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  1. What to buy? 64s or Oregon 600

    Testing...   Hey, it worked!
  2. How to raise the size and quality of your hides

    Great, more work for me.... Seriously though, I look forward to finding them.  I'm not 100% sold on the idea that a mediocre screw top container with a ziploc baggy inside is the way to go.  Folks don't alway put everything (like trackables) inside the baggy, or the first time a pencil or some sharp-edged swag pokes a hole in it, everything inside will be soggy.  I found a small cache the other day that was a spice container with one of those pop-open lids (I don't remember where, exactly), and I was thinking, "seriously?".  Someone was just asking for water to get inside.... and it already had.
  3. Oldest caches in Houston area

    I've found Tombstone.  I've also found the three oldest (remaining) caches in the world -- Beverly, GC12, and Mingo -- with Mingo being the oldest.  Mingo was my 10K find milestone!
  4. Best TB resurrection story

    I got an interesting log on one of my coins today...  http://coord.info/TB1Q2TG
  5. 2015 Lone Star Roundup

    I'm at site #206 in the Sycamore Loop.  Come by and say "Hi".  Look for the pink flamingoes!
  6. 2015 Lone Star Roundup

    Yep, looks like the temps are going to be pretty brutal overnight this weekend!
  7. 2015 Lone Star Roundup

    I just reserved a spot on the Sycamore loop for two nights.  My travel trailer is conveniently stored in Fredericksburg so I won't have to tow it very far.
  8. Baytown Geotour info here

    I'm not sure if the Brenham Geotour has an unlimited amount of coins.  The passport mentions something about coins for the first 250 finishers.  With that in mind, LordJeff could just not collect his coin he has no interest in and leave if for someone else who really wants one.
  9. Baytown Geotour info here

    They use the passports to try to gauge how much economic activity the geotour generates.  I'm sure they realize that a percentage of people won't complete or turn in their passports and can adjust their numbers accordingly.  I believe it was reported at the meeting that the Brenham/Washington County folks had figured geocachers had spent ~$18,000 in the area so far doing the tour, which is considered a big success when compared to the dollars invested creating the geotour.
  10. BlockParty 2015

    I hit that sweet spot growing up... when the drinking age was 18 but just after the Vietnam war ended and the mandatory draft had been abolished.  Win - win! 
  11. BlockParty 2015

    Yes.  I saw lots of kids there.  In 2013, one of the series of lab caches involved touring 5 different micro-breweries in the area, so you might want to skip that part with Noah.   (and I'm referring to the real Block party in Seattle, not Bert's version in Baytown)
  12. BlockParty 2015

    Yes.   http://coord.info/GC5G4X5
  13. Does anyone have the GPX file for the Lubbock Lab Caches? I need it for my "My Finds" GSAK database.
  14. BlockParty 2015

    It probably costs them some coin to put it on and you have to wonder what their return on investment is.  Sure, they sell some T-shirts and coins, but they're not really generating a lot of new business or growing market share.  99% of the people that show up are long-term dedicated geocachers anyway (and Groundspeak already owns 99% of the geocaching market).