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  1. Final coordinates for geowyz's 23-SUR

    On second thought.. Ask Kirdbydox.
  2. Final coordinates for geowyz's 23-SUR

    Wendel might be your best bet. - He replaced the cache for Geowyz back in .... 2007.
  3. He'ssss Baaaackkkkkkkk

     I was just thinking about you yesterday on my way to work. I miss you old friend and hope to see you soon.
  4. GBP TEXAS - soda tubes on tallows

    Soda tubes being hung upright (cap up) is a most unless you want a consistently wet log.
  5. Angleton bans PED's while driing

    The ordinance covers hands-free and as long as it's affixed to the vehicle and not touched while moving as in you're using your phone for navigation or phone call you should be fine. Sec. 25-94 (d)-(4),(5) It also covers folks who are registered with the FCC (ham ops) and working a radio frequency. Sec. 25-94 (d)-(8) Sure if you're holding it. See Sec. 25-94 (c) However Sec. 25-94 (d) seems to cover GPS devices and Navigation software as long as the device is affixed to the vehicle and not touched while the vehicle is moving or stopped in a moving traffic lane. Meaning you can't touch it even at a stop sign/light.
  6. Angleton bans PED's while driing

    I guess I can still use my HAM Radio and CB... ...and if my smartphone is in a cradle is it considered hands free? meaning not held in the hand... did J.D. Hogg write this ordinance?
  7. How to add a picture to a email

    Ah.. I see. I understand now. That's the old method to what I remember. That method has no means to attach photos. Text only. If you choose to exchange your email address with the other cacher then your communications are no longer looped in with You then would use your email application in the traditional sense in which you can attach photos etc. after you or the other person received that first email from If you got an email from from another cacher with pictures it's because they used the message center and attached the photos. The photos will show up in the email you receive. If you choose to use the Message Center method then all communications are done via and no email or personal info is exchanged. I went back and looked through my email and verified the behavior. I'm a bit out of the loop on the musings over at and well caching in general so forgive my failure at answering your question on the first go around.  
  8. How to add a picture to a email

      Yes. That is a screen cap from the website in "Messages". I'm thinking you can't reply to the email you receive from via messages with an attachment unless the person checks the box to include their email address. Seems Groundspeak has removed the option of using your email address. I think I can understand why but it was nice to have that option. I like options. So... me thinks.. that in order to send pictures back and forth you'll have to do it through Messages on the website.
  9. Connecting a PC to an old TV

    Bert might have misunderstood the question or he was being facetious which is something I personally would never do... 
  10. Connecting a PC to an old TV

    You'll need something with some logic in it to convert the signal. It'll be difficult to know whether or not that cable that HC linked to will work or not depending on your graphics card in the laptop. Honestly... I would ditch TV and get something like this - > to experience the full potential of Netflix.
  11. Marking Caches in High Tree Cover

    If you're using a smartphone you can use a GPS Averaging app. If you're using a dedicated GPS like Garmin you can average the waypoint as well. Consult the manual on exactly how. So.. to answer the question.  I hang the GPS or phone off a branch and start the averaging. Then I step a good 15' away and wait about 5 minutes.
  12. 2katz is a Granny!

    Caching name going to be: "The3rdKat"?
  13. munzee events

    Well, you'll need to shoot them a couple of times with that 9mm. Me thinks the .45 would tickle a bit more. Don't listen to Bert. There is no such thing as too much gun. In fact I think saying that within Texas borders is a crime.
  14. munzee events

    If you're using Chrome as you browser you can highlight the link and go directly to the event page. I'm not smart enough to modify the code for it parse the links or pull in more details. However.. it's a heck of a lot better than doing it manually.