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  1. Petition to replace Prime Reviewer

    What has he done this week?
  2. Longest since last find

    I thought you went with us when we found Fear and Caching in Las Vegas..wow that was FOREVER ago! I know there was a group..yeah, I know..ya'll are saying 'what the hell is Zephyr doing on here, we thought she was dead!'. LOL And I don't recall the cords being off, but the puzzle was tough and took some doing...<blonde moment, yes, GB park is nowhere near us and the start point coords> LMAO So who's still group caching and when's the next 'outing'?! Zephyr
  3. Well, it's been a gazillion years since I posted anything on here, but there aren't any events coming up down here for while and I hate for this guy to sit for too long. Recently started back doing a little caching--not a lot, and largely just for the TX State Park Challenge but while I was in FL for Daytona Race week I decided to grab a few caches that looked to be in interesting places while driving the everglades and the keys during the week. At one of these caches I met up with a couple from Germany here on vacation who were also caching. At the cache they mentioned having one of two travelers on their car that was up to be grabbed. These two magnetic tbs are in a race for miles and I racked up a LOT of miles on this one since leaving FL and doing a couple of state park runs the past two weekends. However, I don't have plans to go anywhere else for a few weeks and thought someone else might have a trip coming up. The big rule is the traveller has to stay stuck to your vehicle available to be grabbed by anyone who wants to do so and move it along. That being said, if you're going on a trip, you know where I live--come 'n get it--and if you don't know where I live then try visiting the cache 'Dauphin Island' in the Clear Lake area. The 'bug' is on the back of my silver Cruze http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?guid=13db16e6-c320-46c0-9dec-2b67f2ba5dd6 Zephyr
  4. Bad time of year for me to pay to subscibe and I've been inactive for so long. So thought I'd hop on here and ask if anyone has a pocket query results for the Texas State Park Challenge this year (caches that start with the name TXCGG13) that they could email me? Also, does the site now allow you to create a query based on a name (or contains in a cache name) or is use of the bookmark list at http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=2c5bbee6-ebfe-4a31-9d22-43b4e17712b0 required to do this? Thx! Zephyr trackingyourroots@gmail.com
  5. GC2Q01J: HGA-AlterSchirm

    GC2Q01J: HGA-AlterSchirmhttp://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=5e21bf75-81ac-4427-a7d1-8e36db4c8142 gc event, 7pm @ 9er's Grill, Bwy 8/Blackhawk
  6. WANTED : East Houston Cache Buddy

    Blessed, I too would be happy to go caching with you sometime. I work M-F days, but am free on weekends and evenings. Sometimes Kat & I cache after work--we live in the Clear Lake area. Zephyr/Lisa
  7. Happy Birthday!!!

    WTF?! Reposting Kayla?!? Looks like I went to GS HQ twice!!
  8. WhereIGo Is My Business

    THe waymarking site is good if you're looking for a certain type of site. For example I used it on a historical trip in south AL to find natural springs and Indian historic locations. But as a game, nah, no chance. In fact I've only visited the site twice I think the second time being for that trip specifically. And just like micros in Walmart parking lots, who cares where WAlmart's are? Your GPS will tell you that now, if you are on the road and have internet access your too high tech to NOT hav a GPS, and why would you waste time to get the pc up and running and go to a site and log in to find out where a friggin walmart is when you can find it so quickly on your gps?! Just kinda silly really! LOL
  9. Moving to Alabama

    Good luck with the move Shannon. OHail lives in Montgomery so she's a good bit from where you're gonna be in Mobile. Wish it was me!! Lisa
  10. Ditto, I never hardly check these forums anymore...I'd have loved to have gone, but alas..too late now!
  11. iPad

    I'm with Bob--who cares and iPASS! If you can't get service anyway WTF?!?!
  12. HGA: On This Day

    GC26B5R http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=47f4cf2b-8927-4db3-8f0b-ac3ad35fdc00
  13. HGA: Nashville Bound!

    GC26B5P http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=7b273cad-3d26-4b9b-ae78-def19d50daee
  14. Jeremy's GC birthday gift to us cachers...

    All very annoying and all been that way for some time.