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  1. Looks like fun, but the CLAPS series is ruled out as no motorized craft are allowed in Armand Bayou.
  2. I will when I get around to logging the Mega event.
  3. I resurrected 3 geocoins at GeoWoodstock this weekend: https://coord.info/TBPZMK https://coord.info/TBP2KC https://coord.info/TBNQQK All three had been placed in an unpublished cache by a locked member in 2007. They all belong to other locked members (or sock puppet accounts). I'd love to hear the backstory, but it looks like someone gave up the game and just dumped them in the event. Cool old coins, though!
  4. I hear there is a cool Earthcache there too! The last several times I've been out, I've sprayed by feet and legs with Deep Woods OFF, then put on my socks, sprayed again, then put on my boots and sprayed my pants legs and boot tops. Seems like overkill, but I got ZERO chigger bites -- and we were in some very chiggery places!
  5. I guess PR told you there was a cache in the queue (the lurker) for your location? How else would you know? Is this the cache you've been having so much trouble with? I guess the lurker must be your cache thief!
  6. Slightly off topic, I had an unpublished puzzle cache from 2009 that I built just to put trackables in. I never intended to submit it for review (though it would be fun to publish a brand new cache today with a GC code that started with GC22), so it just sat there. Well, about 10 days ago, Groundspeak archived it. Their log stated: This old, unpublished cache has been archived as part of site maintenance and database clean-up. You are not required to take action. If you are working on a new cache, create a new listing and submit it for review. Should you prefer to use this listing, contact your local reviewer to request unarchival. See [this Help Center article] http://support.groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=200 to identify the reviewer for your area. In the future, please work to submit cache pages for review within three months of creation. If you are working on a complex cache, or are waiting on permission, communicate your progress by posting regular reviewer notes to unsubmitted listings. Submissions older than six months may be automatically archived. It doesn't really matter to me because my trackables can sit in an archived cache was well as an unpublished one. I just thought it was interesting that it took them 7 years to decide they needed to do site maintenance and database clean-up. https://coord.info/GC22E34
  7. Pros: I can load caches as a GPX file and they show up on the screen as geocaches with the correct icon -- trad, multi, puzzle, etc. Cache description, hints and recent logs are available. The Montana holds up to 15,000 caches (though I seldom put over 8-9,000 in mine). If necessary, I can switch from Automobile driving mode to geocaching mode and use it outside of the vehicle to navigate to the cache. It works pretty much like an Oregon 550 in that regard. You can even mark caches as found, add field notes and upload to GC.com later on, if you want. It comes with a rechargeable battery, but you can take it out and install 3 AA's if you need to. Cons: Doesn't accept GGZ files like the Oregon 650 or the 64s. Firmware can be glitchy. Mine will sometime just shut down when I try to navigate to a cache and it has trouble calculating a route. When I load caches on it, I have to boot it up and make sure they "took" (sometimes the file is in there but the caches just don't show up on the screen). It's bulky and the screen is rather small and low-res for the size of the unit, IMHO. Kirbydox has the newest Montana 680T, which has 8 gig of memory and a higher mega-pixel camera than my 650T (I never use the camera anyway).
  8. YOU can't change it, but a reviewer might be able to. Since it changes the hide significantly, he'll probably tell you to just archive it and create a new listing.
  9. I don't know what you're talking about.
  10. June Update: Since the last update, 2 caches on the list were found, none were disabled or archived and 2 more were added to the list. As of May 31st there were 33 active caches within a 75 mile radius of downtown Houston that have not been found in over three years. They are: Chopped... GC189K6 - was last found on 4/22/12 by Log Dawgs, criffree and SeekerOfSeasons. SW 4 - High Plains Cacher GC227AX - was last found on 7/8/12 by rocky4. Chasing a Night Time Ninja GC2TJF4 - was last found on 9/8/12 by TAZ427 and TeamPoliceBike36 with two DNF's since. Rope Swing GC1MK6V - was last found on 11/18/12 by metalman69 with three DNF's since. A child logged a find on it on 1/17/16, but it looks like a mistaken find log. Part of the Family GCW38B - was last found on 12/3/12 by Raven & Georeyna with one DNF since. SW 3 - The Good, The Bad & The Cacheless GC227AW - was last found on 12/15/12 by L Clan. FTFC #62 - Or is it a puzzle? GC1P369 - was last found on 12/15/12 by Raven. Black Box #2 GC2TN93 - was last found on 1/15/13 by TresHntrs with three DNF's since. Sundial at George Bush Park GC28Q25 - was last found on 1/19/13 by teamCull, Eagles1181 and .jpeg. Hyperhidrosis GCM3E4 - was last found on 2/9/13 by cachestacker with one DNF since. Fools Rush In GC282P5 - was last found on 2/10/13 by Moose.Head and TimGrady. Watering Hole GC2KZ0W - was last found on 2/14/13 by Moose.Head and TimGrady with one DNF since. FTFC #73 St. Patrick's Revenge GC24Y0V - was last found on 2/17/13 by Rich&Lola. I'm Sick of Puzzles Two! GC1DZJP - was last found on 2/18/13 by cachestacker. SW 2 - For a Few Caches More GC227AV - was last found on 2/27/13 by L CLan. Night Time Ninja Aptitude #8 GC2NPZ8 - was last found on 3/1/13 by dmtex, with two DNF's since. Night Time Ninja Aptitude #9: The Unknown Grave GC2P4G6 - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96 & jjax12, with one DNF since. Here Come The Beatles! GC2VMQM - was last found on 3/2/13 by L Clan. Ninja Bait #2 GC3VW63 - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96, jjax12 & TimGrady. Ninja Bait #3 - Ninja Eye Candy GC3VW6V - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96, jjax12 & TimGrady. Ninja Bait #4 - Animal Crossing GC3VW78 - was last found on 3/2/13 by DJAX96, jjax12 & TimGrady. STP (Soda Tube Puzzle) GC1YMXM - was last found on 3/2/13 by L_Clan. Termite's Vinyard GC2NQ48 - was last found on 3/3/13 by -Scarecrow- with two DNF's since. DEER XING GC1BADQ - was last found on 3/3/13 by rocky4. Timberlane Hike and Bike 2 GC2JJ1P - was last found on 3/8/13 by TexasWriter & CornDoll. The point of no return? GC252F0 - was last found on 3/12/13 by skunkonthefog & Silliams, with two DNF's since. THORNS GC1QD58 - was last found on 3/12/13 by margeo47 & HeidiPoo with one DNF since. Alphabet Soup Bonus #1 GC2579Y - was last found on 3/23/13 by L Clan. FTFC #112 - Yes, it is tax time GC49G4W - was last found on 4/12/13 by FamilieRyan, Manofsteel73 and criffree. Russian Roulette # 2 GC3AF87 - was last found on 4/17/13 by BaytownBert. Jason's Big Oak GC2K21K - was last found on 4/26/13 by rathergohiking. Off the Grid GC2WARC - was last found on 5/14/13 by Kirbydox. Deliverance 4 GC1QQHM - was last found on 5/18/13 by Lukeash2003, with two DNF's since. Now off the list: Strike One GC3D05C - was found May 15th by Nick&Nora2 and Trea, 40 months after it was last found. Buffalo Trail #3 GC1RZVA - was found May 29th by mnmgrnldy328, 40 months after it was last found. Other changes since the last update: Be sure to check out the Bookmarked List of these caches.
  11. 1Geocacher.zip

    Version 1.0.0


    Executable game file needed to find The Adventures of 1Geocacher (GCJY6B).
  12. The new icon is a carrot they're dangling if we all play nicely!
  13. Glad I got my "100 Year Old Find" Challenge published before the moratorium! I read through the new requirements and really don't have a problem with them. It seems like they thought them out pretty well. I found if you're a paid member to Project-GC, you can view a map of challenge caches and it will show which ones have a checker and which don't. Of the one's with checkers, it will show which you qualify for and which you don't. Pretty slick!
  14. Echoing what everyone else said -- my exception to always telling the truth is cemetery caches.... especially if they are IN the cemetery. I lot of folks wouldn't take kindly to playing a "high-tech treasure hunt" near the final resting place of their loved ones, even if it is harmless. Prior to geocaching, I stomped through lots of cemeteries doing genealogy research. I remember going with my wife through every cemetery within 10 miles of the city of Caldwell looking for my great-grandmother (we never found her grave). My standing answer for cemetery queries is "I'm looking for my great, great grandfather Levi Justice who's supposed to be buried somewhere around here." (I do have a great, great grandfather named Levi Justice, but he's buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Bosque County). I usually try to have a camera with me, or at least my phone, so I can take a pictures of markers in the cemetery. The GPSr? "Oh, that's so I can mark the coordinates of the grave for my records". Yes, I've done that too doing genealogy research. The vagueness of checking every cemetery in the area works in case the one you are currently in happens to be predominantly black or hispanic or jewish or something-other-than-you.
  15. Sunday, October 16, 2016! http://cnation.squarespace.com/houston/