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  1. Creative use of an Altoids tin

    But, it could bite the hand of muggles with bad intentions
  2. I didn't realize there was a Owner Maintenance log type. If I've seen several DNF's on a cache (which I get alot with one of mine), I'll post a note saying that I checked and it's still there. Basic maintenance like replacing the zip lock etc. I never note unless there were DNF's listed. I have posted "Needs Maintenance" logs on other's caches that I've been to and when logging I note that many other people have noticed problems with the cache and they haven't been handled. Even with that, I usually don't post it unless the requests that it be checked on go back at least 6 months in time. Most owners check on caches once another cacher mentions a problem in their regular logs.
  3. Coin Quest IV starts this Friday

    I have found it works out best to search near an outlaw. Good luck!! That worked for the first one, but not the 2nd one. The 2nd one was many, many, many cache pages away. I'm kind of thinking that since everyone at the time is probably going for the same FF picture, then it might not all be near their outlaw. We just got lucky on our first one. Stycmcc, sorry you're going through so much problems with FFs, but you're probably doing what you need to do but just unfortunately getting a time that is near others. Yes, it took 6 hours before I finally got a FF. Sunday afternoon was busy so as soon as I'd finally find one (the first one was on page 9) it would be gotten already. Finally on my third picture I got the FF. I saved the longest outlaw/location/car combo for that slot so it still saved me 23 hours even after losing the 6 hours searching. The first FF I never could get a lucky spot. But, I was looking on the day that firefox did an update and I think something got messed up. Oh well. So, I'll be far down on the list, at least we finished (and I got to play at all... with Oksana pregnant she does not want to cache!).
  4. Coin Quest IV starts this Friday

    Does anyone have any words of wisdom on the fast forwards? I find the lucky spot, I get the photo, I spend between 1.5 and 2 hours searching through the caches near Moab to find the photo. Identify the photo, find out it's already been solved, get a new photo and repeat the process. Am I missing a better way to match these photo's? Thanks!
  5. Sad day

    ??? :-\ How did you know they hit them?? Was it during cache maintenance? Did they actually log it? This is very, very disturbing! No, they didn't log it. The next person to find the caches let me know and in most cases added a new log for us. We have a few to check on to make sure they weren't gotten. The ones that were, at least so far, were all on the West side of Houston.
  6. Sad day

    It is a sad day. We've had 3 or 4 hit now by the "Geo Crashers" who while they don't destroy the cache, they do rob the contents and leave only a note that they have been there. What kind of low lifes take the time to look up GPS coordinates, find the cache, steal the contents, and leave a note?
  7. Coin Quest IV starts this Friday

    Hedge Hopper and I each got emails from 3Hawks after we got the fast forwards. Seems he didn't decipher any of the codes, but wanted to know how to go for the fast forwards. Neither one of us replied. I guess he didn't want to work on the fast forward! LOL I've deciphered the first 8 codes (I can't figure out how to do the last and still haven't found the 'invisible spot' to activate the fast forward. I'm down to only 5 hours left that I can activate it. By the time I find it, the fast forward wont do me much good
  8. Coin Quest IV starts this Friday

    There are three jeeps shown in Cozumel so I hope to grab one while there (leaving this afternoon) and bring it back. Otherwise, I'll be "Not on a Chase" for a week because strangely, there are no Angel/Sewing, Apple, or dog caches there. Thanks TDW for recommending we contact Dive-N-Diva while there, we are going caching Sunday
  9. Coin Quest IV starts this Friday

    Has anyone found any fast forwards yet?
  10. Coin Quest IV starts this Friday

    I posted a question on the cachingforums game topic and we will see what the answer least I am NOT the only one. They did this in the last game (different icons that only you could see). In that game they didn't mean anything more than the number you had logged (in this case, one is GPS, 2 is laptop, etc). Don't know if they mean something in this game, but they didn't in the last one.
  11. Coin Quest IV starts this Friday

    Umm... I'm having no luck finding a cache or cacher with the name of Jasper or James. Any ideas? There are no variations allowed for this requirement.
  12. Favorite Reality Show?

    I like Project Runway and America's Next Top Model (well I wasn't impressed this season so it may be the last one for me on this one).
  13. I think that as long as it's understood beforehand what the limits are (time wise, etc), you should be able to cache some on your honeymoon. It's both of your honeymoon, and there should be give and take as to the places visited and the activities engaged in.
  14. The Long Walk Series

    I've done the long walk series. They are all pretty easy. There are also some caches in between that are good to grab while you're getting the others.
  15. MLK Jr. Caching Day

    If y'all are out doing the series and need some help, you can use the phone a friend method and call me. I will be around.