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  1. Sounds fun, but mortifying. I think I will picnic and watch others. I love rock climbing, hiking, etc. Dangling from heights...that scares me.
  2. Holy Cow! I am kayaking for 2 days in Kachemak Bay. I guess I better dress warm? How far is the bay to Homer proper. I want to see the art galleries and such. Ginger
  3. Thanks Houston Control will try to go there. I think we stay in a remote place out there, but I am might go back out there towards the end of the trip. Any tips on where to stay? Ginger
  4. I am heading there in July for three weeks. Which Mapsource software is good for getting around up there. Going to Kackemak Bay, Homer, Denali, McCarthy, Anchorage, and whereever else you recommend. Oh and welcome. Is your house there for rent? I like it cold. Ginger
  5. Where do I find the box. I just loaded the trip and waypoint manager. Now mine is telling me to go to 610 and back to get to my parent's house three blocks north of me. Ginger
  6. Okay help. I finally bought a Garmin Vista CX. I am going to Alaska and places with little roads, and places with gravel undocumented highways. So here is the question. Which Mapsource do I buy? Also how the heck do I install and do routes? Now the biggie...Do I have to use someone's Windows machine to do this? I am about to take the thing back due to insanity and lack of funds! Ginger
  7. How do you post your birthday on the events calendar. Mine is December 31 (43). NctrnlRdhd