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  1. I did think it was pretty funny and thought it would be a neat idea to see this gift return year after year with everyone sitting back waiting to see who gets it.I guess it would be a russian roulette of sorts. So I guess by now EVERYONE knows what I'm bringing. See you there!!!!
  2. Looks there will be four of us attending !!! I Hope its OK to re-gift
  3. The forums are empty!

    No !!!
  4. Advice

    Exactly !!!
  5. Okay, I need help

    When is spring break?
  6. Another bird question.

    They are Quaker parrots.
  7. Chapparral Trail this weekend.

    I thought you wanted to get your numbers up ! Here is the perfect chance. Or did you just want to do skirtlifters with a ten foot hike !
  8. Just get rid of the Apple !! Or you could ask someone on here to load it for you.
  9. This is what I read..... a;lksurehp9aw thgilaeyrhfg; iskue74y5rhv ;qoi37 tnpsoeilrkuthg vsiek57tu[w0w94e5oyuj ;svork5tjv;s4o586yumw[04po56yj[wm0v9o48l5itnj9q;oa3k84it5mvq;ol54i6m[0 vw9roltikmv w4ov5l9i6bym0qw9p45it6jvq09o348iktq vo34itjmb pv9qo35k WHAT ?
  10. Caching series in NE Texas

    No takers ?
  11. Caching series in NE Texas

    If you guys are serious about doing this series let me know. I want to go !!! I've been wanting to get these for a while now.
  12. Caching series in NE Texas

    So it sounds like a mountain bike is needed rather than a road bike or hybrid. We were on mountain bikes. There was very little "trail" to ride on. The first half mile or so was a paved trail but after that it was very over grown to the point it was even hard to push bikes. I am sure they mow it at some point during the year. We just hit it at the wrong time of year and on the wrong day.
  13. Caching series in NE Texas

    Looks like I am going to have to make another trip back up there. I was up there at the end of the summer and did 26 on that trail around the town of Celeste and really enjoyed it until the thunderstorms rolled in and we called it a day. At that time the dirt trails were pretty unkept and hard to ride a bike on (we pushed them for over two miles).We had fun even caching in the rain.

    Shouldn't that be _ XCMXC I graduated from the 6th grade! -- Jethro Bodine I believe that is the correct numerals. How do you make the X with the bar over it?

    I have to agree with HC. I also came up with over 10k.