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  1. 2katz is a Granny!

    Congrats Kelly!
  2. Deep Brush / Woods in Summer?

    It depends on the circumstances for me. Example: End of June 2014, mid 90's and very humid, a 4.5/4.5 rated cache that we needed to complete our second loop on the D/T grid. 500'+ bushwhack in, climbed up a tree to the cache, signed the log, back down the tree, 500'+ bushwhack back to the truck. Soaked with sweat from head to toe, bloody from thorns and briar cuts, picked off a couple ticks, drove straight back home and took a nice long shower. Mission accomplished! If this would have been a cache with a typical rating I never would have went after it.
  3. BlockParty 2015

    We (I) was holding out hope for a remote chance to get to go this year, especially since it's the last one. That chance went by the wayside with two new construction projects that we have landed that are just now breaking ground in San Antonio, another that we think we have landed, and a fourth that bids in mid-August. I'm going to be spending a lot of time in San Antonio for the next few months. Would have been a fun time for sure.
  4. Chirp/Beacon iPhone?

    Rhonda and I took a drive over west of Conroe today and made the find on this multi. Everything worked as expected. Good luck with it next weekend TheNorman, if you run into problems give me a call!
  5. Chirp/Beacon iPhone?

    Next weekend we're leaving early Saturday morning and will be gone till the 14th. Once we're back, I have to go start a construction project in San Antonio, so it may be awhile...
  6. Chirp/Beacon iPhone?

    I remember when that cache published, but haven't been out in the area to try it. Assuming it's a replica of Gary's original, an iPhone will do the first two stages. If you'd like to attempt it today or tomorrow, send me a note and Rhonda and I will meet you over there and we'll tag team it!
  7. Chirp/Beacon iPhone?

    Multi-Tech was not a Chirp. The first stage was obtained by searching for the SSID at Trog's old house before he moved. The SSID gave you the second stage coordinates. At the second stage, you had to email a listed address and the final coordinates were auto-emailed back to you. This was a cool cache! Do you have a Chirp cache somewhere that you'd like to try? Maybe I could meet up with you an show you how to do it, because I don't think I can explain the process without really confusing the instruction.
  8. New Path Tags

    That looks good Jason!
  9. Challenge Coins

    That looks nice. How did she get the air bubbles out, a needle or something while it was still wet?
  10. Harbor Cam Cache - Galveston

    Dang it, once PR catches wind of that it'll probably get archived
  11. My tags :)

  12. Hairy trees

    Wow, that is weird!!
  13. Critters seen while caching

    We saw quite a few road runners out in the hill country last week, wasn't fast enough on the camera to get any pics though. I also lost our camera somewhere hiking in for a cache and had to use the iPhone the rest of the time!
  14. project-gc.com Hints, Tips, and Tutorials

    Pay for both like the rest of us Hans!
  15. New Search feature on gc.com

    I did the "authenticate" on Chrome and thats when I got the blank page with "error" on it. Did the same thing on IE and it worked... Any tips on how I can get it back operational on Chrome?