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  1. Oldest caches in Houston area

    Kinda funny how that works.
  2. Oldest caches in Houston area

    I am on the side that a cache shouldn't be replaced unless you get permission from the original owner. In this case, at appears the original owner no longer caches and doesn't care. It looks like the hint on the cache page tells you right where it was supposed to be so i guess you could "prop" up the listing by replacing. I realize the geocaching community can keep a cache going this way but imo, we shouldn't. Old or not, its owner doesn't care. It won't be the cache that the original owner placed some 12 years ago. It's ok to let listings like this be archived. If the area is nice, a new cache can be placed by someone who can maintain it properly.
  3. Running Up the Numbers

      Hi wowieann, There's nothing to be embarrassed about. I run against the geocaching grain but i wanted to add something for thought. For me, my 10 year anniversary would be better off finding one really good cache. There are some awesome ones out there that will provide great memories that will last. I know that most everyone is out for numbers these days but honestly, getting them so fast where everything is a blur, may not be what you're looking for. Otherwise, others have posted some good ideas for numbers acquisition above. I would add that going along with good friends or family make these more fun and memorable.
  4. 2015 Lone Star Roundup

    Trog doesn't know it yet but we're planning on staying in his guest bedroom... 
  5. 5th Annual CLAPS Moonlight Paddle Event 12/6

    I'm sure wanting to make this but it's so far over there.   Hmmmm, just had an idea HC. Hows about bringing your Caddy over, picking the yak and i up (it'd probably fit in the trunk), and chauffeuring us to the event? Talk about riding in style! Tell you what, i'll bring the wine.       p.s. Anyone know where i can get some Boones Farm?
  6. CLAPS Cachin' on the Bayou Post-Mega Paddle Event

      I was thinking the same thing at first. But putting the coordinates on an island still only affects the terrain rating.   I was also wondering why Cacherstacker thought the difficulty needed to be higher than 1. Then i realized that the difficulty would actually change for cachers who showed up late and then had to figure out where the event had paddled off to.   Might be a good time to send an email to
  7. NW Maker's Meeting

    Just wanted to say that i had a great time at the event yesterday. Met quite a few cachers that i didn't previously know and got to visit with long time friends as well.  Thanks for having us over!   Oh yeaaa, it was definitely nice winning that bag of 100s!
  8. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

    Just curious JustKeely, how's the paypal thing coming? I'm ready to give ya some money!
  9. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

      I have plans for that week so won't be able to make it to the challenge this year. Won't be hunting because of this so either Southeast Texas Team or SETX Team works for me. Even though i won't be making it over to Bastrop, i will be there in spirit so want to definitely get a tshirt in size LARGE. I agree, the gray might be better since it doesn't seem to get as hot when the sun hits it.   Posting here but can pm you if need be with my order. Thanks JustKeely!
  10.   I finally got registered with intentions of taking advantage of the 10% discount but with all the rigamoroll i had getting registered, i ended up completely forgetting about it. Arrrgghhhhhhh! Oh wait, did i just sound ike a pirate?
  11. I just emailed the webmaster since i didn't receive a reply. I don't remember exactly but i believe this is the third time that i've had to register with TXGA. Any idea why re-registration is necessary? Sure glad i don't have to mess with this on all the other websites i use.   p.s. Was about to hit the submit button here when i received the reply with a temporary password. Will see how it works now...
  12. CLAPS Holiday Lights Nighttime Paddle Event & CITO

      WOW! With the north wind and all, i was kinda thinking last night's tide was about as low as it would go.   We had a great time, Thanks again Kirbydox and Cachestacker! Heck, I'm already shopping for more lights,, gotta try and keep up with those Griswalds ya know.
  13. CLAPS Holiday Lights Nighttime Paddle Event & CITO

      Quick, someone get a cache published out there! No way TW would let a little thing like disgruntled eyeball syndrome keep him from getting the FTF.    But seriously, i hope your accident wasn't too serious and that you're feeling better now.
  14. Geowoodstock XII - Anyone going?

    This year's Geowoodstock XI was my first to attend and i had a great time. I wanna go but will have to see how everything looks at that time.   Just did a quickie search for plane, hotel, car and found that the trip up would be pretty reasonable. Three nights, under $600 per person, double occupancy at the Super 8 which is close to the Event. This was leaving out of Beaumont so i imagine it would be cheaper from Houston.
  15. CLAPS Holiday Lights Nighttime Paddle Event & CITO

      I know, was just messin around here. I'm glad it wasn't last last Saturday cause it was definitely a bit cool wiith those temps in the 40s.   Which begs the question, will the event still go on if it gets extra cold? If so, what tool do ya'll recommend for breaking through the ice?