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  1. Need for Volunteers

    It is going to be fun. We have set six caches for the boys and a multi-stage cache for the adults. We are planning to run 4 classes, one hour each, six teams with seven boys. Each team will be given coordinates to the cache. Upon finding the cache, each boy will grab a ticket that is in the cache and come back to redeem it for a prize. We are expecting to run over 160 boys through the program tomorrow. Talk about a challenge!
  2. Need for Volunteers

    To All Scouters, I am in need of about 6 volunteers for April 17th for the North Star District Camporee. I am looking for the volunteers assist in the following manner: Assist in general teaching of Geocaching and the use of the GPS system. I already have an outline put together that I can send to be reviewed. Assist as a guide for a team of scouts to find their first geocache. We are expect to have 2 sessions on Saturday. Each session is to have 6 teams with up to seven boys each. Each team will have at least 1 GPS unit. The group will first be taught and then will have the opportunity to find a cache. In the cache will be a ticket that each boy on the team will take and bring back to redeem for a prize. That's it in a nutshell. If you can assist, that would be great. We are looking at April 17th at Baumgartner Ranch, 2523 Bar Road, Rosenburg, TX 77471. If you can help, please let me know. Thanks, - Glimmermore
  3. District Rollcall

    Our district was recently split, but I am excited about the newly formed North Star District. I am an eagle, as is my oldest son. I have a second son who is an eagle as well, but we are still waiting for the paperwork to come back from the national office so we can set his Eagle Court of Honor.
  4. New 2006 Green Jeep Travel Bug

    I agree with TDW. I too would like to know what the mission is for the month of August... Give us some details "Oh Great Ones". We know the theme, but what is the mission? -Glimmermore
  5. New 2006 Green Jeep Travel Bug

    I am proud to announce that "Sargents Mesa" (CO) has arrived today. Sargents Mesa is located roughly 75 miles west of Colorado Springs, CO and sits 11,724 feet above sea level. I also have word that another Jeep has sent to the Seven G's located in PA. We both sent in our forms early last week. - Glimmermore
  6. 2006 Green Jeep Travel Bugs

    Well, looks like I may be a bit late. Nevertheless, I am going to give it a whirl and see if my luck is any good at getting one of these little buggers (not to mention a real one )