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  1. Recalled Stuff

    Yep, I was just doing the same. -AD
  2. Recalled Stuff

    Well not everybody is going to go the holistic route to keep their animals healthy. I'm certainly not. And there's no need to. I'm certainly happy you can go out and research the many articles saying "how good a holistic approach is is for your pets". How do we know the people saying that aren't getting a commission themselves for posting those articles on their websites and all over the net? We don't. So quit doing the religous thing trying scare and convert people to change their pet's food. Hmm, maybe it's you GQ who is working for that commission now. Peace out. -AD
  3. Recalled Stuff

    There nothing wrong with feeding your animals Eukanuba brand food! My dogs have been eating that for the past five years and are as healthy as can be! Don't believe everything you read. -AD
  4. Houston's Haunted Tree

    What, I thought it was a prerequisite to be a geocacher that you listen to Coast to Coast AM! You never know when a UFO or spirit might point you in the right direction to the cache. Or even when you're looking for a cache that you know is there, several people say it was there. Then all of a sudden there are black helicopters flying over your house and all your accounts have been frozen and you swore you saw someone in the grassy knoll. -AD
  5. Houston's Haunted Tree

    I had never heard of this tree before. -AD
  6. Turner Lake

    My guess's are a rice field or fish farm. -AD
  7. Dog "The Bounty Hunter"

    February 16, 2007:A Mexican federal court has denied Duane "Dog" Chapman's injunction request and has ruled that the star of A&E's "Dog the Bounty Hunter" should be extradited and stand trial for deprivation of liberty - a charge stemming from Dog and his posse's 2003 capture of convicted serial rapist, Andrew Luster in Puerto Vallarta. Mexican authorities had asked for Chapman's extradition from Hawaii and U.S. Marshals took Dog, son Leland Chapman and associate Tim Chapman into custody back on September 14th for their role in bringing Luster to justice. Dog, Leland and Tim were released on bail and have been awaiting a ruling on their request to stop the extradition proceedings, which would otherwise require them to face trial in Mexico. "Our attorneys have not even been formally informed of the court's decision, as of yet," Dog and wife Beth Chapman said. "We are obviously deeply disappointed and fearful of what will happen, and are currently absorbing the news and discussing our options at this time." Andrew Luster, the notorious heir to the Max Factor cosmetics fortune, was convicted of drugging and raping three women over a four year span. During his trial in 2003, Luster fled the country, leading to an international manhunt. In June 2003, Dog and his team tracked the fugitive Luster in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where he was living under an alias, and seized him. Luster was subsequently found guilty in the US and is currently serving a 124 year prison sentence. At that time,in June 2003, Dog, Tim and Leland were arrested by the Mexican authorities for unlawful deprivation of liberty and released on bail. This just isn't right folks! -AD
  8. 650 Square Miles of Wi-fi Right HERE!

    Just saw that on this evening's news. For $30 a month, I'd get it. -AD
  9. Paperless Caching

    If it's cachemate, you need to get a registration code to unlock it to give you full access. -AD
  10. Paperless Caching

    Cachemate is all you should need to get the caches to your palm. -AD
  11. Paperless Caching

    I just about have the exact same setup. I'll try to help if needed. -AD
  12. Sunshine

    It works. Just gotta fuss with the URL a bit. Funny. -AD
  13. GSAK Version 7.0 released

    I finally purchased it yesterday. I had used the trial version a couple of time and found it fairly easy to use. I especially like how it can create a cachemate file to import into your PDA. That's a cool feature. -AD
  14. Happy Groundhog Day

    Spring will be here next week for sure in Houston. A forcasted 70° wed or thurs. -AD
  15. The Ultimate Night Cache

    All you parents who take your young ones geocaching with you have something to look forward too. -AD