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    I sure hope to be there too! By the way, to keep from reading all the posts (several pages), what time and where? Can someone email me the info...thanks!
  2. Caching Buddy ~ Wanted....

    to all replies.... yep will be there tomorrow...already printed the coords....thanks... ft sill caches..yep got 'em!! And the real army...
  3. I haven't been caching in a while, my partner and I went our separate ways (she left for the ole army)....and it just doesn't seem as fun running around alone....I live in the Galleria area...but have truck....will travel...any takers?? Thanks.
  4. GeoWoodstock VI ~ Ride Share

    We are so excited about a road trip to Cali~Am wondering if anyone (yes 1) would like to tag along. Sure would help with Gas, etc....this will be our big Birthday celebration (May 20th) and sounds like fun...not to mention we LOVE SF!! We've registered and could use a rider to share in drive & gas...not sure yet about the details of what day we're leaving etc, but will know that real soon. Thanks alot!!
  5. Cache Buddies Needed

    Not sure if there is already a topic for this, there are so many to look through, anyway, am looking to meet new cachers, and maybe do some finding together. I am new but love it...can't get enough...let me know..