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  1. Looks like peer pressure is at it's very best on the new Geocaching Promotion announced recently. Soooo...I made this poll just for fun; if nothing quite fits...just simply reply how the promotion will, or will not, work for you!
  2. Kenny read my mind; I'm encouraging an event with some cautionary editing
  3. I just ran across this today & it sounds right up some cachers alley! Plus, there's plenty of time to make it an official CITO event, grab some caches, etc. Who's with me?! Village Creek Classic
  4. News to me! Now I have something to look forward to!
  5. I remembered doing the series in Jan...2015? And those pictures look the same as what I remember ...crazy!
  6. Hmm...didn't think about the stiff tag adding trouble with size...currently I just have it folded once to fit ziplock bag...
  7. Wooo...I've activated all 7 of my Deadly Ducks...but only completed "info sheets" for 3, (yellow,red,orange if you're interested), so far...COUNTDOWN TIME! I've put so much effort in filling out the sheets that I'm really wanting to laminate my papers. Do any/all Houston-area libraries have that capability? Or how have you done that in the past? I've "matched" my Ducks with the following items: Gluttony - measuring cup Wrath - keychain flashlight (visit haunted, murderous places) Greed - Scratch-off keychain Sloth - freebie Pedometer Envy - Ariel old aquarium piece...never put in aquarium Lust - Fake diamond ring Pride - Any ideas for the last one? Find a lion?
  8. Welcome Dave! I really enjoyed your Zoo cache & it was a real life-saver for me & memorable considering it coincided with the first, of too many, Houston floods. I see you have a few more in the medical I look forward to finding those caches in the fall! Maybe I'll run into you at an event sometime!
  9. So I know many of you have mentioned being on guard when geocaching for safety. But this particular location I've been hesitant, and have never attempted, to go near: GC1MDJG ...people have mentioned it being a homeless camp. And well, it didn't fare well for a homeless person this weekend: Homeless killed at GZ Since I'm extending my streak to 3 years, if anyone on the "West Side", (since this is new territory I work near on weekdays), has any similar reports, please share on this thread. Thanks!
  10. I guess I didn't realize that how a cache is found would merit it's existence, but if it does go away I'll surely miss it. I wouldn't miss it because I searched for them as "how it should be" found, (#StreakerProblems), but because I think it serves as an easy smile for those unfamiliar with Downtown Houston and the struggle with GPS is at that location. What can I say, I get a kick of tourists creating a memory out of a geocache, no matter how simple it is to find. Quite a few of my logs at my Hobby Airport cache are the only Texas find for them. And, even if it's a "TFTC - my first Texas find!" kind of log, it brings a smile to my face.
  11. No bones about it: I'm a millennial and a heavy FB user. I do check this forum daily and will respond to new topics, but otherwise don't have anything new to say
  12. So I've been thinking on how to get a better D/T range of caches in the SE area & I had an idea to create a 3.5/4.5 cache by having a nano up a climbing rope. I've used climbing ropes in crossfit, but this one in particular is slippery because it's thin & made of nylon...oh, and the wind will twirl you around, (it did for me while placing!). Not only that, juggling a nano in your hands while at a top of the rope is really difficult. PR archived it upon "publishing" because it's on school property citing a 2009 Colorado bomb scare by a geocache. I see the point. I did, however, remember this local cache at a school that's been there for a long time, but I'll concede that this one will not happen. SO, does anyone else know where a climbing rope is other than the Clear Lake HS track? I didn't want to completely abandon the difficulty/terrain challenge...
  13. Farancia abacura? There are some vibrant pictures online, but then some duller snakes that look a lot like your picture. Either way, the color may be hidden from your view in this picture? Did you happen to see if it was more red on the underside? That length appears a little long to be a single snake...did you happen to catch two snakes in a "springtime dance"?
  14. All arguments stated are a matter of personal opinion. My personal opinion on the matter is: "why rename anything?" If it didn't have that historical reference, albeit negative, then this conversation wouldn't exist. Simply "erasing" the past isn't going to change it. I think it's healthy to find out more about a subject and names can spark that inquisitive nature to know more.
  15. Oh, that toughie has my mental capacity all over it...alligator or crocodile?!