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    This goes for me as well. HGCS and the forums are what i like to read and post to. I very rarely, probably average once every couple of months, look at the local facebook geocaching page. And like The Norman, i don't start too many threads. And since there are not as many new threads started by others, i end up not replying as much either.
  2. FTF Promotion

    Little late here but, my first thought was that this was yet another marketing ploy to bring in more potential paying members. Myself, i'm tired of the gimmicks and tactics has tried using over the last couple of years to increase quantity of members. They've pushed the phone app which has caused a ridiculous amount of turn over and a degradation of our hobby. Things like souvenirs and badges could have been a fun thing but because so many are pushed out these days, there's really nothing special about most of them. The option to buy premium membership without auto renewal was taken away and is simply another ploy to catch some members off guard.I hate the fact that knows they have the monopoly and can do anything they want without regard to it's members.TPTB are seeing dollar signs so the main thing is numbers. Because of this, the overall quality of geocaching has gone down and geocaching as a whole, is suffering. I'm sure this is one of the bigger reasons why we've lost so many good, dedicated people over the last few years. Ok, not sure why i got on my soapbox just now. Don't guess it matters much since most aren't reading this anyways because they're using their phones with facebook and the app. Go back to your regularly scheduled program.
  3. Snake ID

    Here's one we came across at Village Creek State Park last Friday. I couldn't get the camera out in time to get his head but i did get most of his body. This is probably the third time we've ran across a coral snake out in the wild.
  4. Polymagnets

    That was pretty cool! Ended up clicking a few more links and found this. Homemade rocket fuel This guy has some interesting stuff to watch...
  5. Final coordinates for geowyz's 23-SUR

    Well, i had printed out the cache page and wrote coordinates on it. The strange part is, i had two sets of coordinates wrote down. Not sure why. Even so, i thought for sure one of them were the correct ones but have been told that neither are right. My memory is terrible so i certainly can't remember where the final was. Oh well,,,
  6. The coordinates were not for me as I found the cache years ago. geowyz has been working overseas for quite some time and caching overseas. He didn't have access to the computer with the final coordinates. I was trying to help a cacher from Canada that was here for a short time. WP3 was missing and it contained the final. He found an old cache and I am not sure it was even the right one as it wasn't an ammo can which was what I remembered.

  7. Final coordinates for geowyz's 23-SUR

    Two things going against me here, i normally don't like to give out info without a CO's consent and, i kinda hate "propping up" caches when their owners quit caching. On the other hand, the final on this one is an ammocan and may still be out there to be found. Seems kind of a shame for it to be sitting there forgotten. I have the coordinates and can pm them to you if you still need them,
  8. Oldest caches in Houston area

    Kinda funny how that works.
  9. Oldest caches in Houston area

    I am on the side that a cache shouldn't be replaced unless you get permission from the original owner. In this case, at appears the original owner no longer caches and doesn't care. It looks like the hint on the cache page tells you right where it was supposed to be so i guess you could "prop" up the listing by replacing. I realize the geocaching community can keep a cache going this way but imo, we shouldn't. Old or not, its owner doesn't care. It won't be the cache that the original owner placed some 12 years ago. It's ok to let listings like this be archived. If the area is nice, a new cache can be placed by someone who can maintain it properly.
  10. Running Up the Numbers

    Hi wowieann, There's nothing to be embarrassed about. I run against the geocaching grain but i wanted to add something for thought. For me, my 10 year anniversary would be better off finding one really good cache. There are some awesome ones out there that will provide great memories that will last. I know that most everyone is out for numbers these days but honestly, getting them so fast where everything is a blur, may not be what you're looking for. Otherwise, others have posted some good ideas for numbers acquisition above. I would add that going along with good friends or family make these more fun and memorable.
  11. Oldest caches in Houston area

    That was our 12th cache to get a longgggg time ago. It was originally placed by Allen and Karen.
  12. Call for Pictures

    I didn't know about your Rogue's Gallery. Was definitely fun going through the pictures and seeing some faces i haven't seen in years. On Chicken and mine's picture, i thought it would be nice to update with a single picture of our whole geocaching family. Don't have your email but if you want to send, i'll get a more recent picture of Chicken, Tx Tadpole, and i to you. We were in the boat placing our Micro On An Island cache when it was taken. Glad i found out about your gallery!
  13. 2015 Lone Star Roundup

    Trog doesn't know it yet but we're planning on staying in his guest bedroom...
  14. How often are your caches found?

    I have caches placed out in the boonies which sometimes go for years without being found. Our more challenging caches don't get found very often either. Then there are the couple of easy to get to, easy to find, caches at the east Texas and west Louisiana travel stops that get found almost daily. It pretty much all depends on their location and how difficult they are.
  15. Okay, puzzleheads.....

    I have\ I actually have an idea to try if i ever manage to make it up there.