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  1. Mudfrog added a post in a topic Call for Pictures   

    I didn't know about your Rogue's Gallery. Was definitely fun going through the pictures and seeing some faces i haven't seen in years. On Chicken and mine's picture, i thought it would be nice to update with a single picture of our whole geocaching family. Don't have your email but if you want to send, i'll get a more recent picture of Chicken, Tx Tadpole, and i to you. We were in the boat placing our Micro On An Island cache when it was taken.
    Glad i found out about your gallery!
  2. Mudfrog added a post in a topic 2015 Lone Star Roundup   

    Trog doesn't know it yet but we're planning on staying in his guest bedroom... 
  3. Mudfrog added a post in a topic How often are your caches found?   

    I have caches placed out in the boonies which sometimes go for years without being found. Our more challenging caches don't get found very often either. Then there are the couple of easy to get to, easy to find, caches at the east Texas and west Louisiana travel stops that get found almost daily. It pretty much all depends on their location and how difficult they are.
  4. Mudfrog added a post in a topic Okay, puzzleheads.....   

    I have\
    I actually have an idea to try if i ever manage to make it up there. 
  5. Mudfrog added a post in a topic External GPS signal booster   

    I've used my old Garmin 76 with my laptop running the Delorme mapping software. This was a few years back but it seemed to work well.
    Sort of a pain with cables and such but, i'm wondering if you can hook the external antenna to your gpsr then plug the gpsr into to your laptop to make it work using Mapsource or Delorme software?
  6. Mudfrog added a post in a topic Okay, puzzleheads.....   

    Actually, i did find this cache back in January. I'm just sandbagging now to see if i can stir up some drama.
    I had taken a look at the page and on GE a while back but nope, i have no earthly idea what to do from here. Would love to head north with Julee and TDD to check the area out in person but i have too many irons in the fire right now. Good luck ya'll!
  7. Mudfrog added a post in a topic More awesome caches!   

    With all the dad blasted p&gs around here,,, You're just rubbing it in now.
    Those caches do look awesome and alot of fun. Would love to come across a few like them. 
  8. Mudfrog added a post in a topic Critters seen while caching   

    Spotted this one near our Steinhagen Stash cache. Only about 10 inches log but he was a fiesty little fellow. 

  9. Mudfrog added a post in a topic Hairy trees   

    There's a small cave near one of my caches. Was checking on the cache one day and decided to see about going inside. The ceiling near the entrance was covered with daddy longlegs and you could actually hear them moving around. A few here and there never bother me but i got the heebie jeebies when i encountered those and never went in. 
  10. Mudfrog added a post in a topic attributes   

    Yes, would probably be eaiser to get it using pocket queries. You would have to run a pq for each attribute to get good results..
  11. Mudfrog added a post in a topic Strange Things We Come Around While Caching   

    Not so strange but it is kinda interesting. This is where you'l find the first stage of our Other Side of Nowhere, DON'T DO IT! cache near Evadale Texas.

  12. Mudfrog added a post in a topic Potentially a Huge Cache Container   

    I'd love to see all the swag in one of those!
    Oh wait,,, it might be filled with used golfballs and broken mcd toys. 
  13. Mudfrog added a post in a topic Geocache hides responsibility for newbies   

    Since i like being out in the woods, it wasn't hard for me to come up with a somewhat decent and dependable first hide some 12+ years ago. Being a multi out in the woods has helped because it's not sought after as often as some of the easier traditionals in the area. I'm kinda proud because the original final container and logbook are still in place after all these years. 
  14. Mudfrog added a post in a topic Geocache hides responsibility for newbies   

    I wish i wasn't so pessimistic but i just don't see it this way. You're certainly right about there being an influx of new phone app cachers but unfortunately, i really don't think that many become long term enthusiasts. I've seen too many become excited when they first get into the hobby but then just lose interest and walk away after a short period of time. Meanwhile, any caches they may have happened to place end up becoming trash because they aren't interested in retrieving them. Of course older cachers do this as well but i truly believe it happens more with new.
    Imo, the phone app is a big culprit. Anyone can download the free version and just go to town without doing hardly any research.
  15. Mudfrog added a post in a topic Car Insurance   

    I actually tried Fred Loya a few years back but they weren't able to save me any money at that time.
    For now, i'm with a company that found for me. I know Esurance is affiliated with Allstate now but i was able to save over three hundred dollars and also get the policy for a full year instead of the usual six months.
    Edited to say that we had a hail damage claim with State Farm about 25 years ago. Not sure how they are now but their service was good back then. Geico is another company where service is excellent. They went above and beyond (had damage on the motorhome and one of the cars) when the tornado come through in 2001. I stayed with them for several years because of their great service but the premiums finally got too high and i had to change companies.