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  1. Longest since last find

    East Texas’ Hardest Mystery Cache GCNP2K - was last found on 03/19/10 by ggmorton and cachestacker. make that last found on 12-27-15.....  team "makes me wanna shout" of green-eyed, j-shout, powerdog02, juleed and + the driver.
  2. Challenge Cache Survey

    definitely seems like people feel there are a lot of complaints against challenge caches and that too many are unobtainable.  there are easy and there are difficult and that's the fun part of them.  gives you something to work towards instead of just going and getting a regular traditional every time.
  3. 6th Annual CLAPS MoonLESS Paddle Event 12/12/15

    is there anyone going with a tandem who has an extra seat?  powerdog02 wants to join in on the fun, but doesn't want to get lost in his own yak in the dark.  welding seal is debating on ground crew or on water, so he might use PD02's yak.
  4. Hey! Where are all the pics from Geocoin Fest ?

    that was tsunrisebey from I think Montana.  her coins were gorgeous - I bought a couple and won the silent auction on another.
  5. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    hans - she's NTX, not HGCS.  but yes, she did tons of work pulling this together.   adding parkerplus to the HGCS team of volunteers.  he was out at the TB table with + the driver the majority of the day.  and how I forgot criffree, I don't know since we talked several times during the last couple days.
  6. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

    you had georeyna, Houston control, juleed, cachestacker, myself, nov64 onsite at GCF and heftydude hosted the CITO.  did I miss anyone?  it's been a long couple days.
  7. Geocoinfest 2014 in Houston!

      you don't have to register.  just show up.  there are some extra coins and pathtags (from registration) left to purchase. 
  8. CLAPS Cachin' on the Bayou Post-Mega Paddle Event

    the groundspeak official thing I pasted in said difficulty AND terrain and could increase with rain, etc.  SO.... that means it doesn't have to be a 1 according to groundspeak.  I searched and didn't find it.  it's just PR.
  9. CLAPS Cachin' on the Bayou Post-Mega Paddle Event

    what?  silly.... all those paddle events before were never issues.    straight from the "geocaching event" page on   " I am hosting an outdoor event. What if it rains? Decide this ahead of time and post this clearly on the event page. Keep in mind that the terrain and difficulty ratings may increase with inclement weather and that will determine much of your attendance and activities."   so if they say the terrain might increase for rain, then why can't you have a paddle event with a terrain higher than 1?
  10. Come play w BFF's in NW HOU Thu Eve!

    if it wasn't a drive and I wasn't hanging out with my BFF redhead at our fudd's.... i'd come play with you guys and smile. and see 2katz. 
  11. League City

    wish I had seen this earlier and was able to join you guys.  let me know next time and we'll come out.   did you find some good caches?  we do have quite a few that are worth the trip out here.
  12. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

      except it's not my shoulder this time.... i'm on crutches!
  13. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

    so... no tandem kayak partner needed for PD02 on sunday... i'm gimpy once again, but will try to make it for a little bit of land-based CITO.
  14. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

      but only after he passes the BSA swim test and has the swimming merit badge in progress/complete...   he's going to be one stinky kid come sunday after primitive camping with no showers for 3 days.  his favorite way to camp.
  15. CLAPS 2014 Spring Paddle CITO (Sun. 4/27)

      cjenogan wanted to kayak before he bought one and we were going to rent a tandem together (he'd be the two good-armed one in the yak) if I found someone for PD02.  although, I still haven't asked PD02 if he wants to...  canNOT show him the gator pics first.