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  1. New Geocaching Family :)

    I always cache with my wife, son (4), and our newborn (he rides in a carrier). Hope our families meet in the wild one day! Welcome to the sport.
  2. Geocaching and lunch

    We usually cache in the morning and drive back for a late lunch at Jason's Deli.
  3. Help Identifying a Cache!

    From that height, I'm expecting to displace all the water!
  4. Post IN THE QUEUE teasers here

    Poseidon's Guillotine I hid my first cache last night. Submitted and waiting for review. Way down on the SE end of town. Fisherman will know the spot. But if your feet get wet, you better watch your neck - for our ocean overlord's justice is swift and quick.
  5. Help Identifying a Cache!

    If others are going, please post the day and time, if you don't mind. I'd like a witness there to call the authorities when my body hits the ground.
  6. Help Identifying a Cache!

    Wow. That most undoubtedly is it. Thanks!
  7. Help Identifying a Cache!

    I'm still very new to geocaching. Logged my 50th find this weekend. And I need some help identifying a cache. I was out in Clear Lake this weekend with my wife when someone approached us and asked if we were geocaching. We chatted for a bit. The guy said that there was a locally famous cache somewhere on the east side that required you to climb up a long ladder. Like 50+ feet. The cache was at the top of abandoned refinery equipment, or something like that. He insisted that it was one not-to-miss. But he couldn't recall any more details. Ring a bell with anyone?
  8. Clear lake area looking for caching buddies

    Just chiming in. I'm new to geocaching (one week in) and new to the Clear Lake area. I've enjoyed taking my four-year-old son on some of the easier grabs. Would welcome company on any hiking or kayaking series. Day job is in the Medical Center. Baytown Bert's videos have helped this rookie along! Excited to become more involved in the hobby.