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  1. rozowski5 added a post in a topic Blocking facebook from using browser history   

    But that is where I get my news.  How else is Huff Post supposed to talk to me?
  2. rozowski5 added a post in a topic Blocking facebook from using browser history   

    going there now!  thanks!
  3. rozowski5 added a topic in General Discussion   

    They are more fun with friends!
    cute article!
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  4. rozowski5 added a post in a topic CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)   

    Let's talk about this!  Our family calender is open that morning (we can do Saturday night mass!) but I need to see if R1 is in town.  If not I will be trying to fill pawn off my red head.  Can a kayak handle two red-headed scouts? 
  5. rozowski5 added a post in a topic Revise Memorial Mob?   

    We going to try for it on Sunday? Donna was asking today what the plan. I think we may need to stay on the arboretum side because of the festival but I am not sure. I guess we will figure that out Sunday morning.
  6. rozowski5 added a post in a topic Revise Memorial Mob?   

    I was able to talk to the Arboretum and got permission for us to cache (more importantly PARK there) Sunday morning.  Then PR was nice enough to let me change the event coordinates so the party is again on!  We may still need more partying and go visit the other events that night...
    I will send out an announcement and update the cache page.   Thanks again to Amberita for letting me know about the Art Festival.  
  7. rozowski5 added a post in a topic Revise Memorial Mob?   

    So all you more experienced Event planners, please chime in here.  I have a MMMM event planned for this Sunday at 9am in Memorial Park.  There is also a large art festival (I just found out the dates are the same) going on concurrently at the park.  From what I can tell it is like when the trail riders come in and all the parking is closed.  I think traffic will be a beast and that all in all that will make reaching the event much more of a hassle than anyone would want to do.  Besides Dhaulghiri who could ride his bike in from his house but he is Dutch and thinks weird things like that. 
    So my choices seem to be
    1) cancel the whole thing
    2) move to another park
    3) move to a nearby restaurant
    4) change to the next weekend
    any other ideas?  What is and is not allowed in the changing of event info?
    We could all just drive out to TW's event in the NW and crash that party!
  8. rozowski5 added a post in a topic Revise Memorial Mob?   

    RAMBETTA - R1 signed a log in China that had your name on it.  He recognized you from the Kitty Hollow Event.  What a small world!! 
  9. rozowski5 added a post in a topic What would you rate this?   

    Cute idea! I can't wait to find this cache.  Get to work!! 
    I will watch this and post see what people say about D/T.  I have only done a few puzzles and most were 3ish.  My only thing to note is that the terrain of a 1 means must be wheelchair accessible.  If the cache is too high or too low for a person who can't get out of a wheelchair to reach it is a 1.5.  Again, my understanding of a very subjective system!
  10. rozowski5 added a post in a topic Longest since last find   

    I wrote a note on this one which is 4 miles from my house today and I will go out there this week and check to see if it is there.  The owner performed maintenance on it last year and moved the coordinates which is a good sign:  Down by the Bayou GC2HTBK - was last found on 5/14/11 by Darkness09 with four DNF's since.
  11. rozowski5 added a post in a topic Anyone have an in with PR?   

    I have emailed him twice asking for the cache if he isn't going to maintain it. I used to live in the area and I have very fond memories of the Chapel there. I am invested in there being a great hide in the area - for locals and for tourists. Maybe he will let me adopt it since I have a cache on the next block.

    I guess I was just venting. Plus I hope Brent will just admit he is PR and archive the cache!
  12. rozowski5 added a topic in General Discussion   

    Anyone have an in with PR?
    I have been watching & already replaced this cache:  Uncle Lumpy Takes You to Chapel.   It was a bad hide to begin with and has been replaced by several people since the CO is MIA.  Currently the cache is completely gone and someone has shoved a piece of paper in between the slats on an exposed bench.  I have asked PR to archive the cache because that isn't really a cache since there isn't any type of container.  I would like to replace the hide in a more suitable spot and with a container.  Help! 
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  13. rozowski5 added a post in a topic Story behind the caching name?   

    Us too.  If we had known how important it would become to the rest of our lives I would have worked harder at coming up with a name when signing that first log!  We have thought about changing to the scoobydoocrew (I am sure it is taken) just because there are 5 of us and I want to be Daphne.  No one wants to be Fred.  I wish we had something more fun/interesting/charming/witty but we have our name.   My 9 year old son wants to get his own name so I will counsel him to think wisely before choosing! 
  14. rozowski5 added a post in a topic What is the future of geocaching?   

    I agree with the comments about virtuals. I can also see how they can be abused since it is so subjective to decide what is neat and noteworthy. But when we travel I always look for cool virtuals. We have the same problem with regular caches though. If you read the description you will know the cache is taking you to a walmart parking lot and then you decide if that is the neat place you want to see.

    I disagree pretty strongly with all the newbie bashing talk and haranguing of cache owners. I am trying to stay out of it but I know being policed by my peers doesn't sit that well with me. If the rules were clearer and then uniformly enforced there would be no need for the "no shame in" log which just seems shaming no matter how you write it. I recently found a cache by an owner with over 400 hides that had achieved them all stating , " there, happy now?" In his log. Driving people away from the game isn't the intention but could be the result.

    I also disagree with the sux point. My fragile ego couldn't handle that for me or my kid's caches. Even though I have to admit some of their hides kind of do suck. But you can see that by the tftc logs! I try to read logs which help me decide if the cache is for me. The one that was in a restricted area in a bee hive comes to mind I would mark as dangerous or not for kids. Or those lovely guard rail hides on a highway. I really hate those. So maybe let the finders mark other categories like unsafe?

    All in all I think our game works pretty well as designed and am ready to go find a cache!
  15. rozowski5 added a post in a topic Revise Memorial Mob?   

    Since myself and three children were locked into the park at Herman looking for that Panda cache I should always be aware of gates! Best part of the story is that we didn't know we were locked in and had to be informed of our predicament. That shows true awareness of your surroundings.

    I am waiting on r1 to figure out his travel schedule and then I can get the event in the queue. How hard is to book a trip to china? I think he is trying to maximize countries to get our last 3 for han's challenge cache.