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  1. How to add a link to your cache for this forum

    thanks - i asked in the shoutbox and didn't see an answer amongst all the other stuff
  2. Houston Challenge Urban Scavenger Race

    the team names are hilarious. anyone here going to do it?
  3. Longest since last find

    East Texas’ Hardest Mystery Cache GCNP2K - was last found on 03/19/10 by ggmorton and cachestacker. make that last found on 12-27-15..... team "makes me wanna shout" of green-eyed, j-shout, powerdog02, juleed and + the driver.
  4. Challenge Cache Survey

    definitely seems like people feel there are a lot of complaints against challenge caches and that too many are unobtainable. there are easy and there are difficult and that's the fun part of them. gives you something to work towards instead of just going and getting a regular traditional every time.
  5. 6th Annual CLAPS MoonLESS Paddle Event 12/12/15

    is there anyone going with a tandem who has an extra seat? powerdog02 wants to join in on the fun, but doesn't want to get lost in his own yak in the dark. welding seal is debating on ground crew or on water, so he might use PD02's yak.
  6. Be Careful while Caching in Deer Park

    take a navigator.... noted.
  7. Funny Email

    my brother showed me what to do with an LPC on my very first outing. I remember thinking that i'd have never thought to lift the light skirt ever. AND I know how little kids get after you do show them... they run to every light pole around looking for treasures.
  8. KINETIC Conductorless Ensemble

    thanks!! i'll try and make at least one of them.
  9. KINETIC Conductorless Ensemble

    where do you go to find out about the concerts? i'd like to take powerdog02 (he plays viola)
  10. cheap(ish) GPS for traveling

    i'll have to find out what the problem was for him - GPS or data signal. I know he was posting pictures of his sight-seeing, but that may have been from the hotel or the office. Geosphere may be the answer for him. oh shoot. just looked it up before telling him. he's a regular member and not premium, so he couldn't do a GPX anyways for the offline assistance. maybe he'll want to go premium later.
  11. cheap(ish) GPS for traveling

    That's what I was thinking as well. He's so new to it, descriptions and all are still needed, although he seemed to manage nicely with all the Swiss caches (along with the assistance of a geocaching coworker from Zurich). He left today for Las Vegas and I pointed out the virtuals that he could claim easy enough, which he'd need a description for. He was concerned about high muggles there.
  12. cheap(ish) GPS for traveling

    I have a friend who just got into geocaching this summer and travels a lot for work. he usually goes around the US, but got back Tuesday from a week and a half in Zurich. As he unloaded mass quantities of TBs on me last night, he asked about what's a good GPS for traveling as he barely had signal with his iPhone in Zurich. I showed him the Oregon 450 I use, and made a few suggestions, but since he's new to the game, he wants to find something inexpensive that will work wherever he goes. The guy is an IT guru, so he doesn't need anything uncomplicated - he can learn quickly. Any suggestions? Having the ability to see descriptions and such like the Oregon has would work well for him if his phone has poor signal.
  13. strangest cache SWAG

    just what does a belly button lint cleaner look like?
  14. strangest cache SWAG

    I've seen some odd stuff in caches before and was reading about one earlier this week that was published containing all trash inside. what's the strangest or worst SWAG you've come across? powerdog02 and I removed a can of spray axe deodorant in july two years ago, lots of candy, a headless doll and most recently:
  15. How many of these have you seen?

    I used to go through the chandelier tree when I lived in walnut creek, been in the futuro home that's housed in the henry ford museum (not the one outside) and the Parthenon in Nashville. I saw a different paul bunyan and babe the blue ox in Michigan.