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  1. green-eyed added a post in a topic strangest cache SWAG   

    just what does a belly button lint cleaner look like?
  2. green-eyed added a topic in General Discussion   

    strangest cache SWAG
    I've seen some odd stuff in caches before and was reading about one earlier this week that was published containing all trash inside.  what's the strangest or worst SWAG you've come across?
    powerdog02 and I removed a can of spray axe deodorant in july two years ago, lots of candy, a headless doll and most recently:

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  3. green-eyed added a post in a topic How many of these have you seen?   

    I used to go through the chandelier tree when I lived in walnut creek, been in the futuro home that's housed in the henry ford museum (not the one outside) and the Parthenon in Nashville.  I saw a different paul bunyan and babe the blue ox in Michigan.
  4. green-eyed added a post in a topic For Newbies   

    the picture looked perfect to me when I checked it out.
  5. green-eyed added a post in a topic Terracaching is under new ownership and is trying to make a comeback!   

    i just received an email from the bay area council BSA where they've just discussed opening up a terracaching challenge within the council and a marketing effort to get us to join.  I tried to look around their website, but can't see a whole heck of a lot without sponsorship of two current members.  anyone do this and is it worth it?
  6. green-eyed added a post in a topic Android Wheryougo Tip   

    fantastic!  I thought about doing a whereigo on sunday, but didn't have that particular one loaded yet and didn't bring my Oregon.
  7. green-eyed added a post in a topic What Happened to beinlause?   

    glad things are going well for him.  I miss seeing him around town and all his good caches. 
  8. green-eyed added a post in a topic DayTripper $100 Rudy's gift card hidden near NASA   

    shucks.  too late.... I figured it was at wally - the astronaut pelican and it was.  claimed about an hour ago.
  9. green-eyed added a post in a topic Critters seen while caching   

    we spotted chickens in trees (with eggs) yesterday near la grange

  10. green-eyed added a post in a topic Ironman Texas in the Woodlands 5-16   

    I've been trying to post pictures of Steven during the ride portion from my phone, but the app crashes every time. Cheered him on from a few places and he should be starting his run now.

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  11. green-eyed added a post in a topic Is it just me or   

    yesterday, on google - not - I went to set my google map to classic and I instantly got an error that my browser was unsupported.  I have the most recent and up to date version of IE.  if I tried chrome (a google product....) I couldn't go to classic maps, only the new.  so I have reset my browser settings to default and got the maps back on IE, but no classic. 
  12. green-eyed added a post in a topic Why?   

    they're blocking my view as I drive to work....
  13. green-eyed added a post in a topic Is it just me or   

    I read it somewhere recently.  can't remember where, but I think it was while I was trying to switch back to classic on a computer and on the google page itself.
  14. green-eyed added a post in a topic Is it just me or   

    the old classic version will go away soon though.  I detest the "improved" new version.
  15. green-eyed added a post in a topic Bogus TB Discovery Logs   

    already done when I first had the icon changed over.  I know it's a game, but since my ankle isn't seen by everyone, I do know who sees it in person and when something is bogus.  that's the one I remove most.  when someone logs as seen at a specific and large event, but didn't attend and even logs it for a date 7 months prior to that event, it's not hard to figure out they didn't see the item.  it just irritates the snot out of me that people cheat.  if someone heard I had it and asked me if they could have the number, I'd share.