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  1. Pokemon GO

    My son and I have been playing it. We go to parks, he finds the Pokemon, I find the caches, we both get some physical activity and the baby gets to see the sights or maybe run around as well. I don't feel as conspicious geocaching because I figure everyone else thinks I am playing Pokemon. Heck, sometimes I am. I really want some developers or gc.com to make a hybrid application that uses augmented reality for geocaching. It would be awesome if the cache appeared before you on your screen like the pokemon, and then you had to do something to open it, and then when you did, the caches had some kind of cool digital swag that you could collect, pass along, or use for some exchange to become more powerful in the game, like what happens when you go to pokestops.
  2. Hey folks, if you are coming to the Challenge and have a little bit of time to donate to helping it run smoothly, let me know. I know I would like some help with handing out registration packets Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. I might even need help preparing them ahead of time, if you have time available the weekend before. Other than that, there are other areas we could use help in. Post in this thread if you think you might be interested in helping us pull it all together this year.
  3. Silent Auction Items Needed

    Sweet! if you guys are coming to the Challenge, bring them then. Otherwise, we can make arrangements.
  4. Hey folks! We are gearing up for this year's silent auction and haven't gotten a lot of contributions so far. Does anyone have any items (geo or otherwise) they would like to donate? The Sugarlandians are in charge of this and we can either get you in touch with them or you could reach out yourselves if you are interested.
  5. 2015 Lone Star Roundup

    We're planning to go. Staying at the YO Ranch Hotel in Kerrville Sat night.
  6.  Checking out the new Ground Zero

  7. New Years Resolutions Caching Style

    Well, I made little progress on my goals 1-4, but we did accomplish #5 (finding Potters Pond cache in Utah, as well as 9 other oldies in the western states and TX). My goal #4 was for SETX to win the golden ammo can at the Challenge, but I think getting the silver was okay in my book. My goal for this coming year is to reach 4000 finds, and to clear out some more of my closest unfound caches. We're down to EIGHT pages of caches within 3 miles of our house, which means we found two pages worth since the beginning of the year, but still have a ways to go!
  8. It really depends on how the group or Captain wants to do things, but basically the captain would be responsible for sharing the information from the local planning committee and TXGA with the members of their team. This means making sure everyone knows the rules, etc. They will be the point of contact and also be responsible for getting the waypoints to everyone's GPS units/phones etc. Also, they should help organize the tech crew/headquarters group to make a plan for getting the waypoints distributed in the most efficient manner, engage some puzzle help, potentially work up some kind of strategy or inspiration, organize team colors/shirts or whatever, plan meetings ahead of the Challenge to discuss what to expect, etc. These aren't mandatory responsibilities, and it depends on what the goal of the team and the captain are how much effort might go into these things.
  9. Best TB resurrection story

    I found a TB today that has been missing for five years. It left Arizona, got moved to Houston, was held briefly by Zephyr01 and then sunshot99, who "passed it over to another Scout Troop from San Antonio to take to a Ball game at Enchanted Rock Park. " I found it in a cache at Inks Lake State Park - no idea how and where it has been but it is back in play now! That's fun!
  10. LOL when isn't there? Last year was the absolute WORST for "rules infringement"! If anyone has ties with the SETX Gang, maybe we should ask them if anybody from their group wants to be captain this year.
  11. 2015 TXGA Challenge in Lubbock - March

    Something to start thinking about - we'll need a team captain and support crew, maybe some new and old faces. Team Four Paw won't be able to help out on the Geek Squad, one of the few Challenges he has missed. We'll both be out this year, due to it being a few weeks from the due date of a new baby.
  12. Seen on a Plane

    I know who it was....I got sent a picture! But if SockPuppet wants to build suspense, then I should just let him have that. CS: probably too far north for you to have met them, and possibly before your caching time, but...think of some original cachers from the early days...
  13. Hey! Where are all the pics from Geocoin Fest ?

    I didn't get any funny pictures. I took some photos of interesting coins. I thought the most interesting were the ones inspired by the first coins used in America (VOC and Dutch Riders) and a few of the oldest geocoins (Moun10Bike coins). I also took a series of dorky travel bug pictures. Perhaps I can post them later, but none of them are really general interest kind of photos, I think?
  14. Lessons Learned

    I don't know if I like where this conversation is going...
  15. Oldest Caches

    The map legend lists them in alphabetical order, which is not correlated with the age rank of the caches. But at least it gives you a sense of where they are.