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  1. I was introduced to Lucas a few years ago, in one of the books after he quit drinking. When I found out it was a series, over the past years I have gone to used book stores searching them out, and now I've read them all. It's one of the several series that I keep up-to-date (that means I'll buy the new one in hardcover and not wait for the paperback). Have you read Phantom Prey?
  2. Yesterday, I finished Cross Country; today I started on the latest Prey novel (John Sanford), Phantom Prey.
  3. Picnic on the ground of Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

    On Fridays, our local CBS affiliate show the Texas Country Reporter. I've always liked the stories. Tonight, it was a repeat, but a good one all about the Cypress Valley Canopy Tours. It sure looks like fun!
  4. A local musician wrote this after Rita. Check it out.
  5. Am I crazy??!

    Cache page states the meetings are held the 3rd Monday of every month....
  6. Check your spelling

    Last week, one of the words on our spelling list was "city," (2nd grade). Four students thought it started with "sh" instead of a "c." Going home that day, I heard that song by Journey called 'Lights.' The line 'when the lights go down in the city' is now forever changed in my mind.
  7. Parade magazine
  8. Spoiled?

    Then you must also remember the joy of the colored gel screen that you put over the b/w tv to have color tv! It had blue on the top (so sky would be blue) and green on the bottom (for grass) and this weird skin tone in the middle. It was fun to watch tv when an actor would walk into the sky area and turn blue. We thought it was so cool!

    HC, That photo of your house looks like a Christmas card! I especially like the way you did the blue lights. Nice job!
  10. Goodby Gustav, Hello Ike!

    Here in Beaumont today, and in most of the south, a high pressure system moved in and we are back to humid and no breeze. Accordingly, one of the weather things to watch is whether or not this high pressure is high enough. If it is, it will keep Ike heading more west (sorry Corpus). It the high pressure system breaks down, well...we might be in for another storm. For once, let's hope the humidity and clouds from that high pressure system stays high.
  11. Funny Thigs Kids Say

    My youngest is now 29, but when she was about 12 or so, we were still living in San Diego and climbed mountains and hiked a lot. One day, I asked her is she wanted to go with me and a hiker friend to climb a certain mountain. She said sure. On the hike, she was such a little *&&*@. Complained about everything...the perfect weather, the gorgeous view, etc etc. About halfway up, there's this big flat rock that is perfect for a break and looking at the view. She plops down on the rock and informs us that she will wait there until we come back down. I argue with her and said, "I asked you if you wanted to climb mt. whatever days ago and you said sure. Now what is with your attitude?" Her reply was priceless (especially when you consider she was an honors student): "Yes I did say I wanted to go hiking with you but you didn't tell me it was uphill!" I told that story on her wedding day!
  12. Spair Tire

    I know many of you know Spair Tire and Bizzy B, so I thought I'd paste this here. As of right now, I have no other info. I've emailed Mudfrog and asked him to come on and give more info. Update: I just spoke with BizzyB. She and SpairTire are in Houston. She wanted me to let everyone know that SpairTire got his new liver on her birthday, August 28. He is doing well but they need to stay in Houston for the next 31 days.
  13. Gustav coming...near?

    The irony of it guts told me to stay put and not worry much about Gustav. Don't know why because I ran with everyone else on Rita. So, here we sit, in mandatory evacuation area, and it has barely rained. Not even enough to rinse the cars off, just enough to make the dirt on the smear really good. Now, my mother and sisters (plus their dogs) took off to my other sister's in Alabama. Guess who has worse weather? Of course! They are getting all kinds of wind and rain. It defies logic to run from a hurricane and only go deeper into hurricane territory! And picture this...9 adults, 1 teenage, and eight little dogs (4 chihuahuas) and 2 medium sized dogs...all in one 1800 sf house.
  14. Gustav coming...near? of 6 a.m. Sunday morning, Jefferson and Hardin counties (that's Beaumont, Pt Arthur, Lumberton, Silsbee, etc) will be on mandatory evacuation. I'm not leaving that early. Right now, we will get the edge of the storm if it continues on its projected path. Now, if that sucker makes a left turn, my attitude might change. Might not.
  15. Poison Ivy and Tecnu

    That was me for the first 50 years of my life. Once I even (not knowingly) sat in it with no reaction. Then I started reacting to it and ooooohhhhhh boy, did I react. It was like making up for the first 50 years. Now, I carry the Technu bottle and wipes with me and POUR that stuff on me when I've been exposed. I've tried Gojo too. It worked also. The main difference is once the Gojo is on, getting it all off (this is while in the woods or anywhere other than home with a shower). My doc said this is common. And another of yall said the other thing he said...the more times you get it, the worse it is. For me, that is very true also. Best learn the hard way, like I did, to recognize it and avoid it.