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  1. Calling all Geocachers, artists, and inspired community members!  The Texas Geocaching Association (TXGA) is looking for a new visual event identity ( aka Logo ) for the 2016 Texas Challenge and Geocaching Festival mega event, and invites your help. We are seeking out people who can design a creative, innovative and professional logo design. The logo should be recognizable, have broad appeal, and help promote the unique "Texas Challenge" contest, the broader "Geocaching Festival" of events over four days ( officially March 11-13, 2016 ), and this years Brenham, Texas location.   The rest is up to you!  Please read below for more details regarding logo design, contest rules & submission requirements.How to Enter the ContestThe contest begins on August 15, 2015. Submissions will be accepted through September 1, 2015. Winners will be announced via our website, social media websites, and by direct contact to the winners' email accounts. In order for your entry to be submitted and reviewed by our judges, all entries must be:   Submitted directly to: Submitted in their original source file and Submitted as a high resolution .pdf with 300 dpi or higher Provide full contact information in each email submission, Include a brief description about it (100 words max) in each email. ONE LOGO SUBMISSION PER EMAIL Limit five (5) designs per person Logo Requirements Professional: This logo will be featured on our event website, our social media platforms and other mediums (stationary, pamphlets, t-shirts etc). As a result, while we want the logo to be eye-catching, it must still be legible.   Theme: The logo should be recognizable, have broad appeal, and help promote the unique "Texas Challenge" contest, the broader "Geocaching Festival" of events over four days ( March 11-13, 2016 ), and this years Brenham, Texas location. The design should be universal in theme, but Texas specific.  Color: There are no limitations and any colors may be used. However, logo must look good in color (if any) or black and white.  Integrity: Logos cannot contain copyrighted material. Logos must have been created and edited by the contestant(s). Logos may not include images or licensed images that have been previously published. Must be easily reproducible and scalable for large and small formatting. Contest DetailsWinner(s) will be selected by a select panel of TXGA committee members. Contestants agree that TXGA and its agents may publish their logo and name(s) and may use both for advertising campaigns and/or marketing materials in the future. Contestants assign all ownership rights, including all intellectual property rights to the logo and artwork, to TXGA.  Additionally, TXGA may alter, modify or revise the logo artwork as it sees necessary to achieve the goals of the TXGA. TXGA reserves the right to not select a winner if, in its sole discretion, no suitable entries are received.  PrizeContest winner will receive the official event geocoin and pathtag, official event t-shirt, a one year premium membership subscription, and a one year Texas Geocaching Association membership (along with bragging rights!). Approx value $150.00   TexasChallengeLogoContest.pdf
  2. The Texas Geocaching Association is looking for your dedication TXGA is currently without members for 3 (soon to be 4) very important roles on their Board. TXGA seeking a geocacher/s who are driven and willing to enthusiastically help promote our hobby and sport through the state of Texas and beyond! The Technology Director is a detailed position that would be responsible for TXGA's website and Online presence. Our Finance & Compliance Director will soon be leaving us as well. As the title implies this position would be responsible for TXGA's finance and Compliance related issues.  South and Central Texas regions are currently not represented. The South region is pretty much everything south of San Antonio, and the Central region is Austin and surrounding areas.  TXGA would love to have a local geocacher to represent these areas to help promote geocaching and TXGA in their respective areas. If you or someone you know feels like they could help make their local or statewide geocaching community just a little bit better please contact TXGA by visiting their website. Texas Geocaching Association TXGA Contact form Please feel free to read through TXGA's Bylaws for more information on the positions. TXGABylaws.pdf
  3. Crisis averted... thank me brain for making a backup.

  4. Gary, you can borrow the "tech box" I bring every year. A couple of laptops with GSAK, mice, powercords, ext. cords, etc.
  5.   Let me know if you need hardware.
  6. Keely and I will not be attending this upcoming Texas Challenge in Lubbock.   This means JustKeely will not be reprising her role as Team Captain and Team Four Paw will not be participating in the Tech crew. The only way we could get out of these roles was timing the birth of our child around the same time as Texas Challenge.    As far as I can tell no discussions or person has stepped forward to pick up these roles. I'm suggesting this be done sooner rather than later.   I will be happy to setup the private board as I have done in the past.   Just food for thought.
  7. We Rock! Challenge Score Information

    Keep in mind these scores are after the the disqualification of caches that were confirmed missing or otherwise. Either way folks in squads should have had near identical scores. The spread with the squads is baffling.   I will say that scoring for the next challenge is already being discussed and that this years fiasco "should" not reflect on next years challenge. With that said West Texas really set the bar high for a well organized and smoothly run challenge the first and last time they hosted.
  8. Block Party 2014

    I've done the tunnel twice now. It ain't that bad...
  9. Block Party 2014

    I can't imagine that a 12v ups battery with convertor + plus some christmas lights rigged up on your backpack would be all that hard to bare. Going LED could possibly be safer and require less power. However the tunnel is more fun in pitch black....
  10. The lakey is looking for some feedback regarding the Lab Caches placed for the Texas Challenge.   If you attended the Challenge and participated in finding the Lab Caches please fill out this survey. If you did not please pass on the survey.

    How Baytown Larry's Center Nature House? We'll just park along the street...
  12. TEXAS CHALLENGE 2016   Pricey though... caches could be anywhere in Bear Creek, to GBP, Army Corps, Terry Hersey, etc... 

    I'm not in favor of GBP. That is all.
  14. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

    Follow the link for the order form. Please follow the directions and only order what you submitted to JustKeely. Only members of the SETX Hunt Team can view the order form. If you do not have access please let me know and I will grant you permission.
  15. SETX Hunt Team T shirts 2014

    I'll have the paypal info up this evening.