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  1. TEXAS Series in GBP - last winter season

    Here is an advance notice: This will be the last winter season for the TEXAS series in George Bush Park (picture below) The first cache in the series is: GC2K0CD The series was placed 6 years ago and has hosted many groups caching treks and most have been found over 100 times. This notice will give interested parties time to make the trek and find the caches. Sometime in March, the series will be collected and archived. It will be sad to see it go, but it's time to move on and open the space for something new. For those that don't know the area it is heavily wooded, with lots of thorns and vines, and a couple of ditch crossings. Some powerline r.o.w. and piepline r.o.w. access makes it a little easier. Also, the eastern entrance is closed until 2019, so you must access from the southeast or from the west. Parking suggestions are on the picture below. This notice was also posted on the FB site. (
  2. Which GPSr to buy?!?

    Thanks, Kenny. That's good to hear. especially the part about the handlebar mount being the same.
  3. Which GPSr to buy?!?

    Our Garmin GPSMAP 62's are deteriorating after many years of caching abuse, so we're thinking of upgrading. Since the 64's have been out for a couple of years now, are they still a good follow up to the 62? Can y'all faithful users give a chime in about the durability, battery life, capacity, ease of use, reading the screen in sunlight... You know all of those issues that are pesky...
  4. Connecting a PC to an old TV

    Thanks, HC. I'll have to check this out. I did see this note on the description: Note: Please make sure the Video Card of your system supports TV (RCA/S-Video) output through VGA port. I have some more research to do....
  5. Connecting a PC to an old TV

    Bert, No thanks. My ultimate purpose is to watch netflix on my 36" TV.
  6. Connecting a PC to an old TV

    I'm trying to connect my laptop to an old TV (dumb TV). The TV only has S-video or the RCA connectors. The Laptop has HDMI, USB, and VGA (15-pin). Without spending an arm and a leg, how do I connect the 2, so I can use the TV as a monitor for the Laptop?
  7. What happened to geocaching events?

    I remember the old time events. One of the first events we attended was held at the home of usmorrows. It was pot luck and everyone brought food and lawn chairs to sit around a gab. There was also some caching style games and prizes for the winners. We were fresh off the farm back then and enjoyed every bit of it. We were so star struck to be in the presence of the geocaching leaders for all of Texas. usmorrows and geowyz were the top cachers in the state with about 600 finds each. I remember thinking that it would take us years to ever get that many caches. Ah, the memories!
  8. Garmin Oregon 650 problem

    Thanks, Kenny! I rarely "export" from GSAK, so I haven't run into the bug. I usually "send to GPSr" from GSAK. Works for me!
  9. Garmin Oregon 650 problem

    Why is this important? Can you explain the difference between GPX 1.0 and 1.1 and how it affects the GPSr?
  10. TXGA Texas Challenge 2016

    I sure hope that the Blue Bell Creamery is back in business by then....
  11. Longest since last find

    I still plan to check out 23-SUR for WP3 to see if it is there. It is just to humid to be out these days. WTG on the No Picasso II find. It might be a tad bit wet out there.
  12. TXGA Texas Challenge 2016

    How about a nice game of BINGO!
  13. Portable washer

    To dry, you just tie the wet clothing to your truck and speed off down the road....
  14. Is it just me or

    So long to the concept of "backward compatibility". I guess that was lost with the demise of Windows XP.
  15. How often are your caches found?

    I looked at my stats page for days between finds, and it is a bit misleading. For example, the TEXAS Series letter "S" are my hides. The stats say ~13 days per find, but in reality, the caches get found once or twice a year, by a large group of cachers, thereby skewing the stats.