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  1. Waymarking, a new Groundspeak site

    Tried this site for the first time, and went to create an account. My desired username of LordJeff was already taken! Aaaargh. Seems the rascal even had the nerve to use my same email address. "The second thing you lose when you get old is your memory". Note: no, I didn't realize that they just used the same userbase as www.geocaching.com.
  2. Deep Brush / Woods in Summer?

    I found this great tool to add to my GeoPack for caching at GBP.
  3. Deep Brush / Woods in Summer?

    How bad can the TEXAS extraordinary series be in the summer? It's in the middle of GBP. "Just a walk in the park".
  4. Chambers County alligator attack

    Does the need to fight alligators to claim the cache increase the Difficulty or Terrain? _jeff
  5. Cacheless Rest stops on interstates Arkansas

    I would think that after they got 'lectricity a couple of years ago that the internet would be there by now.
  6. I want one of these

    I use them for stalking people.
  7. New Path Tags

    I don't see the picture.
  8. Challenge Coins

    Thanks Bert. It can be explained by 7 deployments, generally about a year long.
  9. Challenge Coins

    She used a bamboo skewer. Had to kind of drag the bubbles around a bit to get them to pop as it hardened.
  10. Trip to Iowa

    I'm driving up to Iowa next weekend. If anyone has a TB they want to head north, I'd be glad to meet up this week and take it along.
  11. Challenge Coins

    I did a thin layer first. As it was drying (about 2 hours later), I stuck the coins to it. The next weekend I did a big pour to encase the coins. My wife spent about an hour trying to get rid of all the little air bubbles.
  12. Critters seen while caching

    Why not just upload the picture files directly?
  13. Challenge Coins

    In a previous thread Baytown Bert got me thinking I really need to do something with all of my military challenge coins. This is what I finally came up with. They are embedded in a clear resin in the table top. No more dusting.
  14. Harbor Cam Cache - Galveston

    I just did this about a month ago. Looking at the picture now, its still on the same spot. My biggest issue was trying to do it myself on a bright afternoon could barely see my phone screen for a capture.
  15. How often are your caches found?

    Along the lines of favorite points, the project geocaching site has a nice tool for sorting out those with high favorite points. Can specify down to a county. I've found it helpful when travelling to let the community point the way to cool caches. Just go to http://project-gc.com/Statistics/TopFavWilson and put in your desired area. Note that although it is now archived, cachestacker's Special Tools Required is the most favorite in Harris County.