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  1. I bought plane tickets yesterday, so that is getting pretty close to a yes.
  2. I'm hoping to attend but have not put any plans with money in play yet.
  3. Thanks. This gives a bit of a string to work on.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I was out and could not attend the event at four cache loop.
  5. I'm headed out of the Houston area in a couple of weeks and have a little flexibility on location, but up to 3 hours away. Are there any good hiking trails within those bounds that would be suggested? I've done several around here and am looking for another. Looking for up to 13 miles, with a loop preferential, but not required.
  6. Copperhead? at the Three Amigos LHWP series recently. Fell out of the tree and scared me nearly to death.
  7. My part of Florida gets caches posted some times same day if they are in before 3 PM. Never more than a day after that.
  8. If the next ones are anything like what is there now, I'll be out in force on my next visit after placement. What a great series there now!
  9. The Florida groups are really socking in events on Friday and Thursday, so one SAturday may stand out. I'm driving down from sunny Panama City, Florida early Friday morning. A short five hours or so for me.
  10. Received them today. Thanks for the great coins.
  11. Done. Thanks.
  12. I would be interested in at least two. I get to Houston about twice a month and could arrange to stop by and pick them up. I'm normally in the North or Northwest areas.
  13. I picked up the coin named for benttandem on my last trip to Houston. I brought it back to Florida and will drop it off on a quick trip to Georgia or the next trip to Scotland. Neat coin.