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  1. Here is a photo i took of the Southeast Team just before the challenge started. I teamed up with no_muggle and bittybit and found 21 caches and did 3 activity challenges. Had a lot of fun and enjoyed 4 days up in Tyler, Texas. Thursday night we went to the drive in movie theater and saw the GIFF short films. Then watched the "Treasure" movie. Did some late night ninja caching after the movie. Friday did the Tyler Texas lab caches. Saturday was the challenge with over 300 people visiting and many teams from all over. North Texas got first place, Out of State was second. But i think everyone enjoyed the events, the competition, and the city of tyler (rose garden, alzalea trail, downtown and the many parks to geocache in.
  2. Looks like the Baytown Geotour has begun (3-11-17). It rained the first day but there were a small group of FTF hounds out. We cached sunday and monday. Had a great time and enjoyed getting to know Baytown. Wonderful job putting this together.
  3. This might be a good stocking stuffer for christmas. We've had some trouble using our phone's gps when searching in large wooded areas/forest geocaches. Thanks for pointing this one out.
  4. Im fairly new to the geocaching community. I do find this website useful in the sense it has good information on a lot of topics. I hope it continues. Just like old friends...sometimes its good to catch up and ask questions.
  5. In the last week I've noticed an increase in my cache finds in Hermann Park/Museum District and downtown. I was at Hermann park yesterday and saw about 20 or 30 kids all playing the pokemon go. A few were geocaching too. I think this new craze is helping the younger generation get outdoors. I think its a good thing and can help geocaching. My choo choo series has been very busy. Lets hope more pokekids find geocaching fun as well. -HoustonTxDave
  6. It was nice to talk to Thot on the phone. He had some great advice, reference info and tips to keep the nanos in good shape with logs. A very experienced cacher. I will do my best to be a good "conductor" of the Choo Choo series. -HoustonTxDave
  7. Hi Thot, I received your requests to transfer the "Choo Choo" series caches today. All were approved. We will be out this weekend checking on the condition of each geocache. I will give you a call on saturday afternoon june 18th so we can chat about anything i need to get up to speed on. -HoustonTxDave
  8. I think it would be best to keep thot's traditional micro caches on the Choo Choo series the same. Keep it simple. I sent you a private email with my contact info so we can chat about it. Im going to read all your choo choo caches and put some time aside to visit all of them. Hope i can continue on your great train series.
  9. Hi Thot...i would be willing to take over the "Choo Choo" series. I hate to see a great one end. Let me know. -HoustonTxDave P.S. I thought maybe we could change the type of caches to letterboxes for the choo choo series. That way people would be searching for stamps at each stop. They could bring their passport and ink pad to stamp their book. Once they found all the stamps and complete the choo choo series...they would email me to get a "souvenir" to add to their page. This would eliminate the need to constantly refilling the nano caches. Stamps are cheap to get and replace. Hows that sound? -HoustonTxDave
  10. Thot...if you need someone to take over the "Choo Choo" series...i would love to do so. I hate to see a great one end.

    - HoustonTxDave


  11. The majority of my geocaches are in downtown and the hermann park/museum district. I often take the rail back and forth when checking on my hides. I've only done a couple of "Choo Choo" caches but would love to do them in order. Let me know if anyone wants to get together to do this series.
  12. Just got started geocaching in February 2016 when a family member told me about it. We are from Cypress, Texas (in northwest houston). We have found about 100 geocaches. We went to the Texas Geocaching Challenge in Brenham earlier this year and had a blast. i recently went to a "flying saucer" meeting downtown and got to meet about 15 geo-buddies. We have 3 geocaches hidden in downtown houston and another six geocaches hidden in the hermann park/museum district. We enjoy geocaching in areas that are family friendly and places that you park and spend the day searching for a series of caches.