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  1. Tarpon 140

    I think he gave great advice about "pushing to/from the beach", because forget weight for a moment...I know some y'all guys who are thick, but it's all muscle. You can't garentee who's writing in their experience has huge guns & can torpedo their yak just on strength alone VS the guy who hibernates on a couch for a hobby but lives next to water & wants to occasionally fish/bird/take photographs...aka: not travel 0.1 to 0.1 for caches for hours on end.  I know it sucks to be patient, but Demo Days at Austin Kayak is every spring...& I just checked you can physically get in one & make your own opinions.   ...just sayin'. Not everyone can have "marathon arms" 
  2. Silent Auction Items Needed

    Can you give an example of items that have been auctioned off in previous years? 
  3. Denied Cache

    I glanced at your location & where are you attempting people to park? Just pull over on the road? Across at the gas station & walk across? In order to get my Kemah bridge geocache published I had to show A) safe place to park underneath, B ) Stress not a park & grab to prevent people from parking on a busy bridge at the apex & grabbing it, (PR really said this is what people could do!) C)Provided links that show this bridge is used for running groups for that purpose. In all honesty, if I'm driving along a highway & want/need a cache in another state I'm going to choose a cache that is easy to park near, (rest stop), or consider if it has a lot of favorite points/TB Hotel.
  4. Angleton bans PED's while driing

    That is very interesting. I was told that in Austin you can only use your phone at a stop sign/light, (hearsay, no sites!). I've never relied on Siri as much as that weekend...
  5. Longest since last find

    GC388FG says it's 4,775 miles away... you DID travel far for your milestone! 
  6. Merry Christmas

    May all your terrain 4, difficulty 3 geocaches be muuuuch easier than expected!  Merry Christmas!!!
  7. Assault in Woodlands Park
  8. February 29th - Take a LEAP with Skydiving!

    What time is "after work" for you? & Mustard Devil: Which location are you interested in? Woodlands again? Bert: Did you even say if the red pigtailed Baytownian will grace us with his/her presence? ...more questions than answers. GASTX has my vote for most creative response with the 20" box fan 
  9. I was just curious what had for Christmas items, (doubt my other half will get me something geocaching related), but I saw this !366 coin/stand/pin combo & it got me excited!  In fact, Feb 29th is such a big deal in my book I just requested PTO for that day,(Monday).  Anyway, y'all know I like original I want to get a rough head count on how many people would be interested in: indoor skydiving for the "leap year"! Theres one in the woodlands & on the west side going out towards Katy on I10. So, if you're interested, please say which location works best for you. iFly Memorial Link This little informal poll ends Jan 1st, (I'll get a group rate amount after that), & see if we can go from there! 
  10. Visiting from out of town

    You'll have a lot of fun at the Saucer & the waitress, what's her name? Belly?!, (too many Saucer drinks?!), is so attentive that you won't get service THAT fast anywhere in Houston. Really VIP style!  Oh, & now that all the guys have set you up with all the really life-threatening things to watch out for in Southeast Texas, I think one harmless, frequently seen, animals are Banana Spiders down at Brazos Bend State Park south of the city. The sheer size will stop you in your path if their web doesn't catch you first while on the trail! The entrance fee is kind of steep in comparison to the other state parks around the state, but you'll get your fill & then some of geocaching while experiencing less muggles than in the city.
  11. Running Up the Numbers

    Nope! I have no interest in THAT long of a distance. The most I've ever run was 14.5 miles & that was because I wanted to hang out with our running group "marathon group" 'cause they had the best conversations  
  12. Running Up the Numbers

    Wow...I just got back from running &, I feel SO entergized!   Actually, I'm still trying to figure it out. Because I ran 9 miles before the Lone Star CITO where we hiked for 5 hours & my legs were worn out, but I was no where as exhausted overall. I blame it on being an introvert. Y'all are just too social for me - draining my energy I'm still trying to decide if I should run before TEXAS this Saturday too...or just run my 7 miles on Sunday... :/ If I ever start looking like these people going down stairs: Please tell me to stop geocaching & go home.
  13. Challenge Cache Survey

    I'll quiz you on your well-reasoned, rational thoughts at the next event I, on the other hand, am lacking in creativity on this subject  
  14. Running Up the Numbers

    1000 in one year is a lofty goal to me. I'm at 867 now and don't think I'm motivated enough to do that right now.  Just because 100 in one day is feasible, it by no means is a cake walk...aka: physically demanding!  I passed out in exhaustion & I wasn't even back in Hosuton yet  (omg I hope a picture isn't around somewhere)
  15. Challenge Cache Survey

    I felt it was a well made poll; like, it covered all the bases...