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  1. Change of Scenery :)

    I will be visiting the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and will have a few weekends to myself and look forward to adding this countrry to my small but long in developing list of finds. May have to get a good translation app as most of the caches seem Dutch to me. Rudy
  2. Cacheless Rest stops on interstates Arkansas

    I drive from Houston to St. Louis often. The state of Arkansas supports geocaching quite well. I too take 59 to Texarkana onto 30. Recently started taking 67 north out of Little Rock so I can't speak for the I40 segment, but I believe on the I30 stretch there is at least one geocache in each of the east bound rest areas. GC289CA, GC12V1K, GC5GR12, GC1T4E7,GCMM5J. As I recollect there are a couple in I55 (Missouri and Arkansas Welcome Centers). Along I55 it seems that there are quite a number of caches hidden in Park and Ride lots. While not as easy as a rest area, most are approachable with a minimal amount of detour from the main highway. For those not in a hurry both states have some great caches taking you to some great places of historical and scenic value.
  3. FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH . . . . .

    Feeling sort of guilty as I lurk here almost everyday. Saw my name on the list and thought I'd go grab one today: GC30NH8 - Mahatma Gandhi District #5.
  4. Aloha

    I use a similiar app called Find Friends, which allows you to see the location of anyone that allows you to and has the same app. Has been helpful in large crowds, meeting up with people at large venues, and tracking the kids as they drive between here and St. Louis. No alerts as this one seems to have, but most of the people that I would follow or want following me, have a pretty good idea where I am without being suprised by a "ding" on their smartphone.
  5. There is a turnaround area before you enter the lot (look at Google earth) that contains the bus stop for MEtro. I have waited in this area many times in the past to pick up others to go into Texans games. Car idiling is not necessarily parking and easy enough to move on if so directed by metro.
  6. Pats and Genos for cheesesteak
  7. Headed to London

    Wife is on business for a few days, which is when I will be caching (and golfing). Seems like a lot of virtuals and webcams are in order. Business Class rocks! Packing my caps and hoodies so I can fit right in to thee scenery while caching in outlaying areas.
  8. Headed to London

    Will be in London (Hyde Park - Kensington Area) for a few days next week. Any suggestions for must do caches?
  9. Geocache of the Week

    Lurking as I always do, I peeked into the HGS page to see anything new and as habit has dictated went over to the GC site. New security issues at the office made me log back on and while logging noticed the following..... “BongEun-Sa Revivial” GCXNRW GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – January 24, 2011 This seemed to ring a bell and lo and behold I nabbed this one in January of 2008. What are the chances (1,000,000,000+ to 1) that I would have logged the cache of the week, much less one 7048 miles from home. Beautiful place that I did at night (-8C). Paid my respects and grabbed one of two while visiting Korea.http://blog.geocaching.com/2011/01/bongeun-sa-revivial-gcxnrw-geocache-of-the-week-january-24-2011/
  10. Latest iPhone 'update'

    Interested in your solution, as I had the same problem this past weekend. My wife's phone was recently updated by IT at work. Did find that the GPS was turned off for the Geocaching app, but got no better results when switching to the on position.
  11. Vote to bring back virtual caches!

    Voted for and then went to waymarking to see if it's comparable. Almost but not quite as exciting as getting a smiley. Heading to STL for the holiday and just found another few hundred thinds to look for on the way. Wish I could create a route to add to the one I generated on GC.com
  12. Garmin Custom Maps

    Sounds like a lesson is in order. What are you using for your base map?
  13. History Geocaching Project in Huntsville, TX

    Virtual Cache controversy here we come, though something like the Houston History Tour might seem to be in order for someone interested in drawing attention ot local history.
  14. A plea for help from Maggie users

    I still use the SportTrac Map. What is it you are trying to do?