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  1. The link states the cache has been archived.
  2. This cache is very close to MHQ in McKinney....GC4YKZV...Good Times In Downtown McKinney...Munzees all over that area.
  3. I would prefer the Woodlands but will go with the groups decision....
  4. Im in! Ive "jumped' the Woodlands location...indoor is almost as much fun as the freefalls I made years ago in 1979 and the early 80's. Participants must weigh less than 250 pounds
  5. There will be no splashing unless Someone goes turtle again
  6. Hope this can find belly button lint cleaners in all the finer truck stops and geocaches
  7. I have one of my atmatags to give you Hans
  8. I will be there
  9. I am in my room...Thats where the gun safe is located:)
  10. Generosity? Magnanimity ? Cachestacker? Must find my waders cause its getting awful deep here
  11. That night will be so bright you better bring shades
  12. спасибо
  13. Avoid agitating any african bees near GZ
  14. I started making paracord bracelets and key fobs to use as sig items. Just have to find caches they fit in!
  15. I just bought a 64S today Very happy with it so far. Build quality is the same as my 62S and that one has survived repeated swims in Armand Bayou! Registered and updated firmware. Took outside and powered up. Out of the box,,,locked on to Gps and glonass...getting 9 feet accuracy!