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  1. What kind of boots to buy?

    Thanks for all of the responses. Adding in to that, my husband told me that shoes with laces keep your feet steadier on uneven ground, and I'm seeing the picture here. I did look at some hiking boots that came higher up, but they were all insulated for winter/snow, and that doesn't sound very appealing in Houston. My point exactly! Boots are going to provide you with a false sense of security IMHO. I was cute wary of snakes while out caching when I moved to Texas, but so far my common sense and alert eyes have kept me out of trouble. That actually makes me feel a bit better. Like I said, I've never been much of an out-in-the-woods type, so I was worried. But it did occur to me that it's not like I can afford to buy serious snake-proof boots for all of my kids, and they often go with me geocaching. I'll take a look at all the links y'all provided. Thank you!
  2. What kind of boots to buy?

    I rarely go out long enough to get more than 5 caches in a day, and I'm not going to be doing any wading. So I'm betting any reasonably waterproof boot will do. I guess I'm mostly scared of snakes because I'm a total city girl and have never been bitten. But I guess I look at hiking boots on Amazon and to me they just look like really thick tennis shoes, and I can't help but wonder why something like this wouldn't be better: http://www.amazon.com/Justin-Womens-Stampede-Waterproof-Square/dp/B005KPN2ZK/ref=sr_1_11?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1418315641&sr=1-11&keywords=waterproof Are they uncomfortable for long walks? Too heavy? Are pull-ons not preferred for some reason? I'm really just looking to understand the reason so I can decide which kind of boot I want.
  3. What kind of boots to buy?

    I have been using a cheap pair of boots that I bought from Target, and they're just not sturdy enough. My feet get wet, thorns poke through, I clearly need something better. Especially with a lot of caches that I'd like to get recommending "snake boots." I looked on Amazon for some of the brands I've seen recommended, and here's one example of what I'm looking at: http://www.amazon.com/Keen-Womens-Pyrenees-Waterproof-Hiking/dp/B0035FGD7Q/ref=sr_1_17?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1418313573&sr=1-17 I look at that, and while it looks sturdy and comfortable, I'm thinking a) it doesn't look like it's going to protect me much from snakes (and it doesn't look heavy enough to stomp on a snake if necessary); and b ) wouldn't something that comes up higher be better? So, I'm wondering why I never see recommendations for, for example, Justin's or any kind of "cowboy" boot. Obviously it would have to be something that's made more to be practical than pretty, but is there any particular reason that they aren't recommended? When I searched for "snake-proof boot," Justin's was the first thing that came up.
  4. Truth in logging finds

    I like solving puzzles, but as of yet I've only actually gone and gotten one puzzle cache. Somehow the ones I solve never seem to be convenient to go out and get. For DNFs, the only ones I don't feel a need to log are the ones where I had to stop searching for some reason (ran out of time, it was getting dark and I didn't have a flashlight, baby was fussing), and then I came back and found it later. I don't see that as a DNF so much as an "extended search." But if I couldn't find it and gave up, I'll log the DNF even if I did find it later.
  5. Brenham Geotour geocoins arrived today

    Definitely have to hit Blue Bell next time! Too bad they don't do tours on the weekends.
  6. Brenham Geotour geocoins arrived today

    (I'm a poor storyteller. :-P We did get the keys out of the car. Our insurance company sent someone out, and we barely even noticed the wait because we were having such a good time!)
  7. Brenham Geotour geocoins arrived today

    We had the best time today! We only found 7 caches, but we also got 18 points having lunch, so we completed the passport. At our first stop, at the museum in Chappell Hill, I accidentally locked the keys in the car. :-P But, right as we realized this, a very sweet older woman came over and introduced herself, and offered a tour of the historic Methodist church. Turns out that her late husband's great-grandfather built the church in 1901. She was very excited to tell us all about it, and we loved every minute! Then we got a lovely tour of the museum from the new curator. At the Old Rock Store, we were approached by another resident who invited us for refreshments at the Masonic Lodge. We picked up pecans in Linda Anderson Park, met up with a friend who was coming out of a conference at the fairgrounds, had a yummy lunch at a downtown eatery, got geocaching hints from construction workers at Alamo Alley, and saw a train go by the Visitor Center. It was probably the best day our family has had in quite a while. I can't wait for the first opportunity to go back! :-D
  8. Brenham Geotour geocoins arrived today

    Gotcha. So maybe find a way to start earlier.
  9. Brenham Geotour geocoins arrived today

    We're going up to do this tour on Saturday. We're meeting a friend, who will be in a conference until 2. After eating, we'll need 17 caches to get the geocoins. Do you think that's possible to accomplish in one afternoon?
  10. Another suspicious package

    Was it actually a geocache? Because the article almost makes it sound like they found an ammo can, and then someone on the police force said, "Don't those geocachers use ammo cans? Must be related!"
  11. There's a trackable in...

    I placed my first trackable in HOUSTON TEXAS SPORTS FANATIC.
  12. C:Geo Tips & Tricks & questions

    But what would be the advantage of saving it locally? Then it's old information.
  13. C:Geo Tips & Tricks & questions

    This isn't saving anything locally to my phone. I'm not saving or importing any files, and it's not available offline. It's also not "running" the pq -- all of my queries still say that they have never been run, even though I've pulled them up on c:geo multiple times each. I think it's more like when you click on the magnifying glass next to a pq on the website and it shows you a preview. The only advantage that I'm getting over just looking at the "Nearby" button is that it's a very specific search.
  14. C:Geo Tips & Tricks & questions

    I have a vague idea that pocket queries do something fancy with a filetype I don't know how to use, probably involving an actual GPSr, which I don't have. So I'm just using it as an easy way to do searches a little more involved than c:geo normally does. As far as I can figure, c:geo only lets you use one filter at a time for your search results. There's not a(n obvious) way to search for "the 20 closest caches that are traditional, EarthCache, letterbox, or multi-cache; I haven't found, don't own, and are enabled; are no more than 2.5/3 d/t; don't have attributes involving access fees, climbing, swimming, falling rocks, dangerous areas, hunting, abandoned mines, long hikes, people's front yards, or UV lights; and don't specifically say they're not recommended for kids." But I can save a pocket query that does exactly that, and then open it on my phone whenever the kids and I are out and about and wanting to find a geocache. I'm just not sure if it's doing a new search every time I open it in c:geo, or if it's pulling saved results that it got the last time the pq was run.
  15. New Geocaching Family :)

    I hope to go do that whole series.