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  1. i could get to most of those after work feel free to send to me instead of archiveing them
  2. got it and accepted
  3. just did a search on saw that the On Location caches are yours i haven't got any of these but i've seen these on the map. if no one closer to downtown area wishes to handle them i will
  4. until
    : January 23, 2016 - SaturdayTime: 11am - 3pmRegion: North AmericaLocation: Shadowbend Park | 4192 Lake Woodlands Dr | The Woo
  5. until
    It is time for the East TX Geocachers annual Christmas Party. This year we wanted to add some extra fun for the East TX Munzee Cachers as well. This is the link to the caching event. http://coord.info/GC65297. I will add more details as they get ironed out and the day gets closer! Make plans for a great time of food, fun, and festivities! Link to Event Munzee -https://www.munzee.com/m/EventIndicator/125/.There will be 100 Event Munzees - 50 MVMs and 50 double point greenies. (They go live at 6:30pm)I will also submit a photo of the best/worst Holiday Jumper worn at the event. (limited to 1 winner per event and the prize is a badge and a place in the Dodgy Jumper Hall of Fame.)The event will include the Lucky Dip. (This is an add on to any package that will make 1 of the event munzees magic. When a player caps it they will receive a present. It may be from Christmas Past, Present or Future!)See you at - Barnhill Steak & Buffet Restaurant | 3217 N. St. |Nacogdoches | TX!
  6. would it be ok if we listed munzee events on the calender?
  7. I had my mom with me trying to get a cache behind a home depot off i-10 in katy, almost at GZ and ran right upon a dude wearing trash bags (he made them into clothes). we almost ran back to the car. @ 6'3" 300# even i dont play with the homeless
  8. Does anyone have the waymarking stat bar on their geocacheing profile? It has never worked for me
  9. Can i buy just a trackable code for tb's or have to buy tags?
  10. if you got the cords for each pole you could put them in some mapping software and draw lines between themfinding the cords of the point they cross
  11. these are inside the event or on the outside?
  12. so their fire cheif and city manager are the same person? Bet he's police chief too.
  13. I've always wanted to attend and it seems that this year will be my last chance. So who's going? How can i afford to go?
  14. So some of ya'll are hams? i am and i need a good/cheap radio
  15. just looked at that. awesome! how have i missed that this long?