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  1. How to add a link to your cache for this forum

    Other stuff??!?? Sent from the Matrix
  2. Just name it NEEDS MAINTENANCE, Oh wait you said it was running linux, nvm
  3. A Jeep must have

    The only thing capable of towing a jeep ( especially when its attached to a stuck FJ ).
  4. A Jeep must have Is one of many
  5. looking for a good doctor/surgeon

    My doc as well, he is as close to a back GOD as there is. I suffered for 25 years with back pain, when I finally couldn't get out of bed I went to him. After a MRI he said 1 hours work on a bulged disc (pounding on a nerve). Gave me a 99% guarantee this would fix it. 6 years since with no pain, nada, zilch. In at 7AM, Home by noon. One day of minor pain from lap sites and I was good to go. Call him, he is tops in my book
  6. Reinstalled the client software after a system rebuild ( had forgotten about it). Client running again
  7. Forum decline

    I am a throwback to the bulletin board / newsgroups days. I still hangout in numerous IRC chat rooms. I am an eight plus year member of several GPS forums and just prefer them. I do not have a FB, Twit or MY-S accounts and wont until I just don't have a choice. I understand keeping a forum up and running isn't a free (time or $$$$$) endeavor and appreciate owners / admins who maintain them because they just like to.
  8. project gc stats

    Usually from logging a cache twice.
  9. My 1k

    Special Tools Required is / was a great cache
  10. Lake WHAT?!?

    I am not sure about global warming or who invented the internet but the US is suffering from a really bad case of ThinSkinItis along with an acute case of MEopia. IMHO
  11. GSAK Use

    Major update to GSAK released. Version

    Good luck to the SETX crew tomorrow!!!!! Sent from the Matrix
  13. Count me as one of the "many"
  14. Oregon 450 or 450t?

    I do. Send me a pm and we can talk. Sent from the Matrix
  15. Tarpon 140

    I am a fan of the Feel Free Moken Series. The wheel in the keel does it for me. Very stable yak with all of my junk on board.