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  1. Cachly?

    are there any good free caching apps for iphone now? welding seal refuses to pay money for a geocaching app, and the classic official version that i purchased for him is now gone. but he complains that he can't see anything on his iphone with the official freebie app.
  2. It's a sad day...

    but thankfully, a new virtual was placed there. i enjoyed doing the alamo webcam at night with a group of muggles i drove to SA. i got them a little interested in geocaching that trip.
  3. Road trip

    congrats!! amazing that i was planning a panhandle county run, with a very quick stop in NM and OK for some virtuals and fun stuff, and my estimated mileage was going to be around 2400 miles. texas is a big state.
  4. Is There A Way?

    i'm on FB, but i prefer the forum format that is here still. i'm just less chatty than i used to be. but i'd like to know about the way to sort TBs too, so i'm watching this one.
  5. Size Changes Over the Years

    unfortunately, in our area "progress" keep taking all our trees and wooded areas, leaving us with bushes, fences and lightpoles. i would love more of the bigger sized caches to be placed.
  6. Nuvi for Geocaching

    my nuvi used to be easy to load the PQs into a "favorites" folder. now GSAK has lumped all nuvi units into one generic category and it seems nearly impossible to delete your old PQs and load a new one into that folder. i have to load it by a POIloader program on my desktop and then find it each time. if someone knows of a simpler way, i would love to know what the trick is. and if there's a nuvi that loads more than the location (especially a cache name!), i'd like to know too. good question thot!
  7. GPS used to deliver packages

    last year, welding seal did some driving for UPS for a few months. he used his own phone and the waze app for accurate directions. the handheld "GPS" units they carry just beep when you get close to the address..... like ours do when we get within X distance to the cache. but the drivers are told to drop and run, not to wait for someone to answer or get signatures.
  8. Bike and Barge trip - Paris to Bruges

    thanks for sharing your pictures! looks like a wonderful trip.
  9. Collapsible kayak?

    i've wanted to see one of these in person for a couple years. i liked the idea of being able to make it bigger or smaller as you needed.
  10. For outrunning gators on CLAPS?

    this may get welding seal back on the bayou.... he has sworn off kayaking with gators and likes to say that i've got life insurance when i mention i'll be going alone then.

    hahahahahahaha! um. no. he must have been blind to the gators on our previous kayaking trips, but not that morning. of course, the one large gator who was hanging out under a tree (THANK YOU johnnie for NOT placing one under that particular tree...) on both the start and return of the paddle was very persistent in staying there. WS wasn't thrilled with that one, but the 12 footer who wouldn't leave was the final straw for him.
  12. Challenge Caches coming back with changes

    i enjoy having a goal or something to work towards while i go out geocaching. some of the others in my household don't like to just go out for an entire day, so if i have a goal (ie cemeteries, counties, difficulties, etc), then they tolerate more. if i say i'm working on XYZ challenge, they may have an interest too.

    a very large gator blocked my path to getting FTF on the 4 by UHCL.... 12 ft gator that two fishermen were videoing while i'm in a 10 ft kayak in a narrow stretch? no thanks.
  14. How to add a link to your cache for this forum

    thanks - i asked in the shoutbox and didn't see an answer amongst all the other stuff
  15. Houston Challenge Urban Scavenger Race

    the team names are hilarious. anyone here going to do it?