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  1. A while ago I was trying to create a needs maintenance log. The cache log had obviously been very wet and the inks had spread/blurred a lot. The log was signable and this side of mush. I was not able to report it. When I clicked "Report a Problem" I got the first prompt below. None of these were the problem. When I chose other I got the second screen and when I posted it was just an ordinary note. If you clicked "Report a Problem" on this second screen it just ran you through the same routine.
  2. Demise of

    That didn't work for GPSgames and they began much closer to the beginning of geocaching.
  3. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    And now Johnny TheBicycler has done it as what I think is his first Wherigo. My anxiety has been releaved.
  4. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    It's published. Here it is.
  5. The answer to my question is yes. If you remove the Wherigo app from your iphone or ipad it removes any cartridges you had.
  6. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    Okay, I have to backtrack some on my recommendation of Ranger Fox's Kit Cartridge builder. It seems kind of buggy. I wrote my previous post before field testing the Cartridge. Sometimes it hangs just after startup. It's intermittent so I doubt it will ever be chased down. Also, sometimes you can't replace pictures for a Zone. But, for me a much worse problem is, I cannot move the Start Point. The start point is frozen where you put Zone 1 initially. After that, you can move Zone 1 at will but the Start Point is unchangeable - it's permanently assigned to where you first located Zone 1. During field testing I saw I needed to change the Start Point. I moved Zone 1 and assumed that moved the start point. Created the new Cartridge and made another trip to the new location of Zone 1 just to discover the Start Point hadn't moved making a bad situation even worse. After I made the first simple draft I couldn't move the start point and wasn't getting help, so I assumed I was doing something wrong and I did it all over just to move the Start Point. This wasn't much trouble since I hadn't done much by then. On version 2 I didn't imagine I would have to change it again. Now I've invested a lot of time and travel in it and find I must figure out how to move it of do it the whole thing over. I'm not inclined to invest that much more time in what began a simple learning experience. So, if I can't get help explaining how to move the Start Point I may just throw it all away.
  7. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    I have to make a retraction. Ranger Fox replied to my post requesting help. There was a bug in his emulator. Now that it's fixed my cartridge is working. I will soon place the cache and post the Wherigo. For making a simple Wherigo this WYSIWYG maker called the Kit makes it very simple and he gets on the Groundspeak forum with some regularity and answers questions for Help.
  8. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    Thanks. I was aware of eariwigo, but I began trying to create one because of Ranger Fox's WYSIWYG get creator. I've run into issues and no one has gotten me past them so far. This has become so frustrating, if I cannot complete this simple cartridge using such an apparently easy tool I don't intend to try further. I have not given up on the one I've made but I can't proceed without help and so far it hasn't been forthcoming.
  9. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    In messing with it in Ranger Fox's creator I was able to separate the first zone from the start point but I'm not sure if you are supposed to do that.
  10. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    I keep running into issues. Is the designated Start point the same as the first Zone?
  11. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    Okay. Thanks. Obviously I need a lot of learning on this
  12. I Just Made a Wherigo Cartridge

    Thanks for your reply. Okay, so if they stop in the middle they still get credit for the Wherigo cache even though they didn't finish? Isn't part of the idea the player must complete the cartridge to earn a completed Wherigo? If and when I get it working I'll explain why I want to go on after doing the cache.
  13. I just used the WYSIWYG cartridge builder Larry linked to in one of his posts. I did a very a simple one and it was easy to do. Now I have questions. Can a Wherigo start at the same location as an existing cache? If a whereIgo doesn't have a cache associated with it can it be listed on the GC website? If it must have an associated cache, does it have to be the final or can it be at an earlier stage than the final? I can't figure out how to dry-run it. When I try the rangerfox website emulator it goes to zone 1 but I can't figure out how to get the actions to appear. Or how to move past zone 1.
  14. Yesterday I did Larry's Fox, Chicken, Grain Wherigo using the iPhone app. I don't have an iPhone so I was using my wife's. Now she wants me to get rid of everything I added. I removed the app, but does that remove the cartridge too? If not, how do I remove it?
  15. I don't disagree about newbies, but I've gotten a few from them myself and I sometimes see them post Maintenance Needed logs just before I find the cache. After Harvey, some caches in my area have floated away.