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  1. My 1k

    #2 and #3 on that list are mine, but due to changes in the Nature Center, they don't have the cool factor that they once did. The other two multis on the list are also mine and are still getting lots of faves. There's an event and hike planned for the 30th to do the One Cache Loop. http://coord.info/GC6F05M
  2. My Last Cache

    I got hit with the "you don't need a GPSr to find it" rule (guideline? capricious epiphany?) when I placed my night cache in 2007. I had the posted coordinates at Holloway Park and said to park there, wait for dark and then head down the walking trail looking for firetacks. PR wouldn't approve it. I moved the starting coords a few hundred feet down the trail and said to navigate to the posted coordinates and start looking for firetacks. Published!
  3. Lake WHAT?!?

    Meanwhile, on the other side of town... another water feature in serious need of renaming?
  4. Lake WHAT?!?

    I guess the folks at the United Negro College Fund need an attitude adjustment. Damn racists... Just don't call me "white" or "Caucasian", it offends me. I prefer the term "European American".
  5. Longest since last find

    April Update: Since the last update, 1 cache on the list was found, 6 were disabled or archived and 15 more were added to the list. As of March 31st there were 35 active caches within a 75 mile radius of downtown Houston that have not been found in over three years. They are: Chopped... GC189K6 - was last found on 4/22/12 by Log Dawgs, criffree and SeekerOfSeasons. FTFC #96 There's a Giant Lettuce Behind Me GC379NY - was last found on 6/3/12 by Muddy Buddies. SW 4 - High Plains Cacher GC227AX - was last found on 7/8/12 by rocky4. Chasing a Night Time Ninja GC2TJF4 - was last found on 9/8/12 by TAZ427 and TeamPoliceBike36 with two DNF's since. Rope Swing GC1MK6V - was last found on 11/18/12 by metalman69 with three DNF's since. A child logged a find on it on 1/17/16, but it looks like a mistaken find log. Part of the Family GCW38B - was last found on 12/3/12 by Raven & Georeyna with one DNF since. SW 3 - The Good, The Bad & The Cacheless GC227AW - was last found on 12/15/12 by L Clan. FTFC #62 - Or is it a puzzle? GC1P369 - was last found on 12/15/12 by Raven. Strike One GC3D05C - was last found on 1/3/13 by msbop with four DNF's since. Black Box #2 GC2TN93 - was last found on 1/15/13 by TresHntrs with two DNF's since. Sundial at George Bush Park GC28Q25 - was last found on 1/19/13 by teamCull, Eagles1181 and .jpeg. Buffalo Trail #3 GC1RZVA - was last found on 1/19/13 by Lonestar 77 and Mustache xo, with two DNF's since. Rising Sun (FTFC #77) GC2CP27 - was last found on 1/27/13 by HoustonControl. Hyperhidrosis GCM3E4 - was last found on 2/9/13 by cachestacker with one DNF since. Fools Rush In GC282P5 - was last found on 2/10/13 by Moose.Head and TimGrady. Homestead 4: Wayback Machine GC2PXKV - was last found on 2/11/13 by elmdor7797. Watering Hole GC2KZ0W - was last found on 2/14/13 by Moose.Head and TimGrady with one DNF since. FTFC #73 St. Patrick's Revenge GC24Y0V - was last found on 2/17/13 by Rich&Lola. I'm Sick of Puzzles Two! GC1DZJP - was last found on 2/18/13 by cachestacker. SW 2 - For a Few Caches More GC227AV - was last found on 2/27/13 by L CLan. Night Time Ninja Aptitude #8 GC2NPZ8 - was last found on 3/1/13 by dmtex, with two DNF's since. Night Time Ninja Aptitude #9: The Unknown Grave GC2P4G6 - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96 & jjax12, with one DNF since. Here Come The Beatles! GC2VMQM - was last found on 3/2/13 by L Clan. Ninja Bait #2 GC3VW63 - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96, jjax12 & TimGrady. Ninja Bait #3 - Ninja Eye Candy GC3VW6V - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96, jjax12 & TimGrady. Ninja Bait #4 - Animal Crossing GC3VW78 - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96, jjax12 & TimGrady. STP (Soda Tube Puzzle) GC1YMXM - was last found on 3/2/13 by L_Clan. Termite's Vinyard GC2NQ48 - was last found on 3/3/13 by -Scarecrow- with two DNF's since. Down the Pipeline #4 GC2WAPH - was last found on 3/3/13 by The BeerHunters & sickseed, with two DNF's since. From Jedi to Bison 1 GC1VDZ8 - was last found on 3/3/13 by Queen of Chains, with two DNF's since. DEER XING GC1BADQ - was last found on 3/3/13 by rocky4. Timberlane Hike and Bike 2 GC2JJ1P - was last found on 3/8/13 by TexasWriter & CornDoll. The point of no return? GC252F0 - was last found on 3/12/13 by skunkonthefog & Silliams, with two DNF's since. THORNS GC1QD58 - was last found on 3/12/13 by margeo47 & HeidiPoo with one DNF since. Alphabet Soup Bonus #1 GC2579Y - was last found on 3/23/13 by L Clan. Now off the list: AHHHCHOO 080 GC2MDCN - was found March 23rd by txgo4fan, 39 months after it was last found. The cache has been replaced. Other changes since the last update: NinjaKurt's First Puzzle GC3GCPC - was temporarily disabled by Lone Star Reviewer. Working Title... GCXZ2R - was archived by Lone Star Reviewer. Star Wars - The Clone Wars GC1JRWM - was temporarily disabled by Lone Star Reviewer. FOTW Bonus cache GC1BNA8 - was archived by Lone Star Reviewer. FTFC #70 A Holiday Cache GC21EKT - was temporarily disabled by Lone Star Reviewer. Grey skies......10 yrs later GC3VKA0 - was temporarily disabled by Lone Star Reviewer. Be sure to check out the Bookmarked List of these caches.
  6. Lone Star Reviewer

    We had PR & WTR and now we have LSR who is TW?
  7. Who's Prime Reviewer

    He wouldn't publish my last puzzle cache until I told him how to solve it. Apparently that's in the placement guidelines somewhere.
  8. Lone Star Reviewer

    I noticed a couple of caches on my Longest Since Last Find list were disabled today by Lone Star Reviewer. I guess he or she is taking the place of West Texas Reviewer?
  9. Daily Challenge Trivia / GeoCoin Giveaway FREE

    Sorry for the blatant dissing. How fast do you run these days... for the next time I see you? On today's question, it would seem to me that there should've been an armadillo and a horned toad as options, but maybe I'm reading it wrong.
  10. Daily Challenge Trivia / GeoCoin Giveaway FREE

    I've been playing, but in true TXGA fashion, someone has dropped the ball and failed to update the question today. It says the question will be updated with a new one every day by 12 noon. It's now 11 PM and it still is showing yesterday's question...
  11. Which Cache on the Geocaching Map?

    What P+ said. If you just zoom in using the "+" button in the upper right corner, it will center on your cache.
  12. It's Terrible to Get Old and Stupid

    So I guess I should get ready for East Texas' Third Hardest Mystery Cache?
  13. It's Terrible to Get Old and Stupid

    I hid a puzzle recently and also got tripped up by the new additional waypoints interface. I chose incorrectly and it wouldn't let me hide the final coordinates, or at least that's what it looked like. I basically had to start all over. With all the automated checks and reminders they have built into the cache hiding wizard, how do some folks still manage to have their coordinates off by a couple of miles?
  14. Baytown Geotour info here

    I've kinda lost interest...
  15. What is geocaching Mojo?

    I'd rather folks that have no interest in hiding (or maintaining) caches just not do it, rather than put out some crappy LPC's because they feel they have to meet some arbitrary hide quota, then let them fall into disrepair. There are others that like to hide WAY more than the average, so it all balances out.