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  1. How much climbing

    Do this.^ You never know til you get there. D/T ratings mean jack and the hint....I have no idea how to respond to that. Curious cache after I looked at the street view with a residence right there-- is it their home?
  2. craziest caches you've seen?

    I wasn't sure whether to type this in the "craziest cache containers" or "most amusing" since these can be both-- if you're ever in Angleton/Lake Jackson, look for caches by VossX2. I'm sure some of you have seen their older ones and recently they placed a few more. GC5EKCQ and GC5EKCM were really good. Too bad they were archived after flooding. They didn't get seen by a whole lot of folks, (my opinion: middle of nowhere location) but they all are worth the drive.
  3. I've been everywhere?

    We will be in the same area this week (camping at a state park) so I looked at some of my saved lists searching for certain caches in needed counties and came across this one : GC54C8X It sounds the same as you describe but is for counties, not cities. And, it's in Fort Worth. Still looking for the challenge by cities you are talking about....maybe I'll come across it. Found this one in Plano: GC1E28V
  4. 2017 Texas Geocaching Challenge - Tyler, Texas

    RoundUp is "supposed" to be in Abilene. Challenge is supposed to be in Denton. Both north Texas. I'm only going on hearsay and what I've read on the net since TXGA website won't let me log in to forums there for questions and clarity.
  5. A Night on the UHCL Trails Jan 19th

    Another chance for the night cache, with a group. CITO meet up there on 4/13. GC72XDR
  6. Baytown Geotour info here

    The girls working for Baytown and the geotour are really doing a great job of responding to online logs and checking up on the caches. Also, thanks to HoustonControl and BaytownBert for getting things going over there. Hope yall do as well or better than Brenham! It's almost been 3 weeks and looks to be headed in that direction.
  7. Baytown Geotour info here

    I got to #18 last Saturday just after crossing the big bridge at 12 p.m to meet up with a couple girls there. We found all the caches for the tour plus a few more and didn't finish til 8 at night. That's 8 hours of driving around Baytown that included only one pitstop for fuel. Afterwards, we were finally allowed (ha) to have food at a place called King's BBQ before heading home. It was very good and the pricing was very good. Couldn't find a place that allows pets so I just parked right in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows so Frasier could see us. We went past Four Corners BBQ on our route but they were closed by the time we got there. The girls who put on the tour said they would look into providing info for restaurants and accomodations for those of you who bring pets along. It was a fun and tiring day. And, now I have a whole map of waypoints for great locations in Baytown. There were a lot of nice cache containers so I can't pick a favorite, though it was fun to see the folks at #17 and get a thumbs up! Just got the coin today, plus the city sent us a combo flashlight/light up pen also. Not sure which one I like more!
  8. Found an old Letterbox?

    Thanks. Looks like it will take a while to figure who owns this.
  9. Found an old Letterbox?

    Not sure if I found an old LBH or not. It was on the trail in Challenger 7 Park. Tupperware container wrapped in camo tape. Contained a wooden stamp (It is not the destination but the journey), ink pad and journal so I assume that's what it was. Does anyone remember there being one in the park? I have a picture but it's too large to upload.
  10. Pokemon GO

    And now, if you go to Google Maps - just normal everyday Google Maps, PokemonGo locations show up with blue tear drop shaped icons (like the red ones we use to drop a "pin" to pinpoint a location). Some are simply labeled "point #" and some are labeled by the business name. What the heck? And, from what I've read...yeah you can submit a request to add a Pokestop/Pokegym at your place of business/home/anywhere. Not a character floating around in your phone at ××× location, but same concept Bert suggested.
  11. Pokemon GO

    The developers didn't think much about long term; that's obvious. Everytime I think and then read about it, the final thought is always bad for this hobby/ game. https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemongo/comments/4rqn0s/pokemon_go_geocaching_the_slowest_method_of/
  12. Pokemon GO

    That's what my son suggested. Every church in my small town (and every other town) was a territory for Ingress. The Pokemon Go game is made by the same company-- they took all that data and used it to make every church a "gym" or "Pokestop". Side note -When he and I started talking about it, he said it"s like Geocaching. I had to explain the difference. Oh, I hope this new game doesn't affect Geocaching negatively.
  13. Pokemon GO

    I was in a park Saturday looking for a cache. Pretty sure the young guys I saw w/their noses in phones were playing Pokemon Go since there was no cache there- atleast not one w/ a GC code. Then today I read a lot about it (the card game was a big thing for my oldest son when young) and realized it's Ingress w/Pokemon characters. My youngest son and I played it on the way home from an appointment this afternoon.
  14. Lost Maples State Park in summer

    Thank you! We are in Kerrville so I was able to check emails and this forum. It sure was nice outside last night at the park and tomorrow morning should be great for those hikes! Just love it here, always have : ) No skeeters and thanks for tips on the bug from hell.
  15. Lost Maples State Park in summer

    Thanks much!! We won't be able to take long hikes because our Brach dog will have to stay in the rv and I worry about electric getting cut and/or the a/c going out with him in it. I do have the puzzle, Earth, SP caches and Monkey Rock on my wishlist. We're just going to have to get to them on seperate hikes. Also, Garner- been there several times before we started Geocaching and would like to get a couple target caches there as well if my prayers are answered and a cool front unexpectedly blows through! Do yall have an association/forums for that side of the hill country? I found only one geared more for the Austin area.