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  1. Prime Reviewer is cleaning house

    Yea, with our 7mth old son I hadn't been able to fix one of ours. I did post a message it would be fixed by the beginning of march, but I posted it on the wrong cache... oops! Anyway he archived it today so I finally went and replaced the container. The cache is Adam & Eve, GCZAGY.
  2. My router died

    I've got three of these running. One at home, one at work for our customer's dsl line, and one at church that we use our main router. All are running dd-wrt.
  3. mac vs. pc?

  4. TB that has traveled the furthest?

    Hey everyone, Mrs. JaM and I picked up a TB (TBKFFN) today in Flordia while on our way to her parents. I just looked up the TB which is attached to a Grizzly Bear. This bear has travel over 6685 miles from his release point in Denmark. Will anyone be going West in the next month? I was wondering what is the most traveled TB you have seen or owned? JaM
  5. TB that has traveled the furthest?

    Has anyone ever thought to change the oil in this car?
  6. Hey everyone, Does anyone know of a source for used outdoor lighting. Specifically I'm looking for small metal halide flood lights. The church I go to is trying to light up some dark areas of the parking lot and a couple other places. I can buy 70W MH wide flood lights @ Dealers Electrical supply for $130 each, but if I can get em used that's even better. Any leads? Thanks, Mike
  7. Local source for used outdoor lighting

    I had thought about those, but we we are a bit limited on space and plus those things are just ugly....
  8. Several sellers are getting together to not buy/sell anything on ebay during Feb 18-25 to protest the changes in there policy's which include rate hikes and removing the ability of sellers to leave buyers negative feedback. http://money.cnn.com/2008/02/07/smbusiness/ebay_boycott.fsb/index.htm?postversion=2008021009
  9. Base Color for Camo

    Hey yall, What base color paint do you start with when camoing your caches. I have flat black, camo gray, and camo green. Also any tips when painting? JaM
  10. Base Color for Camo

    I picked up some Krylon Fusion OD green today @ wally world.... I'll put the base coat on to see how it looks then play from there.
  11. A New Potential Cacher Arrives

    Very Very cute.... I remember Julia and I went caching with the Kendra and Rob a few weeks before they found out about the little one.
  12. Oink oink... Check it out...

    I'd watch it if it wasn't blocked here at work... *Sigh* How dare they cut into my goofing off time.
  13. Postal Rates increase in May 2008

    No kidding... My local Wallgreens still had some in stock the last time I checked. Guess I'll have to buy the rest of them.
  14. HGCS Bug

    Hey yall, Who has the HGCS travel bug? Mrs JaM and I are leaving for New York on Saturday and I figured this would be a good chance to get a few miles on it. Welllll? JaM
  15. HGCS Bug

    Nice... HGCS International bug...
  16. Geocaching.com "Websense restricted"

    My company provides us w/ a Verizon broadband card. This is the cure all for blocked sites since it's totally separate from our office network.
  17. Comcast emails

    Same here... I'm glad when the switched that they didn't force us away from Earthlink. Of course the way the company is going we may have to switch one day anyway.
  18. Hey yall, I found this last night. Two brothers built there own remote control tank. This sucker is very cool! The first link is for pictures and the 2nd is videos on their site. The video link on the page itself is broke. http://www.howeandhowe.com/ripsaw.htm http://www.howeandhowe.com/videos.htm
  19. Next year's format?

    A few thoughts: I like the idea of having the new caches only up for nominations. Some sort of simple web database could be setup to allow users to nominate caches. The user could search the database to see if the GC code of the cache they want to nominate is available. If it is then then could add a nomination to it upping it's number and possibly letting the user specify a category the cache should be in. The database could be populated by a PQ that someone could run once a month to add the newest caches. Once the nomination period is over any caches with less than a certain number can be removed to start with. This would eliminate a lot to start with. This maybe way more work than it's worth though depending on how difficult it would be to setup and maintain the database.
  20. Hey yall, I found this article and though it was pretty good. The 17 year old had a GPS tracking system installed in his car by his parents after he got a ticket for speeding. He got pulled over again and the officer claimed he was doing 62 in a 45, but the GPS data shows he was never over the limit. What do yall thing? http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20071026-accused-speeder-to-cops-my-gps-proves-your-radar-gun-is-wrong.html
  21. Driver contesting a ticket using his built in GPS

    I thought the comment about the update rate being once every 60 seconds was absurd. Granted with very heavy tree cover your position may be off a bit, but there is no way it was off by 17 miles per hour.
  22. Many 60CSx Questions (more later)

    I have noticed with the electronic compass on and caled I have noticed that at times it'll be pointing a good 10 degrees off from the cache with it on. Once it's off then it points dead on at it. It doesn't always do this, but it's done it enough times that I keep the electronic one turned off unless I really need it.
  23. Cat Bowling

    Considering they are so agile on there feet. My cat always lands on his feet. Also, my cat likes to kitty bowl, but he's normally the bowling ball.
  24. MIO C220

    I like the site, but I hate the forums they are using. Everything is so scattered and hard to keep up with. The search function bites so it's almost impossible to find anything again.
  25. MIO C220

    Get any standard USB cable and plug it into your computer.