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  1. stat bar

    Yes, I have mine on my profile, but it has been ages sent I set it up. Maybe looking at my profile will help you figure it out.
  2. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

    I would prefer grey.
  3.   Same here, but I am registered.
  4. WE WON!

    Great job everyone!!
  5. February 29 Events

    Make sure you guys who found caches or attended events on the 29th make sure your log says the 29th. My field note defaulted to the 28th and I had to manually change it to the 29th. I did see a few attended logs noted as the 28th for 29th events.
  6. Say "CHEESE" 1st International Day of Geocaching

    Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but it was related. Jus' Mac Battles For Trademark HOUSTON -- A macaroni and cheese restaurant in the Heights is in a trademark battle with a fast-food giant. The owner of Jus' Mac on Yale Street tried to trademark the name in October, but she ran into a road block. McDonald's claimed the Jus' Mac's name may be too similar to what it uses in some of its product's names, such as the Big Mac. "McDonald's considers its trademarks to be a very important asset. We hope to find a mutually acceptable resolution to this matter," McDonald's said in a statement. Jus' Mac owner Kimberly Alvarez said her attorney submitted a proposal to include the phrase "A Mac N' Cheese Eatery" at the end of her restaurant's name to resolve the issue. Alvarez said no one has tried to order a hamburger and fries at her restaurant.
  7. 3G - G.alleria G.eocachers G.abfest - Version 0.5

    Maybe he "hogged" a bunch of tables and not as many people showed up.
  8. CLAPS Moonlight Madness Geo-Paddle Event GC33DWT

    FYI: Pinky's is today's Groupon. Not sure you can use it for this, so please investigate further if interested.
  9. Geocaching Aventure At Jesse Jones Park

    It sounds to me like temporary caches.
  10. HGA: A Midsummer Night Event

  11. ABC: It's Bar-B-Que Time (July)!!! We will meet at 6:00pm on the back porch at Red River B.B.Q. and Grill in League City. See ya'll there! Red River B.B.Q. 1911 E. Main League City, TX 77573
  12. Geocaching Block Party

    More info for people like me who were wondering what this was all about.
  13. ABC: It's Bar-B-Que Time!!!
  14. HGA: A Midsummer Night Event
  15. HGA: Are we hot yet?