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    Well it's a bit confusing to me I've done GC8 which was place on 5-28-2000 and I've done GC30 which was place on 5-11-2000. The dates and gc numbers seem to be off a bit but ah well what the heck that's back when Jeremy was just getting the website up and going. GC8 and GCD are two of the most memorable caches I've done. Pepper
  2. Where have YOU been?

    I've been to Zephyr TX and he has not! The twins and caught Zephyr Tx on our last 17 day 5000 + mile road trip...I thought about you girl. Pepper
  3. Austin's Funky Bus Ride - You're Invited!

    Hi Kathy ...I am here to say it is very easy to the do bus thing getting in and out, myself and Lucy were in the back of the bus every day (that's where the bad girls got to hang out) and had the longest crawl out. After my New England trip and 6 days, 7 states the knee I used to get in out of bus was a bit sore but we (moun10bike, lucyandrickie, pryingpandora and plaidguy) managed just fine it was a hoot. Julie it sounds like a blast do the cache dance for me. Pepper
  4. ljtxhiker (John) needs prayer

    I just spoke with Kay again and John is hanging in there for now...she was even able to send up blood pressure up a bit when she stroked his hand. He can only be on the life support until Tuesday on that day they will go in and try to start his heart again, if that fails it's my understanding they will look for donar? have a wonderful evening all Pepper
  5. Hi y'all I know it's been a REALLY long time since I've stopped in but...I received a phone call from John's gal (Kay) tonight to let me know he was in Methodist Hospital. He is not doing well at all, at this time he is on a heart machine cos his little heart won't beat by it's self. She ask me to be the messanger for her and John as she felt the community might be interested that one of our own was very ill. She said he had a 1 in 4 chance of survival and was wondering if the community could do some heavy praying. If you want first hand info she said it would be fine to contact her via her cell (813-380-2811) or the icu (713-441-3325/3326). Let me just add that John has been a wonderful friend since I arrived in TX and we have kept in touch for now for 3 years, I am very sadden this has happen to such a dear man. Pepper
  6. CITO Event at Baytown Nature Center

    Thanks for the great event Larry, I logged the event and posted A LOT of pictures (all but two taken by Nikki) she is into taking pics! We had a blast, good job young man. Pepper
  7. Loss

    MD that is so sad I'm truly sorry for your loss...stay strong young man. Pepper

    Awesome y'all...I wager a bet that your still having! Pepper
  9. HGCS 2008 Birthday Celebrations: March

    So how was the caching...I hear the mountain bike trails were a bit confusing...hehehhe Sorry to have missed it but I was in the deep end of my pool doing some painting <ack> Pepper
  10. CITO Event at Baytown Nature Center

    what ever happens I'm sure it'll be positive Pepper
  11. GeoWoodstock VI »Geocoin Poker

    superGenius is signed we wait and see if he gets a spot. Pepper
  12. Texas Mega Event

    Sweet you three girls will do fine...any help I can be lemme know. Pepper
  13. Once upon a time.......

    OMG it's good to hear you and Jeff are alive and kicken! Have fun today y'all. Pepper
  14. ATMA, I don't want to be a moderator....

    Black good is sort of a long standing standard also. hehehe Have a great day all. Pepper
  15. ATMA, I don't want to be a moderator....

    I'm a moderator on a fourm also: General Garb Discussion Questions and Answers Mens Clothing Womens Clothing Sewing Circle Creating, sewing and some assembly required Moderator Lady Pepper I'm in Green which is fine it's the color of money, I never really understood why mods were in a different color? I assume that's a standard set way back when. aggiejwp so how is this color does it tickle your know I'm just playing with ya! Pepper