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    Retired in 2013 and decided to try caching to get out for some walking.
    Primary interest is motorcycle touring and camping.
    Hope to see some of you folks skulking around out in my hood.

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  1. Just wanted say thanks for the friendly welcome at last nights' meet and greet in Sugarland. Enjoyed the evening out and managed to snag the smiley across the street before heading home. :-) Someone (apologies for not remembering the name) mentioned a piece of cache databasing software I should try which I should have written down as I can't remember it this morning. Sound familiar? Again, thanks for the welcome, caching tips, and stories. It was a fun learning experience. Old Gringo
  2. Thanks ClanStan. Its' appreciated.
  3. Okay, deed is done with GPS on order. Garmin Montana with motorcycle mounting package and City Navigator Map package. GPS City had bundled package discount, free shipping, plus motorcycle club $50 discount on top of that. What's not to like? Is the Basecamp software a freebie or does it have to be purchased separately. Would be nice to program ride routes in laptop then D/L.
  4. True Dat!
  5. OldGringoTx? Nope, never heard of that scooter riding piece of trash. How you doin Russ / Rhonda, everything good in your world? Answered your Facebook request yesterday
  6. Not terribly inclement weather, but snagged one of Squirreltrappers caches Friday. 37 degrees and drizzle. Had DNF'd it twice but since I had to make a run to the grocery store I had to give it one more try. Third time was a charm.
  7. <<<<< Whataburger kind of guy.
  8. Two scoops of Bluebell Homemade Vanilla with hot fudge topping?
  9. HC, thanks for the heads up on the Montana series. From what I was able to search up on my own it will do most everything I would like but cook dinner. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=790308
  10. Thanks HC. Had planned on heading over to Kitty Hollow Sunday for some tutoring. Will do some investigating on the GPS U mentioned.
  11. Actually misspoke earlier. The Garmin Zumo was the unit suggested. I tend to have more and more of these senior moments.
  12. I have a 4 year old Garmin 2720 Street Pilot on my tour bike which has finally gone South on me. I will needing to replace it in the not too distant future so what would be a good selection for a multipurpose GPS for both dual purpose highway navigation and caching? The motorcycle forums are big on the high end Zumo for the waterproof feature but you folks might point me in another direction? I'm really going to miss the Street Pilot as it was plug and play through my existing wire harness. Any scooter riders on the forum? (edited Zumo to replace Nuvi)
  13. That's insane! But I need to bag it before it's demo'd.
  14. OK, think I got it. Thanks for the input.
  15. Okay, think I have a general ideal. Wasn't aware that you as CO's could take in a persons "Noob-Nees" (good one HC) in determining what they were trying to say. HC, noted you do controls work? I spent a few months doing contract I/E design out there in the old White House off of Bayway I believe?