered this phenomenon because it's happening to the cache I want to change to a multi right now.
  4. I think you're missing the point of my post. Assuming you submit the new cache and archive the existing cache in the same day. If there's a lurker who has submitted a cache at your location earlier and just standing by, they'll get your location, because you just created the replacement and he submitted his earlier, so he's ahead of you in the queue.
  5. You learn something new all the time. If I understand this correctly, you can submit a new cache at the location of an existing cache and wait. If/when the existing cache is archived you're submission is first in line to take the location. I nearly stumbled into this while converting my existing traditional to a multi. In order to get the multi approved I'll have to archive the traditional when submitting the multi. With a lurker waiting, like I just explained, he'd be first in line and take my location. Apparently there's an unspecified limit to the time you can lurk. Typically somewhere around a month. I guess it's at the discretion of the approver.
  6. I feel sure our pleasant cooperative reviewer will be happy to change it for me.
  7. That's what he'll have to do but wouldn't have had to if it had been unarchived.
  8. Huntsville and Houston are different. Near the central area of Houston it's so dense with caches it can be difficult to get a location. When I first created the series, Fannin South wasn't part of it because there was an interfering cache. The cache was a multi and also prevented me from getting the location I wanted at the medical center transit station. I put out a cache in each area I wanted, put a watch on the the interfering cache and waited two years. Within hours of it being archived I submitted my Choo Choo Fannin South, blocking anyone else from getting near the location.
  9. Well groundspeaks cranky idiocy continues to build. Now they refuse to unarchive my ChooChoo cache I archived yesterday. They say if they archive it for your failure to act responsibly they will unarchive it, but if you archive it to prevent this happening they won't. HoustonTxDave has adopted the series and I wanted to make it complete, but no, Jeremy the walking ego strikes again. I attribute all this arbitrariness and capriciousness to Jeremy
  10. I don't think I understand your proposal. By "stamp" do you mean a rubber stamp like is used in letterboxing? First, almost none of the locations I use for the series would accommodate a stamp. Also, rules require a signable log in any Traditional cache.
  11. Thot...if you need someone to take over the "Choo Choo" series...i would love to do so. I hate to see a great one end.

    - HoustonTxDave


  12. If you want to see it's obituary you can find it at the pivotal cache in the series here
  13. Since there were no takers I going to let the series die, on cache at a time. Here's the first I can't get the Edit function to work so I'll explain what you probably already understood. It should have read "one cache at a time"
  14. Can you change a Traditional cache to a Multi?