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  1. ghost towns

    Does anyone know a site to find gps corrdinantes for old ghost towns in texas?
  2. I bought the coin from (100 Finds Geo-Achievement set). It is a real nice coin, and well made. Where did you say was a good place to get it engraved?
  3. I just got it in the mail today. I also have a Mini micro geocoin trackable at Has anyone heard of them? I will bring my coins with me the next time i go to an event...
  4. GC.Com Stats

    How do you get stats on your signature? I have tried several ways and have been unsucessful. Can anyone help me?
  5. 100th Cache

    I finally made my 100th cache today... (GCRQYQ) It took a while because of my schedule, but I finally did it. Yeah!!!
  6. Can anyone be my number two sponsor? Thanks, David