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  1. AT&T wireless and Droid phones

    I have the HTC Inspire, rooted and running Cyanogen. Its great, GPS works well and such. About the only problem I have is the network, which for some reason really sucks at work, but is fine most places. I find most of the people complaining about the AT&T network have an iPhone, and everyone else seems to have less problems. That should tell you something. Of course that doesn't mean AT&T is perfect, and God help you if you need their customer service, cause they don't have any.
  2. iPhone vs. Droid(s)

    I'd love to get an android phone. I want to play around with it, but I'm already on a contract and don't feel like paying $400 for one. No way I'd get an iphone myself. Way too limited. I have a WinMo and for the most part love it. I run a custom ROM on it and a lot of other customized stuff. Iphone won't let me do that, but Android will.
  3. Need to know which app to download

    Search for GcZII. Its free and it is a great way to go. I use it just to flat out cache with my phone.
  4. Geocaches at Brazos Bend SP

    I'd love to get the endurance series done. Its been pretty damp though, definitely a complication. Right time of year though.
  5. Had It With Comcast

    We have earthlink over comcast and have no trouble. Its funny, Comcast charges $15 a month more if you don't have cable TV. I can pay the same amount for Earthlink and the only difference is the email. If I have a problem comcast fixes it. Comcast does the billing too. Its stupid. We don't have cable TV or satellite. We do over the air only.
  6. When will 10k happen?

    Yeah, being goofy but it seemed like everyone missed it. Same as July 1st.
  7. Neat WM Geocaching App

    Found a new geocaching application for Windows Mobile users. GCzII. It will connect to the web, use the built in GPS and more. Pretty nice for a free program.
  8. 10k Final Guesses...

    I'm sure it will probably be earlier June.

    I think they hit 9500 yesterday.
  10. When will 10k happen?

    I'm going with June 31st
  11. Wow...

    While they were reporting on the fire we saw a Roomstore, ashleys and at least two other furniture store ads. All of this in a few minutes flipping between the different channels.

    Yeah, the problem is I think they pay cheap labor to just walk around and dump them by your house. There's no checking of addresses. Heck, one time they were so lazy they didn't even walk up to the door, they dumped them by the mail box. We never use them and always put them straight into the recycling.
  13. Need help with a shared map project

    In Google Earth you can create folders. Put all the points inside that folder. Right click on that folder and save it as the KML.
  14. Hobby Airport rainfall 4/18

    We had 2 on Friday, on Saturday our rain gauge filled up by the middle of the storm and it holds 6 inches.
  15. Looks like most of NASA 1 bridge is open

    I'm not sure they deserve any Kudos. They've been late on EVERY other milestone they were supposed to hit. The only reason they are finally doing things early is this portion of their contract has monetary incentives for actually doing things early. If it weren't for that they'd be working slow still.