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  1. 6th Annual CLAPS MoonLESS Paddle Event 12/12/15

    Thanks, Kevin. I miss Bob.

    Someone needs to toss a couple of manatees in there.......
  3. First Hide

    I would probably offer to assist, perhaps give the instructor a "down and dirty" on good containers, maintenance, etc. It can't hurt.
  4. Some of the folks from Beaumont and I are going up to Dallas this coming week (04/17-04/19) to do the JFK50 geotour. Anyone who would like to join us is welcome, but I digress. This cache has been on my watchlist for a while now and for the life of me, I can't suss out the difficulty. It was published in 2009 and still hasn't been FTF'd. I realize it's a field puzzle, and we'll have to work it when we get there but if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it. Wouldn't it be sweet to have a group of SETX cachers get the FTF? http://coord.info/GC1Y4WW
  5. Bogus TB Discovery Logs

    Isn't about time for another Inkfest? I know a couple of folks who ~may~ be interested!
  6. Bogus TB Discovery Logs

    After coinfest, my tattoo ended up on someone's list...I had a lot of people logging it from all over the country. Not remembering meeting them, I emailed each one and asked where we had met. My tattoo page has a statement about having to meet you in person before you can log my tattoo. A few of them were straight up with "I got it off a list". I emailed them to let them know I was going to delete their discovery, which I did. One of them claimed it AGAIN a couple of weeks ago. Good try, dude. As for my other TB's, I don't really care if anyone claims them from a list.
  7. I just posted "will attend" for myself and + The Driver. Also on the list from SETX (although IDK if they are competing): GSIs and TexSwiper.
  8. BBQBob2 Clementi - RIP

    I am so sad. Bob was one of the first cachers I ever had contact with. When I first started caching, I DNF'd one of his caches (I think I had 30-40 finds at the time) and he emailed me a HUGE hint. The next day, I went out and found the cache (I think it was Tighty-Whitey)..... Everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting and knowing him will miss his smiling face. Rest in peace, buddy. Seabrook's not going to be the same without you.
  9. Brenham Geotour geocoins arrived today

    I don't have a problem with them limiting it to one set or one coin per household...as long as they state that from the beginning.
  10. What a deal at $5?

    Mine don't come with lids, you'll have to dig through the bin for those.
  11. What a deal at $5?

    You think that's a deal? I'll sell my prized collection of unblemished Berty tubes to you for a fiver each....
  12. Brenham Geotour geocoins arrived today

    According to the letter I received their is a limit of one set per household. Here is what is said at the end of the letter. P.S. We have awarded one geocoin per address. If multiple geocachers live at the same address and each wants his or her coin set, you may purchase a second set for $12. I should have grabbed powerdog02's letter and read it. he kept it to himself... jenny didn't tell me that part in our discussions! she confirmed she had received both of our passports and that we'd be getting ours. oh well. WTF? It seems to me this would have been handy information which would have been useful on the "official" geotour page. I see they have it there now....under the "we've received the geocoins" heading, but was not posted anywhere prior to any of the first cachers doing the geotour. IMO, this is dirty pool. In good faith, we completed the tour and (again, IMO) anyone who completed the tour prior to the notice being posted should receive their coins. Think I'll look up their FB page and post this there. Everyone is entitled to my opinion!
  13. 12th Annual Texas Challenge Trackable

    Has anyone contacted Julie (Mrs. Captain Picard)? According to Tom Brotherman, she has them. If no one has reached out to her, I'll be happy to do it.
  14. TXC2015

    Keely, I think ETX may have 2017, not sure.