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  1. GSAK Use

    Thanks. But, I only want to show selected child waypoints, nor all.
  2. GSAK Use

    It's a little embarrassing to admit this but I've not figured out how to use Child waypoints in GSAK. From the screen capture below, you can see I know how to check the box that I think activates the waypoint, but then I can't figure out to use/see it. Occasionally I'd like to have the parking location in my 64s, but I don't know how.
  3. Cachly?

    I'm pleased with Cachly
  4. Google Earth Pro?

    Yes, thanks. I learned about it when you mentioned it some time ago. I've used it several times. But, if you want to understand the two mile radius a given puzzle must be within then you need to draw a circle on GE.
  5.'s name search

    it does
  6. Google Earth Pro?

    That's right. I just used the circle drawer to determine the zone where a puzzle could be located.
  7. Google Earth Pro?

    Drawing circles would be useful. If you can do that in the plain version I don't know how.
  8. Google Earth Pro?

    Thanks. So, it doesn't have much advantage over ordinary GE?
  9. Google Earth Pro?

    A new icon appeared on my desktop this morning -- Google Earth Pro. So what does it do plain Jane Google Earth doesn't?
  10. What's With Haunted Hides?

    Thanks for the replies. I got no message or email.
  11. Cachly?

    Thanks for the comments. I got Cachly. It has a learning curve but it seems to do what I want nicely or is that cachly (moan).
  12. What's With Haunted Hides?

    I've never done anything deliberately before to get a souvenir, but I have a handful. In looking at peoples profiles I noticed this icon for "Haunted Hides." I had to google it but it seems you get a souvenir if you found a cache on certain days last year. Turns out I did, but I have no haunted hides souvenir. So, what's the deal?
  13. Cachly?

    Thanks. I don't know what a "really current" iPhone is but she has a 6s. jim
  14. Cachly?

    I don't have a smartphone but my wife has an iPhone. Against her wishes I plan to install a Geocaching app on it. Is Cachly the best one currently available?
  15. Looks Like a Great Event

    Solar Eclipse event I stole this simulation