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  1. What's With Haunted Hides?

    Thanks for the replies. I got no message or email.
  2. Cachly?

    Thanks for the comments. I got Cachly. It has a learning curve but it seems to do what I want nicely or is that cachly (moan).
  3. What's With Haunted Hides?

    I've never done anything deliberately before to get a souvenir, but I have a handful. In looking at peoples profiles I noticed this icon for "Haunted Hides." I had to google it but it seems you get a souvenir if you found a cache on certain days last year. Turns out I did, but I have no haunted hides souvenir. So, what's the deal?
  4. Cachly?

    Thanks. I don't know what a "really current" iPhone is but she has a 6s. jim
  5. Cachly?

    I don't have a smartphone but my wife has an iPhone. Against her wishes I plan to install a Geocaching app on it. Is Cachly the best one currently available?
  6. Looks Like a Great Event

    Solar Eclipse event I stole this simulation
  7. fainter & fainter

    That looks like a group that could be helpful. I joined.
  8. As far as I know I haven't looked at it
  9. fainter & fainter

    I agree completely with everybody about this being the best place. I signed up for Houston Geocaching Society and couldn't see how it could be useful to me. I've not been on Facebook and don't understand how it works but that group seems like just a social group. I come here largely to get help. By the way, Kenny, your post from here on the compass has third place billing when I google 64s 3-axis compass Well, if the good guys aren't there (present company excepted) I think I'll resign from the group if I can ever figure out how. I too will be terribly disappointed if this forum group goes away. I may join and see if there's anything of interest to me there but I don't ask for help with puzzles or finding caches so the "puzzlehelp" group is of no interest at all to me.
  10. fainter & fainter

    Then there's a thing called a Houston Geocachers Group, but I saw few people I knew. I saw Kenny (KeyResults), Joni (no muggle), Jenifer (Green Eyes). Maybe I missed them but I didn't see Cachestacker, Kirbydox, Houston Control or Baytown Bert etc., etc.
  11. fainter & fainter

    Okay, now that the echo in here has become fainter and fainter which facebook page has replaced this one? I found this one but there don't seem to be any people there except Jason. geocaching society
  12. Have you recently checked to see if that works? That's the feature I was asking if GC threw away.
  13. I can't figure out how to encrypt part of a log anymore. Has GC thrown that feature away? If so, and you want to encrypt part of your log you can use my utility which you can find here
  14. Garmin 64S on sale $199

    To whom it may concern: Kenny solved my direction pointer swinging around. Turning the compass off fixed it. I guess I should have taken the hint from HC's point about it swinging widely when the compass was uncalibrated, but I mistakenly thought when the compass screen was hidden the compass was turned off, but it isn't.
  15.'s name search

    Remarkable, I must have stumbled onto four cachers in the last couple of weeks who have changed their names. Did georeyna and her significant other separate or did he just quit caching.