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  1. Geocaching App Tip

    I was trying to reply to the thread on the GPSr, but it's refusing to post my longer reply, so I'm just pasting it here since the most recent reply mentioned the person was going over allotted space on data usage with their wireless company: Speaking of the App, don't forget about data space on your phone too! Click on "logs" at the bottom of the screen, you should have none on "Pending" unless you were geocaching out of range, but it defaults to your "sent" logs. Click "Delete all" on the top right, (since all your logs are on anyway), & depending upon how long it's been since you did this it will appear that it's "thinking" for a while, & then it'll say: No Sent Logs. I don't know the purpose behind holding Logs once they've been sent, but if you've never done this it'll be noticeably faster.
  2. What to buy? 64s or Oregon 600

    Wow, I had a HoustonControl moment...I typed out a long reply & it didn't post...TESTING!! It won't let me edit because "too much time has passed" & my longer response is on my Copy/Paste... It just merged my next sentence with my original post but refuses to post my 6 sentence long reply...
  3. What to buy? 64s or Oregon 600

    Thanks for the abbreviated version of the, normally, lengthy discussions on GPSr's.  It would be nice if you could also share your experience after your purchase to hear if the unit lives up to your expectations.  #iPhoneGeocacher4Life
  4. GSAK Class Feb 2016 - Baytown

    "Basic knowledge of how to use" is a broad description. At least there's a few months to figure out what that means... 
  5. 2015 Armand Bayou Spring Cleaning CITO

    What?! Part with a bottle of Apple pie meade?! (Crazy!)
  6. 2015 Armand Bayou Spring Cleaning CITO

    I don't have any plans for that day yet, so if you hear of anyone hesitant about kayaking please offer them my "marathon arms" service if they pay/have a tandem
  7. Ok, well, if the criteria for a team captain is someone who has been to a ton of challenges...who would that be? (just getting this ball rolling 'cause I've never attended one)
  8. Hey! Where are all the pics from Geocoin Fest ?

    Anybody? Everybody? Somebody!    ...specifically speaking; who has that DUCK FACE picture? 
  9. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    I was trying to do a cache on the SSH grounds & was run off before even getting to GZ. So their security is legit.
  10. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    Thanks for clarifying what is specifically included in the registration. That's one thing I didn't like in the design of the webpage: that you weren't able to browse what was offered without filling out a form. This might sound crazy, but I'm not interested in those products other than the name tag...because I do want to be somewhat engaging this weekend with our guests...who made those? I would pay a fee to obtain one
  11. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

        ....the CITO, in Walter Hall park 
  12. CLAPS Cachin' on the Bayou Post-Mega Paddle Event

    I'll be running in the Space City 10 Miler...the route goes near Bay Area Park...please be advised of the extra foot traffic/ cones on that day...
  13. We Rock! Challenge Score Information

    Maybe I've been watching too much "I Almost Got Away With It" on Netflix, but what if we could rig a system that if a Texas Challege cache was "moved/pulled" it would put off a red dye such as what happens to theives who steal from banks Texas Challenge SE Edition... Bring it *insert Mustard Devil's smiley here*
  14. Three weeks from now, Friday, DAY Event

    I have off 3 weeks from now, May 2nd, & would like to do some caching, like, Herman Park, George Bush Park, those crazy clowns...during the day that Friday. Since it's early enough I can make an event if we all chime in by 8pm Thurs 17th Please comment where you would like to cache with a group that day. & what timespan would work best for you
  15. ! Rambetta's Regatta !

      Hark! Do my ears hear a kayak may be potentially available?!    Actually, this may be the weekend of our first triathlon...