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  1. Silent Auction Items Needed

    Sweet!  if you guys are coming to the Challenge, bring them then. Otherwise, we can make arrangements.
  2. Hey folks!  We are gearing up for this year's silent auction and haven't gotten a lot of contributions so far.  Does anyone have any items (geo or otherwise) they would like to donate?  The Sugarlandians are in charge of this and we can either get you in touch with them or you could reach out yourselves if you are interested.    
  3. 2015 Lone Star Roundup

    We're planning to go.  Staying at the YO Ranch Hotel in Kerrville Sat night.
  4.  Checking out the new Ground Zero

  5. It really depends on how the group or Captain wants to do things, but basically the captain would be responsible for sharing the information from the local planning committee and TXGA with the members of their team.  This means making sure everyone knows the rules, etc.  They will be the point of contact and also be responsible for getting the waypoints to everyone's GPS units/phones etc. Also, they should help organize the tech crew/headquarters group to make a plan for getting the waypoints distributed in the most efficient manner, engage some puzzle help, potentially work up some kind of strategy or inspiration, organize team colors/shirts or whatever, plan meetings ahead of the Challenge to discuss what to expect, etc.  These aren't mandatory responsibilities, and it depends on what the goal of the team and the captain are how much effort might go into these things.  
  6. LOL when isn't there?  Last year was the absolute WORST for "rules infringement"!     If anyone has ties with the SETX Gang, maybe we should ask them if anybody from their group wants to be captain this year.
  7. Hey! Where are all the pics from Geocoin Fest ?

    I didn't get any funny pictures.  I took some photos of interesting coins.  I thought the most interesting were the ones inspired by the first coins used in America (VOC and Dutch Riders) and a few of the oldest geocoins (Moun10Bike coins).  I also took a series of dorky travel bug pictures.  Perhaps I can post them later, but none of them are really general interest kind of photos, I think?
  8. Scorecards from 2014

    In case you haven't noticed the calendar update, I will be passing out scorecards at this event: GC56NG0.  It won't be the first, last, or only opportunity to grab them.  We'll try to host a restaurant event this summer and attend some of the other events going on, and we'll bring the cards with us each time.
  9. I have them!  I will give them out at upcoming events.  We are going to try to make the flash mob at Hermann Park the weekend after this.  I can also post an event soon to hand them out.   I am missing about 10 of them, though.     I went through all the scorecards and compared to see what happened with the scores.  It is a long list, but it essentially boils down to some caches were punched correctly and not counted on many scorecards, there were multiple math errors, and in a a couple of cases, it looked like a punch issue.  I made a list of what everyone's scores should have been, and then did a new average.  Our team's score was 264.   
  10. We Rock! Challenge Score Information

    I know they are working on ideas for how to make the scoring more accurate.  TravelingGeek has been working on it, with a few others from different regions.  It would involve going to a different system for "punching" and reading the scorecard.
  11. We Rock! Challenge Score Information

    I know, Larry...I know.  This is why Jason wanted me to leave the scores alone until we could look at the cards (but of course I didn't listen).  This is an example of what I mean by the spread in scores and inaccurate scoring.  Here is what the spreadsheet has recorded for your group's scores: Stan 289 Gil    282 Bert  271 Rich  312 Larry 176   It is ridiculous.  The cheating was one thing this year, the scoring was a whole other thing.....
  12. Okay guys, here is the deal:  I don't have the scorecards from the Challenge yet.  I did receive the spreadsheet of scores.  There were huge discrepancies in score ranges for each of our thirteen groups.  I am going to list the groups here, with average scores and the point spread between the lowest and highest score in the group.  You will see what you mean.   However, I did some math.  I looked at each group, and added what the score would have been if each person's score was equal to the highest scorer in each.  This is assuming the errors went down, and not up, so keep this in mind.  However, with that math, our team score would have been 270!  We would have beat North Tx's butt!  And I say, we did...because we played fair, and we have the most awesome players ever in our area.  (Then again, their scores were probably off, too...but then again, the cheating...I bet their scores were artificially inflated, and the missing caches kept our people from scoring higher).  If you took the average score from each group and multiplied by members, then divided by the amount they counted for our region (52), you would get 253.     Here is score averages for groups with the point spread between scores, so you can see how far ranging they were.  We will have to compare this to scorecards to see what explains the differences:   ManofSteel/Adventure777/Karen and Mike: 361.6, spread of 26 Huff-Sufer/TeamRedJ/TxTravelers:  322, spread of 44 Dangerkitties/Kalvey/Aggie85 and Vicki:  301, spread of 82 Dangerman/3Olives/Robin 1:  270, spread of 8 MrMuddyBuddies/Houston Control/Baytown Bert/GGMorton/Rich:  266, spread of 136 marinebuck/windknot: 248, spread of 10 2katz/KeyResults/TexasWriter/Corndoll:  243, spread of 93 Catwoman/Stirfrie2005/both Colters and Mindy: 237.4, spread of 37 HeftyDude, Taz and GSIs:  195, spread of 27 TealCat/Norman/SueandRon: 180.75, spread of 34 GSGuru/Txyankee and rosey:  180, spread of 5 "Team RIverRats" (JHawk and crew): 157.5, spread of 29 Bentandem/Squirrel Trappers/UP Train:  114.75, spread of 5   If you don't see your group on there, that is because they were in the group that got dropped.  They counted 52 of our 64 players (top 80%).     Basically, from looking at these results, I can see that it worked best to let people figure out their own groups and their own roles.  Matching some slower folks up with some faster ones worked in a few groups there.  Recruiting people who didn't originally sign up, but did after some encouragement from myself and others was a good boon to our group.  We had some pretty low scores among both new people and people who have played before that got dropped.  
  13. Lone Star Roundup 2014

      It's a counter-event to the Challenge - no competition, just hanging out and being friendly.  Good old-fashioned fun with a few door prizes and games. 
  14. Need help hosting event for out of towner

    I noticed only person posted a will attend for this event, and poor Zor might be sitting all alone at his event.  Is anyone else planning to attend?  I would but it is kind of far for me to come back to town after having left the area for work for the day a couple hours before.  I wonder if others are in the same boat as me, and the timing just doesn't work?

    I also like this Brenham idea.  Is that technically SE?  Wine tours, ice cream, bluebonnets, Texas history - it would be a a place that could easily support a Challenge format like the 2009 one.