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  1. How Special Are Your Tools?


    or don't say you are the TheLemonClan and Smokey sent me
  3. CLAPS Moonlight Madness Geo-Paddle Event GC33DWT

    Man I need to get my new yak wet !!
  4. Heading to Austin Any Recommended Caches

    Here's another one that's on my watchlist - this one will take the right timing to get!!  We tried once but couldn't locate it and it turns out it was right underfoot and we just didn't see it - daggunit!! [url=http://coord.info/GCCF79]The Rock That Rolls
  5. Heading to Austin Any Recommended Caches

    This was a good one - the hint gives it away [url=http://coord.info/GCHFQP]Take a Nap
  6. Heading to Austin Any Recommended Caches

    Necropolis Brittania Manor will take a few hours so plan it to get to the final at sunset or just after
  7. Congrats and Happy Birthday.. My grandson's birthday is also today
  8. Houston Geo-Tech Symposium Event

    subscribing to this thread
  9. Web Flash Mob

    WOW this is going to be good - shutting down all those websites !! 
  10. 10 Years! Baytown, TX

    The couple to the left is: Maxwell's Hammer & Mr. Maxwell's Hammer
  11. 10 Years! Baytown, TX

    Hours of Operation The Baytown Nature Center is open daily all year round, except during extreme inclement weather. Gates open 30 minutes before sunrise and close 30 minutes after sunset. Admission Fee There is an entrance fee of $3 per person for adults. Children age 12 and under are free. Annual passes may be purchased for $25 per person or $50 per family. Annual passes may be purchased at the Visitors Center at the entrance to the nature center I UNDERSTAND THE FIRST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH IS FREE ENTRANCE FEES
  12. GW Peace Sign Series

  13. Park & Gab: Fifteenth Edition