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  1. As some may know, during a psychotic episode a few years back I decided to have some Houston Geocaching Society geocoins minted. They are nice 1.75" diameter coins that are trackable on geocaching.com with a custom icon. I released some into the wild (a few are still traveling), sold some, traded some, and gave some away. Still, I have a couple of boxes of them left. If anyone is interested in one (or 50) I'll let them go for $8 each. For $10 each, I'll include shipping them to you. PM me if you're interested. I might consider a bulk discount if you want several, so make me an offer.
  2. That's quite a resurrection!
  3. NEW traveling caches were "outlawed" years ago, but the older ones were grandfathered until recently. The idea was that they would move around and be rehidden and their coordinates updated for others to find. Apparently, they all pretty much were just being held onto by people and taken to events to be "found" by others and the coordinates seldom changed, so Seattle decided to archive them all.
  4. I was trying to solve a puzzle cache that involved putting a zip code in the GC search box to get coordinates to project off of, but the new search function gives results in a new format that doesn't include the coordinates at the top of the page. After some looking around, I found if you use the "Advanced Search" link on your dashboard (the old one, not the new one) it gives results in the old format.
  5. There's another version where the one stripe is blue, representing police officers. I personally don't care for them jacking with the American flag like that, no matter the cause.
  6. Define "overlapping zones". You won't be able to move it to within 528' of another cache, regardless of which one was there first. If you draw a 528' circle around each cache, the circles can overlap (Venn diagram style), but neither circle can overlap the center of the other.
  7. Be sure to log a find today to get the Blue Switch Day 2017 souvenir!
  8. I'm pretty certain it's 528 feet. Well, YOU can move it 528 feet. Any further than that an the reviewer has to do it, which he may, depending on the circumstances. I have an old multi that I recently converted from a 5-stage multi to a 4-stage multi by just eliminating the first stop. That meant moving the posted coordinates a couple of miles, but leaving the rest the same. PR did it with no hesitation.
  9. Yes, https://coord.info/GC1E28V I made my bookmarked list years ago but have never gone to sign the log. https://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=7e72ec7a-2526-4133-8e06-9d6bf6d5e6dc
  10. Well, that didn't take long! Hello Larry- Thank you for contacting Geocaching HQ. Where in the world is Signal? Dönerstag 2017 has been granted to HoustonControl! Best regards, Paul Geocaching Community Manager
  11. Did anyone else not get the souvenir for attending a Donerstag event? I went to the Donerstag and CITO at night on the UHCL Trails (https://coord.info/GC72XDR) and logged it from the Geocaching app, immediately getting a pop-up box that said "Congrats on receiving the Donerstag Souvenir!" (or something to that effect), but I still don't show the souvenir in my profile. I have a help ticket in to GCdotcom, so we'll see what happens.
  12. You are correct -- I got my locations confused. North Texas hosts the Challenge next year and it will be in Denton. That won't stop them from trying to win, though...
  13. I heard this at the UFO lunch event Wednesday. Sad news indeed...
  14. Abilene, I believe.
  15. It'll work once, then one of both parties have to reboot their units to get it to work again... especially on 64 to 64 transfers. Kirbydox, Lola and I struggle this this all the time. It seems to work a little better transferring to and from the Montana, but occasionally that locks up too. It's been this way since day one. Other times, it will show to transfer a cache, but the cache never appears on the receiving unit. It has a success rate of about 20%.