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  1. looking for a good doctor/surgeon

    I struggled with crippling back pain for two years. Like you: couldn't walk, couldn't even help care for my kids, in tears daily. Tried medication, chiropractic care, physical therapy. Nothing worked. I finally gave in and agreed to surgery. Got consultations from three different physicians. Picked Navin Subramanian. He corrected my ruptured disc at L5-S1. I woke up from surgery and was immediately aware that my pain was gone. It was miraculous. Three years later, I'm still completely free of pain. It changed my life. The cliche of back surgery (you leave the hospital worse than when you came in) made me put it off for those two years. Knowing how successful it was, I wish I hadn't. Dr. Subramnian is a really nice guy. He operates out of Methodist and St. Joseph, primarily. At least, he used to. My surgery was done at a surgery center on Richmond (that's just where he happened to be the day I scheduled my operation). It was a swanky place. He has office locations both downtown and near the Galleria. I had Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance through my employer (MD Anderson) that covered 95% of the cost. I give Dr. Subramanian and his team my full recommendation.
  2. Lake WHAT?!?

    Earlier today, I was looking at some nautical charts of the Ship Channel. In particular, this one. Then I noticed a very strange name for a lake. Checked Google Maps. Same name. Would have guessed this would have been renamed by now.
  3. KINETIC Conductorless Ensemble

    "Rice fight! Never die!" The Mrs. works there.
  4. strangest cache SWAG

    I've also found ammo in a cache. My weirdest find ever was a condom. Still sealed. But, I mean, who would take that and actually use it?
  5. Geocaching road trip 2015

    Just confirming, too. I'll be there. Although my oldest boy is sitting at the ER right now. If you see him at Amberita's event tomorrow, compliment him on his stitches. It ought to get a grin.
  6. Geocaching road trip 2015

    Deal. See you at the Bay Area Park launch ramp at 4:00.
  7. Geocaching road trip 2015

    I'm game. Just let me know what time you want to push off.
  8. Geocaching road trip 2015

    I'm interested. My wife and I plan to attend the event, but she can just as easily meet me up there. Let me check (read: ask permission) with her. I don't have any of the CLAPS caches south of Bay Area Park.
  9. STS series

    New moon = 0 That much I figured. Only because of the first variable of the west coordinates. Let me give it a second look this morning. Aha! There's a very important sentence in the description that I misinterpreted. The order. Got it now.
  10. STS series

    You guys walked right past my house! Not that I saw you, but I noticed the log on GC4VQ2P. Where the duck jumped out and scared you. I can see the cache from my backyard. Alright. Someone help me on STS #19. I can't get the coordinates to confirm. What am I missing?
  11. STS series

    I've slowly been working my way through them. I've got nine left, but a few of those are already solved. It's a great series. And cachestacker has been kind enough to nudge me in the right direction for a few.
  12. Father's Day Card

    Thought this would get some appreciation here. I had to share: http://i61.tinypic.com/530600.jpg
  13. Geocaching road trip 2015

    I'm grabbing STS #23 today. It has 10 favorite points on the dot. Then Tookie's for lunch!
  14. Critters seen while caching

    What an incredible photo!
  15. J. Henry's Draught House + Kitchen: Clear Lake

    Is this in the same spot that can never keep a restaurant? If so, we actually liked the Italian place that was originally here. But I'm glad the vacancy was filled. This also sounds like a nice alternative to BJs (Bay Area), which is always so crowded. Will try it with the family this weekend. We also have soccer practice at Sylvan Park every Monday. This sounds like a nice spot to hit before heading home.