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  1. Connecting a PC to an old TV

    Thanks, HC.  I'll have to check this out. I did see this note on the description: Note: Please make sure the Video Card of your system supports TV (RCA/S-Video) output through VGA port. I have some more research to do....
  2. Connecting a PC to an old TV

    Bert, No thanks. My ultimate purpose is to watch netflix on my 36" TV.  
  3. Connecting a PC to an old TV

    I'm trying to connect my laptop to an old TV (dumb TV). The TV only has S-video or the RCA connectors. The Laptop has HDMI, USB, and VGA (15-pin). Without spending an arm and a leg, how do I connect the 2, so I can use the TV as a monitor for the Laptop?  
  4. What happened to geocaching events?

    I remember the old time events. One of the first events we attended was held at the home of usmorrows.  It was pot luck and everyone brought food and lawn chairs to sit around a gab.  There was also some caching style games and prizes for the winners.  We were fresh off the farm back then and enjoyed every bit of it.   We were so star struck to be in the presence of the geocaching leaders for all of Texas.  usmorrows and geowyz were the top cachers in the state with about 600 finds each.  I remember thinking that it would take us years to ever get that many caches.   Ah, the memories!
  5. Baytown Geotour info here

    Make sure there is a Geo-tour stop at Buc-ees.  They'll be $$ spent there, for sure!  
  6. Take time and visit the American Wind Power Center and Museum    
  7. Last I checked, Lubbock was in a dry county.....      
  8. As of Jan 12th, here are those that have posted a "will attend" log: (Disclaimer:  I may not have recognized some of the SETX names.)   Team Cull ParkerPlus OHail Woodpicker & Skipbo Huff-Suter 2katz + her BFF Team Red J mztrob gsguru stirfrie2005 rambetta no muggle Bubberdad HoustonControl GSIs DangerKitties Taz427 BaytownBert Texas Dreamweaver Nov64
  9. Bert, with last year being your first Texas Challenge, you got hooked up with an excellent hunting squad, that played the game honestly and non-stop until seconds before the time limit.  I was thrilled to be a squad member with you, and I can hold my head up proudly and proclaim that we played with integrity. If you accept the challenge of becoming the team captain, I would expect you to demand that integrity in the game is more important than winning.  

      I wonder if they can match the Bridge Spittin' Event .... LOL
  11. Block Party 2014

      Everyone is short(er) than HC.
  12. We Rock! Challenge Score Information

      I like this attitude!  That's exactly what the challenge has evolved to for me.   I have been aware of all of the "quirks" of the challenge for the last 10 years (this was my 10th challenge), yet I still like to compete on a personal level, and to have a good time with my group. My partners this year were the best, (since the last set of partners) A shout out for BaytownBert, GGMorton, Rich, and HoustonControl, who put up with me and Mrs MB for 4 hours!  
  13. We Rock! Challenge Score Information

      Wow! That is incredible!   This may be the end of the Texas Challenge competition, if scores can't be trusted any better than that.
  14. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

        With over 30 years of canoeing and kayaking experience with Kathy, I've learned that she is always right!   Maybe that's we we keep going  in circles....

      It's in the Houston Area portion of the State Parks Guidebook.