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  1. Community Kitchen for New Years Event

    That's an image I could have lived without 
  2. Event Idea. Your thoughts please.....?

    Sounds like a GREAT idea to me. I bet those creative cachers could come up with some great containers that would change hands many times.
  3. Memorial Park Group Caching

    Don't forget our new birthday one we placed this weekend.
  4. Mass Geocaching Event in January in Northwest Houston

    The January dates look a little off, they look like December weekend dates to me. 
  5. Memorial Park Group Caching

    We did several of the Memorial Park caches this last weekend. Something to note on the Europe through the Geocache cache, it is not a TNLN cache. You cannot just sign the log, you have to leave something European related. So, you need to bring something for that one.  We found out the hard way and had to scramble to find something to leave.
  6. 4 Cache Loop Event !!!

    Hmmm... not exactly how I remember it.....