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  1. thanks for sharing your pictures! looks like a wonderful trip.
  2. i've wanted to see one of these in person for a couple years. i liked the idea of being able to make it bigger or smaller as you needed.
  3. this may get welding seal back on the bayou.... he has sworn off kayaking with gators and likes to say that i've got life insurance when i mention i'll be going alone then.
  4. hahahahahahaha! um. no. he must have been blind to the gators on our previous kayaking trips, but not that morning. of course, the one large gator who was hanging out under a tree (THANK YOU johnnie for NOT placing one under that particular tree...) on both the start and return of the paddle was very persistent in staying there. WS wasn't thrilled with that one, but the 12 footer who wouldn't leave was the final straw for him.
  5. i enjoy having a goal or something to work towards while i go out geocaching. some of the others in my household don't like to just go out for an entire day, so if i have a goal (ie cemeteries, counties, difficulties, etc), then they tolerate more. if i say i'm working on XYZ challenge, they may have an interest too.
  6. a very large gator blocked my path to getting FTF on the 4 by UHCL.... 12 ft gator that two fishermen were videoing while i'm in a 10 ft kayak in a narrow stretch? no thanks.
  7. thanks - i asked in the shoutbox and didn't see an answer amongst all the other stuff
  8. the team names are hilarious. anyone here going to do it?
  9. East Texas’ Hardest Mystery Cache GCNP2K - was last found on 03/19/10 by ggmorton and cachestacker. make that last found on 12-27-15..... team "makes me wanna shout" of green-eyed, j-shout, powerdog02, juleed and + the driver.
  10. definitely seems like people feel there are a lot of complaints against challenge caches and that too many are unobtainable. there are easy and there are difficult and that's the fun part of them. gives you something to work towards instead of just going and getting a regular traditional every time.
  11. is there anyone going with a tandem who has an extra seat? powerdog02 wants to join in on the fun, but doesn't want to get lost in his own yak in the dark. welding seal is debating on ground crew or on water, so he might use PD02's yak.
  12. take a navigator.... noted.
  13. my brother showed me what to do with an LPC on my very first outing. I remember thinking that i'd have never thought to lift the light skirt ever. AND I know how little kids get after you do show them... they run to every light pole around looking for treasures.
  14. thanks!! i'll try and make at least one of them.
  15. where do you go to find out about the concerts? i'd like to take powerdog02 (he plays viola)