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  1. project gc stats

    Usually from logging a cache twice.
  2. My 1k

    Special Tools Required is / was a great cache
  3. Lake WHAT?!?

    I am not sure about global warming or who invented the internet but the US is suffering from a really bad case of ThinSkinItis along with an acute case of MEopia. IMHO
  4. GSAK Use

    Major update to GSAK released. Version

    Good luck to the SETX crew tomorrow!!!!! Sent from the Matrix
  6. Count me as one of the "many"
  7. Oregon 450 or 450t?

    I do. Send me a pm and we can talk. Sent from the Matrix
  8. Tarpon 140

    I am a fan of the Feel Free Moken Series. The wheel in the keel does it for me. Very stable yak with all of my junk on board.
  9. Up for adoption

    They are on the wrong side of town for me or I might grab a couple. How are you guys doing???
  10. Helllooooo

    Welcome to Houston and the surrounding area. All kinds of caches ( and cachers to hangout with ) to be had here. If the weather is really bad then the "Baytown Micro-Climate" seems to have an as yet unexplained habit of offering up a spot to cache without needing waders, rain suits, etc. (The only real issue with caching in Baytown coming from Houston is passing through the anti-matter space named Channelview but there are alternate routes when needed ). Looking forward to meeting at one of the local events.
  11. Listeria in Brenham Blue Bell

    Their newest flavor. Sent from the Matrix
  12. Angleton bans PED's while driing

    The open container law fixed most folks Performance Enhancing Drug (Drink). Dagnabit!!!!!
  13. Denied Cache I got this one a couple of years ago, has been there for years, appears some PR's are not so strict. You have to park along the feeder or the highway as it is between both.
  14. Connecting a PC to an old TV

    And the 12" floppiy disks make reasonable place mats while eating dinner on TV trays.
  15. BRAWNDO in Baytown Jan 2nd!

    At least a half hour was spent on Brawndo 2 all by itself (500 ft of uglyness both in and out). But it was worth it as we found BB's old home place and the water well he drank from as a child.