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  1. Caching on business trip in Houston

    Sorry guys, I didn't manage to create an event. just doesn't work with an internet connection of 5kb/s (think something like a construction site in the middle of nowhere here) Anyway, the weather: it's quite nice actually! and not as humid as I thought it would be. Went for a nice little hike in George Bush Park on Saturday early morning. Took lots of water with me, food, sun protection, other stuff. Saw a few animals, picked up some 13 caches. I guess that's all caching activity for the rest of the stay. Was difficult enough to get a taxi that brought me back to my hotel. But I got Texas coloured in on my geocaching stats
  2. Caching on business trip in Houston

    OK guys! The hotel bar it is, sometimes in the afternoon/evening. I'll have a look at this after work today. Any preferrences with regards to weekend or weekday?
  3. Caching on business trip in Houston

    Yes, looks like it. I possibly could post an event, however, not being familiar with the surroundings I would probably chose the little park next to my hotel and suggest to bring mosquito nets.
  4. Caching on business trip in Houston

    Almost I'll arrive on the 15th and leave the following Saturday (phew.. what a long flight for such a short stay )
  5. Caching on business trip in Houston

    Dhaulaghiri, I completely forgot to reply to you. Cool, a Dutch guy in Houston! How do you survive without cycling? I used to live in the Netherlands. Shame you're not around at that time. Oh well, you can't have it all. Cool! I hope I'll see some local wildlife! Once the map works again I'll check out if there's an event around somewhere. Would be great to visit one and get to know some local cachers.
  6. Caching on business trip in Houston

    If I may ask: what areas are forested in GP park? Maybe you could point me to a cache in that area as Google Maps doesn't really help to identify such area if you're not familiar with the vegetation. Yes, my backpack can carry lots of water, and I'll use waterproof sunscreen and a wide-rimmed hat. Plus snakeproof (gotta test that as I'm only claiming it) boots.
  7. Caching on business trip in Houston

    I know, heftydude. I used to live in a desert country that had around 122F for two months. Caching there was rather interesting and involved drinking water by the buckets I just came back from a rather hot place where I did lots of hiking, and am leaving for another hot one (about 100F) for work today. I hope I'll be accoustomed to the Houston heat. And if not, then the hotel pool is also a nice place to be.
  8. Caching on business trip in Houston

    Wow, that's a lot of dangerous beasts OK, spider cuddling is out of the question then. Thanks a lot for this great advice, I'll certainly bring photos of these animals along, just to be sure.
  9. Caching on business trip in Houston

    Hello Houston cachers. Just a bit more than two weeks I do have two questions left that you might help me with. 1. I don't mind creepy crawlies, but what about poisonous ones? Someone already mentioned snakes. Are there other beasts I should avoid in George Bush Park? I'll certainly bring my hiking boots along. 2. And I know the States are car country. Will it look suspicious when I walk through a residential area and search for caches or walk to a shopping center (hey, it's just around than three miles. Sounds very doable, even in hot and humid weather)? Thanks a lot
  10. Caching on business trip in Houston

    Oh gosh, sorry for my late reply 2katz. Been on vacation for two weeks and never managed to get more than a few seconds of the slowest possible internet connection I'm still here, or rather, back Lets just see what's possible. I just browsed around a bit. I think on the Sunday after arrival I will mostly try to get rid of jetlag and maybe take a cab to George Bush park as there's GC8C0 which we're still missing for our Jasmer Challenge and potentially this challenge here: GC3549Q I think otherwise I will only have time in the evening. But if there is an event in the southeast, I will try to somehow get there and also pick up the EC challenge and a few other old caches. Well, lets just see what happens
  11. Caching on business trip in Houston

    Thanks a lot for all your answers. That's an excellent price there at Best Buy! And when I take the very good exchange rate into account, it's about half of what I'd pay here Shame, that offer is just a bit too early, and comes with Win8. But I'll keep my eyes open from early June. Yes, I know about the adapter thing. My current computer has a British power cord. No problem though as I'm traveling a fair bit and almost always have to use an adapter anyway. The salesman can try to add what he wants, an additional warranty is useless for me, and I generally know which extras I want, and which I don't. Guess that makes me a salesman's nightmare
  12. Caching on business trip in Houston

    I just noticed there's a very old cache that we still need for our Jasmer challenge near the EC challenge. Hmm.. looks like I should look into some transport options after all... Houston cachers: where do you buy your electronics? I decided I need a new notebook, potentially an Asus UX32VD (with Windows 7) and cannot find much apart from Amazon of course. Are prices displayed on websites including or exclusind tax, and if without then how high is the tax in Texas? Is there some kind of Black Friday-like shopping event in June? When I was in Calgary (oooh, the jet lag!) two winters ago I managed to get some really good deals there. Thanks a lot
  13. Caching on business trip in Houston

    I was kind of waiting for this
  14. Caching on business trip in Houston

    Yes, I realised that I'd need a car to get anywhere. Gosh! I don't think I've ever seen such large city Realistically I will stay near the hotel because I don't see myself driving with a massive jetlag in an automatic car that I'm not really used to. Oh well... the nice caches are not running away, and if they do I'm sure some other nice ones will pop up. At we drive on the right side of the road. It's not like going to the UK! Mind you, in Denmark we do drive on the right side (not the wrong one ) as well, only we use bicycles, not cars. They're currently building super-bike-highways with airstations along the way, constant green traffic lights, bridges or tunnels at street crossings and other things so you can cycle 12 miles to the office without any delays.
  15. Caching on business trip in Houston

    Oh, now I feel very shy! I would love to visit an event in Houston, so lets just see what happens Thanks for the info, ohl hockey guy.