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  1. stat bar

    Yes, I have mine on my profile, but it has been ages sent I set it up. Maybe looking at my profile will help you figure it out.
  2. El Franco Lee Park

    Can someone on the SE side tell me what they know about the construction over there? I have found a plan that appears to stomp all over one of my caches. I think I might have to move it a fair distance if that is even possible without conflicting on other cache hides. See the attached file. Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  3. J. Henry's Draught House + Kitchen: Clear Lake

    It looks to me like where I remember Fish Place was located. I didn't know that it had closed, but I moved to the other side of town almost 3 years ago.
  5. Bogus TB Discovery Logs

    Yep, those are the 2 that discovered all of the travel bugs that I have. Most have been missing for several years, and 1 has never left my house.
  6. Bogus TB Discovery Logs

    GGM, what is the guys handle? adremi ranger_jurchik
  7. Bogus TB Discovery Logs

    Beware of armchair trackable logging from the Czech Republic. Several of my Travel bugs that have never left my house (but are activated) were discovered over the past few days. The cacher must have figured out the TB code scheme or hacked the site to find out the codes.
  8. Lab caches Texas

    What are these find codes you talk about?
  9. Another suspicious package

    It was confirmed that it was a geocache. They have talked to him. There are some followup posts from the local PD.
  10. Another suspicious package

    This happened yesterday in my home town. The Facebook page for this radio station says "Manchester Assistant Police Chief Adam Floied told WMSR News that authorities discovered the device is used in a game called Geocaching." You can see from the picture on the link that it was in plain sight. There is not a cache there according to The closest cache is here: If it was a cache it would be pretty close to 573 feet away from GC52CPK as best as I can measure on Google Maps. Update: "MPD has spoken with the person who left the "geocache" at Jiffy Burger. This was a lack of communication apparently by more than one person. We will interview this person tomorrow afternoon and obtain the information necessary to prevent this from happening again. Thanks again for all of the cooperation and assistance provided. These scenarios can, and have ended much worse, we are fortunate that this was not a device to harm anyone and everyone involved is able to return home to their families.
  11. New Free TB

    I got mine today. It had Washington for the state and 98272 for the zip code (which is Monroe, WA). I live in Missouri City, so then they marked out the zip code / state and wrote Missouri on there with a zip of 64072 (which is Missouri City, MO). Then a big "?" next to the zip code. I am surprised I got it at all.
  12. Brenham Geotour geocoins arrived today

    I got my coin today. Neat! That was a quick turnaround as they received my passport on Friday.
  13. Brenham Geotour geocoins arrived today

    How do you know if you are supposed to receive a coin or not? I know it was only the 1st so many people who complete it.
  14. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

    I would prefer grey.
  15. Same here, but I am registered.